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Sports Tournaments / Festivals

29.11.23- Year 4 Benchball Tournament

28.09.23- Year 6 Football Tournament

On Thursday evening, eight boys from Year 6 attended a Football tournament at The Snaith School. This was a great experience for all involved, with all showing great enthusiasm and teamwork throughout. We warmed up well beforehand and managed to win our first game 1-0! After a rest in-between games, we narrowly lost our other two games 1-0 and 2-1. It really was a pleasure to watch the boys working so hard and encouraging each other, but also showing brilliant sportsmanship towards our opposition teams. We finished in a very respectable 3rd place. Well done boys!

Thursday 8th June- Sports Day 2023

Yesterday saw us hold our annual sports day for 2023. There was a great atmosphere in school, as the children were very excited before and during the events. Each house team from KS1 and KS2 took part in a range of different activities and races where they earnt as many points as possible for their team. Everyone tried their best and we are all very proud of the children for their efforts and for the way that they supported and encouraged each other throughout the afternoon. It was amazing to see so many parents, grandparents and family friends supporting, cheering and taking part in the mums and dads races! A huge thank you to the FHS and to Mr Bird, who supported our sports day by providing much needed refreshments and ice lollies for the children after the event. A massive thank you must also go to the staff who helped to organise the day and for running the events. If you were unable to attend the event, then I am sure you are eagerly anticipating the results. Mrs James and Mrs Hiorns did an amazing job at totaling the scores and it was VERY close. Purple Calder completed a clean sweep winning both the KS1 and KS2 trophies for their overall points. Well done to everyone and thank you once again! 

Mr Spetch 

22.03.23- Year 3 & 4 Dodgeball Tournament 

On Wednesday, eight children from Year 3 and 4 attended a Dodgeball tournament at The Snaith School. This was the first experience of a local primary school cluster competition for some of the children, but they were still extremely excited. The children performed amazingly in all of the games and showed true Hensall spirit to secure victories in five out of six games. There were some nerves whilst waiting for the result, but I am so proud to say that we were the WINNERS and finished in 1st place!! Well done boys and girls! 

Year 4 Benchball Tournament- 22.02.23

On Tuesday, 8 children from Year 4 attended a Benchball Tournament at The Snaith School. This was the first experience of a local primary school cluster competition for all the children, so there were plenty of nerves beforehand! The children all looked extremely smart with their new Hensall PE kits and were raring to go after a great warm up. The first two games were incredibly close, with us losing out by just one point on each. The children continued to show resilience and enthusiasm for the remaining two games, resulting in us finishing in 5th place. Mr Spetch and Mrs Wright were proud of the sportsmanship and determination that the children showed. Well done! 

Year 6 Boys and Girls Cross Country- 11.10.22

Today, boys and girls from Year 6 attended a Cross Country event at Rawcliffe Bridge Primary School. The children were very enthusiastic before the event and showed great resilience throughout. It was another amazing effort by all children to finish in 2nd place overall. Another excellent result to continue a great start to the year! 

Year 6 Cluster Football Tournament- 06.10.22

Yesterday, six schools from surrounding areas took part in a cluster football tournament as part of the East Riding Sport's Partnership and we are very pleased to announce that our team of Year 6 boys came 2nd! They represented the school exceptionally well showing great skill, enthusiasm and sportsmanship. Well done boys- we are so very proud of you! 

Year 5/6 Kwik-Cricket Tournament - 14.06.22

On Tuesday, 8 boys from Years 5 & 6 attended a Kwik-Cricket tournament at The Snaith School. The boys competed against other local primary schools and showcased their fantastic cricket skills. The boys worked great as a team and it was really lovely to hear all of the positive encouragement and comments towards their teammates and children from the other schools. The boys finished 2nd in their group. which was an amazing achievement. Well done all!

Sport's Day 2021

On Friday 2nd July, we held our whole school annual Sport’s Day. However, due to following recent Government Guidelines, it looked a bit different this year. The children were still able to enjoy taking part in lots of their favourite Sport’s Day activities in their own class bubbles. Mr Holt kindly hosted the competitions with the help of our school adults. It was fantastic to see all of our children engaged and collaborating in their house teams in the different events and happily receiving their celebratory stickers.

