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Computing at Hensall School




The aim for computing at Hensall, is that the children have fun whilst learning through a high quality, rich, broad and progressive curriculum in a secure environment. 


The digital world moves in such a fast way that our vision is to ensure that, even when technology changes, our children at Hensall leave school with the flexible skills, knowledge and understanding to be able to adapt to an ever changing world, successfully and creatively.


We achieve this by focusing on three areas of the national curriculum:

  • Computer science
  • Digital Literacy
  • Information Technology


This year, in line with our school improvement priority, we have invested in the Kapow Primary Computing scheme of work. This means that we will further focus on 5 key areas which will be taught in cyclical way, revisited and built upon over the seven years children are at primary school:


  • Computer systems and networks
  • Programming
  • Creating media
  • Data handling 
  • Online safety


Computing has firm cross-curricular links with science, maths, design technology and literacy and can enhance learning in many other curriculum areas. 


The online safety aspect to the curriculum has high priority and, as we have also use the PSHCE aspect of Kapow, we can ensure that the objectives for the DFE’s Education for a Connected World are also covered.


We use a variety of software and hardware to help us bring the curriculum to life. Many of the software is freely available to use for children to access at home.  In school, we have a variety of tablets, laptops and digital toys to enhance the teaching and learning.  Unplugged computing lessons also play a massive part in our curriculum as this supports children to understand the, ‘real life’ use of technology and can aid computational thinking.