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Willow Class


We sorry you are having to self isolate at the moment.  We are looking forward to having you back in class.  If you feel well enough, there is lots of learning available for you to work on below.


Have a go and if you need any support, please ring or email Mrs Pearson on and she will get back to you as soon as she can. 

We thought everyone would like to see the nativity picture we made together at school. Don't forget to send me photos of the work you do at home.

Good morning Willow!

If you are absent from school, waiting for a PCR test result or if you are isolating and feel well enough, you can still access the learning we will be doing in school this week. 

I have put work here for Monday and will either add more to this page as the week goes on or I will email the parents of individual children who may be off school for longer.

Hope to see you all soon! 

Wednesday 8th December



Mrs Pearson has recorded another video for today's phonics. We are learning a new phoneme.

Here are some words for you to read on your own.






Handwriting and Segmenting

We are going to practise writing our new grapheme qu today.

Tuesday 7th December



Watch Mrs Pearson and join in with todays phonics. (use full screen mode)


In maths today, we are going to practise taking away. Other words which mean take away are minus and subtract. Use the Powerpoint to practise. Can you write a number sentence for the different questions?


Challenge - Can you make up your own Christmas take away number problem? Can you draw pictures or a number sentence to record it?

Monday 6th December



Practise your speedy sounds by saying the phonemes (sounds) when each grapheme (letter) appears on the 2 videos below.

(there are some we haven't covered in class yet but, will be doing these this week and next - z qu ch sh th ng and nk)

Ask a grown up to sound talk these words (say each sound in the word) 

o ff

b e ll

m e ss

j a m

Can you say the word?


Next you are going to read some words yourself. Your grown up can help if there are some graphemes you find a little bit tricky. Can you see a digraph (2 letters making one sound e.g. ck, ss, ff)?













Remember to look on pages 7-10 in your communication book for the tricky words you need to practise. Remember we are aiming to recognise these automatically as they all have a tricky part so we can't sound talk and blend.


Can you practise writing your name correctly? Remember to say the letter formation rhymes to help you. 


Challenge - segment these words and then write them. 





Remember to practise on Numbots, it will really help you with maths at school.


You can practise subitising by joining in with this song.


Can you practise saying the number one more and one less using the game below. Once on the game, click on the bauble.