At the end of the day, we held an assembly on the school field to celebrate the achievements of the children and announce the overall winners. It was lovely to have our whole school back together and praising each other’s successes.

Our overall winners were:

Key Stage One : Green Derwent

Key Stage Two : Blue Aire

Please take a look at a selection of images below. I’m sure you can see how much fun the children had and thank you for everyone’s efforts during the day.

Mr Spetch

23.10.2020- Sports Day!

Today the children finally got chance to take part in a Sport’s Day, a soggy but enjoyable day! The children took part in a range of activities and the points added across school from each winner were totalled to give an overall winner for KS1 and KS2. The trophies were presented to the Captains of the winning teams this afternoon.  The winners are KS1 Red Ouse and KS2 Green Derwent.

23.10.2020- Inter-House Sports Day

Year 3/4 Benchball Winners!!- 11.03.2020

Well done to our 4 boys and 4 girls from Year 3 & 4 who attended the Benchball tournament at Snaith High School on Wednesday. The children were amazing and won the tournament finishing 1st! A massive well done to the children! 

Year 3 Sports Hall Athletics- 28.01.2020

Well done to the 4 boys and 4 girls from Year 3 who attended the Sports Hall Athletics event this evening. The children competed against older Year 4 children and were a credit to our school. This was the first event at Snaith for our children and definitely won't be the last! You all gave it 100% and were fantastic! We finished 3rd which was a great achievement, well done all! 
Well done to the 6 girls and 6 boys who participated in the Year 6 Sports Hall Athletics event today. The children were a real credit to our school and each showed great enthusiasm and competitiveness in their events. We finished 4th out of 7 local primary school and were extremely close to 2nd and 3rd position! Well done everyone! 

Girls Football Tournament- 07.11.19

Well done to the girls from Years 5 & 6 who took part in the girls football tournament at Snaith High School. The girls played great as a team and did our school proud, well done girls! 

Year 6 Boys Football Tournament- 08.10.19

Well done to Year 6 boys who took part in a Boys Football Tournament at Snaith High School. We performed well and grew in confidence in each game. We won our final game and drew two others finishing in 3rd place! Well done boys! 

Mixed Year 5 & 6 Football game vs Kirk Fenton- 26.06.19

On Wednesday, 6 girls and 7 boys from Year 5 & 6 played their first football game against Kirk Fenton. The children all played great and worked amazing as a team. They were all a credit to the school and are already looking forward to their next fixture! Well done to all involved! 


Year 5 & 6 Dodgeball Tournament- 25.06.19

On Tuesday, 12 children from both Year 5 & 6 attended a dodgeball competition at Snaith Sports Hall. We entered a Team A & Team B and both performed great against some older children! Well done to all involved! 

Sports Day- Thursday 20th June 2019!

It's that time of year again! Thursday, saw us hold our annual sports day and what a great afternoon it was! The children all performed amazingly in their house teams and cheered everybody on. All of the children got to experience different activities, which concluded in the running races and I must say, some of the results were extremely close! We also held toddler races, along with a Mum's and Dad's race. Overall, Yellow Calder were the winners for KS1 and Green Derwent were the winners for KS2! A special mention must go to all of the parents who attended and supported their children and all of the staff who helped to organise the day and the events! Well done to everybody and we already look forward to next year!

Drax Cup Summer Smash Kwik Cricket Tournament- 07.06.19

On Friday, 8 children from Year 4 took part in a Kwik Cricket Tournament at Thorpe Willoughby. In total, 6 schools attended and the children performed great! We won both of our games and have qualified for the next round at Beverly CC in two weeks time! Well done to Summer, Zara, Jessica, Alfy, Ari, Aidan, Sam and Junaid! 

Kwik-Cricket Tournament- 23.05.19

Well done to Max, William, Charlie, Tyler, Luke, Alfy, Thomas and Elliot who attended the Kwik-Cricket tournament today. We played against Snaith A and Snaith B and won one and lost one game. For many, this was the first experience of a tournament and cricket, well done to everyone! We finished in 2nd place! Take a look at the photos below! 

