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British Values

British Values

At Hensall, we promote the 5 British Values through PSHE lessons, pupil voice, School Council and through our everyday interactions in school.


Individual Liberty

Individual Liberty means that provided we stay within the law, we are free to live as we choose and to have our own opinions.

In our school we have the freedom to make choices about our learning and behaviour, guided by our school rules and values.

We learn about our rights and responsibilities and how to make safe choices as part of our everyday learning and in our PSHE lessons.

We are free to express ourselves and know that our opinions are always valued.



Democracy means that everyone has a say in the important decisions that affect our lives.  In Britain we have elections where we can vote for politicians to represent us in local councils and in Parliament.


At Hensall we have pupil voice committees such as the School Council which are made up of children who speak and make decisions on our behalf.  

In our topic work, teachers listen to what we would like to learn about and where possible, this is included in lessons.


Rule of Law

In Britain we have laws to protect us and keep us and those around us safe. We all have a responsibility to stay within the law.


We have rules about how we treat each other and how we conduct ourselves in lessons and around school.  

Our school rules:

We have respect for, and follow rules in games and P.E. lessons, learning how to keep safe and to understand the spirit of fair play.



Britain is a multi-cultural society where people have different faiths and beliefs or follow different religions.  Tolerance means that we accept these differences and live together peacefully.

At Hensall many of us have different beliefs, cultures and religions.  We talk to each other, celebrate our differences in order to build friendships together.

In lessons such as geography, history and R.E, we learn about different cultures and religions and this helps us to get along and understand each other better.


Mutual Respect

We do not always agree or have the same opinions as others, but it is important to show each other respect.

In our school we always try to be respectful.  We practice this skill in PSHE lessons, when working with partners or in groups, or when sharing ideas or work as a class.

We show respect to others when they are talking by listening carefully to what they are saying and waiting our turn to speak.  We consider and value each other’s contributions to discussions.

We know that if we respect others, we can expect respect in return.