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Monday 11th January

This week our work is based around a short film called 'The Lighthouse'.  Please watch the videos first as I introduce the week's work and explain what I would like you to do today.

Some people are having trouble with word documents so I have added the worksheet below as a word and pdf document.  Hope this helps.

Tuesday 12th January

Please watch the video by clicking the link below, where I explain what our writing work is for today.

Wednesday 13th January


Well done for yesterday's writing work - we now have a really good understanding of how the lighthouse keeper is feeling at different points in the film clip.  

Please watch video 1 and 2 where I explain today's learning.

Wednesday Worksheets and Resources

Thursday 14th January

We have been doing some great work this week and have now generated lots of ideas and have written a plan.  It is now time to get writing our monologue.  Remember monologues are written in 1st person - so you are writing as if you are the lighthouse keeper.  If you need another read of the WAGOLL please do and/or another watch of the film clip before you get going.  I can't wait to read these so please email your finished piece.  You may like to read these out loud to your family members or maybe record yourself performing your monologue for me to watch and if you are happy to, we could share with the class.  Enjoy!