Tri-Golf- 21.05.19

Well done to Max, Luke, Ryan, Joe, William, Neive, Jessica, Madalyn, Holly and Vicky who attended the tri-golf tournament at Snaith Primary School on Tuesday. For many, this was their first experience of golf and they gave it their all. We finished in 6th place which was amazing, well done to everyone! 

Year 4 Benchball Tournament-19.03.2019

On Tuesday 19th March 2019, 4 boys and 4 girls from Year 4 attended a benchball competition at The Snaith School. The children played against 5 other teams from local primary schools and performed amazingly! They won 3 of their 5 games and finished in 2nd place. The children showed great skills, teamwork and determination to succeed! Well done to Sam, Alfie, Junaid, Aidan, Zara, Lily, Summer & Eden. See the photos below! 

Football Club 

The children are really enjoying football club on a Wednesday night after school. They are improving their knowledge and skills each week and will be competing against other primary schools in the near future. You can see what fun they have from looking at the photos below! 

Year 3 Dodgeball- 05.03.2019

On Tuesday, 6 boys and 6 girls competed in a dodgeball competition at The Snaith School. The children played a total of 12 games against teams from Snaith, Cowick and Pollington/Balne primary schools. The children all had great fun and performed really well against some older children. The children finished in 3rd place overall which was a great achievement. Well done everyone, you were a credit to our school! 

Year 3/4 Sports Hall Athletics-12.02.2019

Today, 4 girls and 4 boys from Y3/4 took part in a Sports Hall Athletics competition with 3 other local primary schools at The Snaith School. The children all performed fantastically and put in maximum effort to complete some challenging activities. The children completed some events such as; relay races, vertical jumps, chest pass and obstacle races. All the children were a credit to our school and finished an amazing 2nd against some older children! Well done to Lowri, Zara, Jessica, Summer, Lucas, Ben, Aidan & Jacob! Please take a look at the pictures below! 


Sports Tournaments 2018-2019.

Sports Festivals/ Tournaments 2017-18

3.10.17  Well done to all of those Year 6s who took part in the cross country event at Rawcliffe Bridge Primary!


10.10.17  5 of our Year 6 boys took part in a boys' football competition at Snaith High. They came 2nd which means they  now go through to the next round in the small schools competition.  No pressure girls then for next week as it's your turn!

17.10.17 The girls had a fantastic time at the 5 a side football at Snaith High. They cannot be faulted for effort! Well done Ebony, Charlotte, Evalyn, Elizabeth, Harriet, Katie, Mataya and Brooke!
16.11.17 10 of our Y6 children took part in  a Tag Rugby Festival at Selby RUFC. Well done to all those involved!
22.1.18 Sportshall Athletics Well done to 12 of our Y6s and 12 of of our Y4s who took part in an indoor Athletics competition at Snaith High School. Both teams came 4th . The relay races were so close- photo finish required for some! All the children had a fantastic time taking part.
24.1.18 Swimming Gala A fantastic performance by the year 6s who went to Goole Leisure Centre. Although the children came 5th, Mrs Wales said the children were a credit to the school , working well together and being very positive.

Y3 Dodgeball Team

30.1.18 Dodgeball 6 Year 3s took part in a Dodgeball competition at Snaith High. We came 5th overall- a brilliant achievement as this was the first time all of these children had represented the school. Well Done all !
27.2.18 Benchball. Fantastic congratulations to our Year 4 team who came a marvellous 2nd at Snaith High School. The children played very well and won 3 out of 4 matches.

Y4 Benchball Team

7.6.18 Tennis : Well done to all our tennis players who took part in competitions at Goole Tennis Centre. Our y4 team went in the morning and our y6 team went in the afternoon. Huge congratulations to the Y6s who came first and who will now go through to the next round. 
8.6.18. Drax Cup Cricket. Well done to 8 Y3/4s who took part in the Summer Smash cricket competition at Thorpe Willoughby CC. A great day was had by all!
11.6.18 Rounders A fantastic well done to our Y6 Rounders team who came 2nd in the tournament at Rawcliffe Bridge primary. Brilliant bowling, fielding and striking by all!
12.6.18 Y6 Boys' cricket Well done to our y6 boys who took part in a cricket competition at Snaith High School. They came a fabulous 2nd and were a credit to the school.

