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Our staff: Mrs Wright, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Hiorns

Really good website for practising times tables in preparation for multiplication check at the end of Year 4.:


The Egyptian Death Masks!

Our Busy week 12.7.19

This week's vocabulary: mass, volume, capacity, coordinates


This week has flown by! The children have worked really hard despite being tired and ready for a holiday! In Maths we worked on reading scales to measure mass and volume accurately.  We also did work on position- we drew grids and plotted coordinates on them. Phoebe came up with a good way of remembering which coordinate comes first- x comes before y in the alphabet. So we write them eg (5,3) 5 along the x axis and 3 up the y axis.

In Literacy, we did more work on Voices in the Park- we discussed whether  Charles should have left his mum. Logan was a fantastic Charles in conscience alley, listening carefully to all the arguments about whether to stay or  go before deciding that really he should have stayed. We also read  two other books by Anthony Browne, Gorilla and Into the Woods, and compared them all. We discussed what we liked or disliked about them. To finish our work on Voices in the Park, the children had a surprise trip to the local park. Please do look at the photographs below.

Our visit to the Park

Visitors to Wonderland

Should Charles have gone to play with Smudge?

Our Busy Week 5.7.19 


This week's vocabulary- condensation, water cycle, mongrel, pedigree, obtuse, acute, trapezium, rhombus, parallel, perpendicular


This week in Literacy, the children started work on Voices in the Park, a story by Anthony Browne. We explored the different " voices" and worked out how the same event, going to the park, can be seen in different ways by different people. We did a bit of drama work too- do have a look at the photos.

In matsh, we began work on shape- looking at howto describe 2d shapes using angles, the sides and symmetry.  We also spotted  in PE that our Rounders Square in the pitch  has vertical, horizontal, parallel and perpendicular lines! In Science we learned about the Water Cycle and the children enjoyed singing the song. (Just type in water cycle song to You Tube ).

Acting out scenes from Voices in the Park

Our Busy Week 28.6.19


This week the children completed work on explanation texts in Literacy- they did their "Hot" tasks on a variety of topics such as why grass is green; why minions talk funny; and why horses have tails. If you are around school over the next few weeks, feel free to come into the classroom to read their work on our wall. In maths, we continued to work on telling the time- linking analogue to digital times and to the 24 hour clock. 

On Thursday afternoon, KS2 had a visit from of one the scientists at CRODA. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves and investigated friction, testing different lubricants to see which made a surface the slidiest. We talked about whether changing the height of the slope would matter.  Do have  a look at the photos .  

Visit by CRODA

Our Busy week 21.6.19


This week's vocabulary: causing, roamed, reasons


This week in Literacy, we continued work on explanation texts. We had good fun coming up with explanations as to why bananas are curly or why rainbows don't wobble in the wind! We then started to innovate our learned text- we are writing a piece together about why there are no dragons in England now. Some of our reasons are: Dragons were scared off by the Welsh flag!

                                                                                : Dragons were shrunk and ended up in stories and pictures!

 I                                                                              : It's too cold in England so the dragons couldn't breathe fire anymore!

I can't wait for our final version!

In Maths we continued work on telling the time to the nearest minute and did quite a lot of reasoning and problem solving around that.

We started work on evaporation and condensation in Science which we will continue next week.


Our Busy Week 7.6.19


This week's vocabulary: reversible, irreversible, moreover


What a quick week it's been! The children came back refreshed after their holiday and we have worked really hard all week. In Maths, we began work on Time, Ari taught us another way how to remember the number of days in a month, we revised which months match each season and we began telling the time on analogue clocks.  In Literacy, we began our last Talk for Writing of this year- we are working on explanation texts. Please see the text we are learning and help your child remember the words and causal phrases such as "causing them..." or " because..." or "so..."

In Science we looked at how some materials can change their state from solid, liquid or gas. We talked about reversible and irreversible changes and we made jelly! The children saw all 3 states of matter and loved eating it the next day.

Why did the Ancient Egyptians stop building pyramids?

Solids, liquids and gases in jelly!

Tropical World 23.5.19

Our Busy Week 17.5.19

This week's vocabulary: persuade, persuasion


This week in Maths, the children started work on pictograms and bar charts. we gathered information about our favourite tame animals and then made a bar chart to show this information in a different way. We also completed work on finding change when paying for things. It would be really useful if you could talk to your child when shopping, pointing out the change you get. Could your change have been given in  a different way, maybe with different coins?

In Literacy, we began a Talk for Writing unit on persuasive writing. We are currently learning the text and identifying features of persuasive writing. Can your child remember any? ( eg boastful language, short sentence, alliteration, questions, important information). There is a copy of our text should you want to find these features in there.

Persuasive writing- Hawk ridge Farm Park

Our Busy Week 10.5.19

This week's vocabulary: pharoah, Egyptian, artefact, teased, pale, solid, liquid and gas


In Literacy, we've continued work on our text "The Egyptian Cinderella"- we looked at comparing features of people using conjunctions such as but and although. We also did some drama work on whether Rhodopise should become Queen and marry Pharoah. The children started an extended piece of writing  where they have written their own version of the story.

