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Year 4 Multiplication Check

Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

From June 2020, the new Year 4 multiplication tables check became statutory. If your child is in Year 4, they will take a short online test to make sure their times tables knowledge is at the expected level.


What is the check?

The multiplication tables check is an online test for pupils in Year 4. Pupils are asked to answer 25 questions on times tables from 2 to 12. They are given six seconds per question, with three seconds rest between each question, so the test should last less than five minutes.

Questions about the 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12 times tables are likely to come up most often, as these are the hardest for most children to learn. It’s a good idea to focus on these tricky times tables with your child.

First and foremost, the check is about finding out which children are struggling with their times tables so that they can get extra support. It is not a judgement on what your child can do, but a way for the school to know how their teaching is going and to adjust their focus if needed.


When do the checks happen?

The checks happen in June each year.


How can I help my child prepare?

If you’re looking to support your child further with maths at home, there are lots of good websites with free resources.


Times Table Rock Star has an excellent track record for improving times table recall and is great fun! Children can earn coins and create an online Rockstar avatar by battling one another and taking part in arena tours! One of the excellent features of TTRockstars is the ‘Sound Check’. This is an online game set up in the same way as the MTC in June. Practising via ‘Sound Check’ will help children to prepare for the MTC.  If you have forgotten or lost your username and password please ask your class teacher.


Equally, MathsFrame have also created an online check that is very similar to the MTC.


Oxford Owl have some great tips and resources on their website to help your child prepare.


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