The Year 6 boys'cricket team

14.06.18 Y6 Girls' cricket. Well done to our Y6 girls' cricket team and Gabriella from Year 5 who took part in a cricket competition at Welton and Brough CC. They are through to the next level! 

Sports tournaments/ festivals 2016-17

4.10.16  A fantastic start to the year! Our Y6 boys' football team came 2nd in the cluster event at Snaith High.

6.10.16 Well done to all those who took part in the cross-country festival at Rawcliffe Bridge Primary. We                      would have come first if it was based on determination and effort!

21.10.16 Well done to our ten Year 6 pupils who took part in the Tag Rugby tournament at Selby Rugby Club. We came fourth out of eight teams. We got a chance to have our photo taken with some up and coming Rugby players from Yorkshire Carnegie, Leeds. 

17.1.17 Sportshall Athletics for Y4!  Well done to 12 of our Y4s who took part in this event at Snaith High. They came a very respectable 3rd!

24.1.17 It's the taking part that counts! Well done to our Y4 Benchball team who had a fantastic time despite coming 5th out of 5 teams!

28.2.17 Swimming gala! We did fantastically well, winning or coming 2nd in each heat race. Unfortunately, we came 5th overall because the heats were timed! Our swimmers were  a credit to the school.

7.3.17 We sent 2 teams to the Uni-hock festival at Snaith High. Well done to all those Y6s who took part. Our teams came a very respectable 5th and 9th!

23.5.17 Our Y6 cricket team came a fantastic 3rd at Snaith High . Well done boys!

8.6.17 A fantastic achievement from our Tennis teams. Jack, Eloisa, Charlie and Madalyn came third overall while Joshua, Adam, Jessica and Charlotte won! The Y5/6 team will go through to the next round. 

9.6.17 The Drax Cup Cricket competition- this year we sent 6 Y4s and 2 y3s- they did us proud by coming 2nd overall in this competition. Well done!

12.6.17  Well done to our Y6 Rounders Team who came  a magnificent 2nd in our cluster event at Rawcliffe Bridge Primary.

Sports Tournaments/ Festivals 2015-16


30.9.15 Cross Country. Well done to all who took part!


7.10.15 Snaith Cluster Y6 Boys’ Football- superb team work from all those involved.


14.10.15   The girls’ turn!  Snaith Cluster Y6 Girls’ Football.


18.11.15 Snaith Cluster Dodgeball Tournament- well done to our Y6s who showed amazing effort.


14.1.16 - 12 Y6s and 8 Y4s performed exceptionally well at the Snaith Cluster Sports hall Athletics event- a special mention to Olivia Marris who stepped in at the last moment when one competitor couldn’t take part.


9.3.16 Congratulations to our Y3 Dodgeballers who came 5th. Well done!


10.3.16 Football Friendly against Brayton Primary- Hensall won 6-3 after a thrilling match.


17.3.16 Snaith Cluster Swimming Gala- well done! We came 2nd!


20.4.16 Y4 Benchball champions of the Snaith Cluster event!


3.5.16 Y4 Benchballers travelled to Goole High and came a magnificent 2nd in the partnership!


24.5.16  Tri Golf at Snaith Primary. Well done!  We came 4th!

7.6.16  Y6 Kwik cricket at Snaith High- well done! You came an amazing 2nd!  
8.6.16 After an initial hiccup (wrong venue!), our Drax Cup cricket team did us proud by coming 2nd! We are waiting to see if they've done enough to go through to the next round. Well done!
9.6.16 Wow what a day! All the year 3s went to a tennis festival at goole Tennis Centre. Charlotte, Brooke, Jake and Adam from Y4 WON the Y4 event while Evie, Rhianne, Will and Joshua WON the Y5/6 event. Next stop Wimbledon! 

Our Y4 tennis champions !

 24.06.16 Our tennis champs from Y4 and from Y5/6 travelled to Hull to take part in the Level 3 stage - both teams came 3rd. Well done to all who took part!