In Maths, we began work on money, working out what notes and coins to use to make certain amounts. We also did some Problem Solving and Reasoning activities. 

Our topic work looked at the location of Egypt and what its climate is/was like. We also looked at artefacts- please look at the pictures below. Our class was very noisy when the trumpet was being blown!  In Science, we began work on States of Matter. We used Cheerios to make models of the particles of solids, liquids and gases.

Digging up the past- looking at Egyptian artefacts.

Moving rainforest animals using pneumatics

Our Busy week 5.4.19


This week's vocabulary: area, squared, habitat,threat


Photos and more photos! We have lots of photos for you to look at this week as we've been particularly busy doing practical activities. In Literacy, we've dona a lot of drama work based on The Jungle Book- Junaid and Ben were fantastic characters in the "hot seat" while Daisy had to think really hard about "Mowgli's" decision on whether to stay in the jungle or return to the man village. On Thursday, we had a visit from Conrad  Burdekin who delivered a whole school assembly on writing poetry and then did a workshop with each class. Wonderland's theme was a description of the hideous pirate,  "Captain Cut-throat".  In Maths, we worked on calculating the area of shapes- Y3s counted the squares inside and drew shapes to match specific sizes while Y4s calculated the area of rectangles by multiplying the height by the width.

 In Science we looked at the local habitat and considered potential threats to it. We made a bug hotel and evaluated it by thinking about what went well and what could be better.

Sadly, it is Miss Calvert's last day at Hensall. She has been a great asset to the class and has really engaged the children and furthered their learning. We wish her all the best in her next placement.

Conrad's visit to Wonderland

The Bug Hotel !

Acting out scenes from The Jungle Book. Can you guess who is who?

Hot Seating Baloo the Bear and a monkey from the Jungle Book story

Our Busy Week 29.3.19 


Our vocabulary: classification, equilateral, isosceles, scalene, right angled


This week has been assessment week and the children have been working extremely hard. We have tried to have "fun" as well- we did practical maths revision and continued making our moving Rainforest animals. We also used the Ipads to research an animal that lives in the Rainforest in order to create a fact file.  In Science, we looked at creating a classification table- we had to ask questions which required a yes or no answer eg Does it fly? Does it have feathers? 

Revising for our Maths Assessment

Our Busy Week 22.3.19


This week's vocabulary:  canopy, understorey, emergent, vertebrate, invertebrate, perimeter


What a busy week. We've been outside quite a lot this week learning about calculating the perimeter of shapes and using our knowledge about how to convert m to cm and vice versa in order to find the perimeter. Please look at the photos below to see how we did. In Literacy we completed our shared writing - Beach Adventure- and had lots of discussion about swooping seagulls, ice cream vans and turtles! 

In Science we continued to work on grouping living things and answered questions about the characteristics of things living in  a desert environment. In Topic we learned about the layers of the Rainforest and recreated this using ourselves- again, please look at the  picture. Can you spot who were the emergent trees?

Wonderland's Rainforest

measuring perimeter of shapes

Rainforest weather forecast

Still image for this video

Our Busy week 15.3.19

This week's vocabulary: pneumatic, producer, consumer, prey, predator


This week the children have been doing quite a lot of grammar and text construction work- we have looked at how we group information or related ideas into paragraphs and we have revisited how to punctuate speech correctly. We have recited "Rainforest Adventure" every day and the children are really good at this now. Ask them if they can remember it without the picture prompts.

In Maths, we continued our work on measuring- we looked at applying our measuring into word problems. 

In Science, we worked on creating food chains and identified what each living thing is in a food chain. We learned that all food chains start with a plant . This is the producer.  


World Book day 2019

Our Busy week 8.3.19


This week's vocabulary: prey, limb, prowl


This week the children have settled well back into the run of things. We have a student teacher in Wonderland this half term, Miss Calvert.  In lessons, we began learning a new text about Rainforests to tie in with our topic theme. Again, we are using the Talk for Writing approach to help us in Literacy. The children have had great fun learning about different rainforest animals.

In Maths, we have begun work on measuring  lengths and converting measurements. eg mm to cm and vice versa. In Science we have begun a new topic on grouping living things. We chose different criteria to sort animals and plants.

On Friday,  we dressed up as a book character  for World Book Day- photo to follow!  

Our Busy Week 15.2.19

This week's vocabulary: implored, venomous, muffle, denominator, numerator


 This week has flown by! We started off the week by testing various materials in Science to see of we could muffle sound- please have a look at the photos. We found out that the best material was the blanket.  In Literacy, we completed our Shared Writing work :"The Deadly Drummer of Hensall Town" and we then planned and wrote our Hot Task. (our assessed pieces of writing). In Maths we continued work on fractions and  did some Reasoning/ problem solving linked to this. As well as all of this, we played Dodgeball and participated in a Skipping workshop ! Phew!

