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Geography, from the Greek, ‘Geo’ (Earth) and ‘Graph’ (Writing), is the study of the physical features of the Earth, as well as the human activity that affects – and is affected by – these physical elements.


At Hensall Community Primary School, we want our children to be knowledgeable about the world they live in, starting with their local environment and moving out to other locations in Britain, mainland Europe and countries further afield. Through the geography curriculum, children develop an awareness of the relationship between people and the environment as well as an understanding of some physical processes. They learn to be skilful map readers, using grid references and applying these to practical experiences. They enjoy and learn from a variety of fieldwork experiences and use the school grounds when appropriate to enhance their learning.


Geography is a highly cross-curricular subject that encourages children to critically examine, explore, appreciate and comprehend the world in which we inhabit. At a primary curriculum level, the study of 

Geography focuses on notions of place, space and environment, whereby children develop the skills of understanding a locality and how humans have adapted to this physical space, transforming it – over time – in to a ‘place’. A fundamental element of working geographically is the notion of physically venturing out into the world and exploring the processes of our planet through practical fieldwork investigations.


We teach geography using The National Curriculum programmes of study; children are taught through a thematic approach on a two year cycle. Our geography curriculum is planned, so that children’s knowledge, skills and subject specific vocabulary are built sequentially over time.