Skipping workshop 13.2.19

Investigating how to muffle or stop sound

curriculum letter Autumn Term

The Deadly Drummer of Hensall Town

Our Busy week 8.2.19

This week's vocabulary:  venomous, pitch


This week in Science we learned about pitch- we wanted to carry out a scientific investigation to see if the pitch of an instrument was linked to volume. Most children thought there would be a link. We investigated different musical instruments and gave each pitch a number on a scale of 1 to 10. We then investigated the same instruments' volume and  then compared the data on our graphs. -we concluded that pitch and volume are not linked. 

In Literacy, we completed our imitate stage of Talk for Writing on the Pied Piper and began to innovate it together in shared writing- we changed the rats to snakes, the piper to a drummer and the children to old people! We are now in the process of rewriting the story together so watch this space for our own version.

In Maths, we worked some more on dividing numbers. We introduced the idea of remainders and used what we know now to solve word problems.  

Our Busy week 1.2.19

This week's vocabulary: bewildered, ferocious


This week the class have been working hard at dividing 2 digit numbers by a 1 digit number- we call this the bus stop method or short division. The children tried very hard and most have got the idea as was seen in our half termly Arithmetic test that we did on Thursday. In Literacy, we started a Talk for Writing unit, based around the Pied Piper story we've read. We did some drama work where Hannah was the Mayor of the town and had to be persuaded either to do what the Pied Piper asked or not. Luckily she decide to change the town of Hamelin for the better so the children could be returned.- there is a picture of this conscience alley work below.

In Science, we had great fun making string telephones and discovering that Sound can travel through solids- ie the string. Some of our messages did get a bit mixed up on the way however!

Investigating how sound can travel through solids.

Should the Mayor put things right in Hamelin?

Our Busy Week 25.1.19

This week's vocabulary: flea-ridden, overrun


This week the children in Wonderland have been working hard in Literacy at developing noun phrases in their sentences. We have added adjectives to nouns to make a noun phrase and then extended them by adding prepositions and verbs. For example, when writing about the rats overrunning the town of Hamelin, we had some sentences like:

  Lean rats with beady eyes scurried out of every nook and cranny.

We came up with some fantastic  descriptions- please come and read them in their books if you get a chance.

In Maths, we worked on factor pairs of numbers and began to use what we already know to answer calculations involving multiples of 10. For example,  3 x 2= 6 so 30 x2= 60  30x20= 600

In Science we looked at how humans can hear things and worked out the process of how Sound travels to the ear and brain.

Our Busy week 18.1.19

This week's vocabulary: starvation, volume, vibration


This week in Literacy we continued to read more of our text "The Pied piper of Hamelin"  and we re-enacted the moment when the rats overran the town. Please see the pictures below!  We worked on punctuating speech accurately, thinking about what the Piper and rats might say. we also looked at how authors help paint a picture for the reader by using adjectives, powerful verbs and similes. in maths, Year 3 continued with column multiplication while Year 4 began to multiply 3 numbers together and answer reasoning questions about this. we started our Science unit on Sound and had great fun listening to Phoebe and Jacob shout to us from different parts of the playground! We began some Art work in the style of Kandinsky by using watercolours to paint a background.

The town of Hamelin being overrun by rats!

Our Busy Week 11.1.19


This week's vocabulary:  scavenger, vermin


Happy New Year! This week the children have been working extremely hard- clearly, their holiday has revived them.  In literacy, we began work on a text "The Pied Piper of Hamelin" , based on the poem of the same title by Robert Browning.  the children looked closely at an illustration before they knew what the text was and we had a fantastic discussion.  In maths, we are continuing with multiplication and division and starting to solve calculations using formal written methods. In Geography, we are learning about the capital cities of the countries of the UK- ask your child if they can remember which city goes with which country.

Our Busy week 14.12.18

This week the children of Wonderland took part in 4 performances of the Christmas production Bah Humbug! I'm sure you'll agree , if you saw one of the performances, that the children were all fantastic- singing and dancing. I'm very proud of them all. Please look at the photo below taken before the last performance on Thursday evening.

In class, we completed our work on playscripts with the children writing their own plays. Their work is now on our wall of work in the classroom and you are welcome to come in to look at it if you want to.  In Maths, our Daily Challenge work this week was focused on number bonds to 100 which most children did find tricky so if you can go over this at home that would be great. Roll on another busy week  next week with parties and the sing a long!

Ready for the final performance of Bah Humbug 13.12.18.

Our Busy Week 7.12.18

As Christmas approaches, the weeks are getting busier and busier! This week, the children not only were assessed in reading and maths, they also worked very hard in their hot task writing their own playscripts. In addition, we also fitted in production practises and singing. Our performances will be next week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and we all think you'll be in for a treat!.  

Testing our Roman catapults. 3 ..2...1... FIRE!.

Our Busy week 30.11.18

This week's vocabulary: switch, match, cross- Thinking about the different meanings of these words.


This week, the children had great fun acting out various scenes from Julius Caesar. Please look at the photos below. Jack F and Phoebe had wonderfully disguised voices and Emily had a very wicked laugh! We also did more work on multiplication and extended it into problem solving and reasoning. In Science, we made circuits with switches using things like foil or paper clips. Again, have a look at the photos below. As well as all of that, we practised for the Christmas Production and I'm sure you will love it. The singing and acting are fantastic. 

Acting out Julius Caesar