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Hensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.

Welcome toHensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.

Whole Class Year 6

On the next few pages I have compiled a variety of online resources for you to be working on while the schools are closed.  There are activities/revision for maths, literacy, science, topic, PE and some extra resources you may find useful.  In addition to this, you have the pack of activities I have given you in the red folder as well as your grammar, punctuation and spelling CGP books that you can be working through also.  Listen up for which pages to complete and when.  We have worked so hard this year and I hope you will continue to do so during your time at home.  Try your best and I look forward to welcoming you back to class as soon as we can! 

Please please don't worry if you cannot print the sheets off - it is fine for you to write your answers into the exercise book you were given.

An email address has been set up so that if you need any help, advice or if you'd like me to look at any work and give feedback you can.  The email address is

Week Commencing 18/5/2020

Hello everyone,


I hope you liked your little cards!


Again it has been fabulous to receive lots of emails with pictures of what you have been up to - please keep them coming! 


Some of you have been asking about the Thomas Edison creative project.  It is absolutely fine to video, take pictures etc and send them to me when you have completed it - I cannot wait to see them all!  If they are anything like your Ancient Greek and Space projects then I am in for a treat.  Also some of you have asked about presenting them when we are back at school, that is also absolutely fine!


Keep safe and I hope you have a lovely week!


Miss Stones

New Message 11/5/2020

Hello everyone,


I hope you are all keeping well!  It was lovely to speak to some of you last week and hear about all the fab things you have been up to - if I didn't speak to you last week I will be in touch this week.


I have updated the sections with new activities for you to work your through.  Please remember you do not need to print the worksheets off, you can use the exercise book you were given.


Keep up the good work and stay safe!


Take care,

Miss Stones

New Message 4/5/2020


Hello everyone!


Thank you again for some fantastic emails this week!  It is lovely to see your smiling faces!

I have added some new work to the different subject pages for you to have a go at this week!  I must say your maths and literacy work looked brilliant last week, especially your Alchemist's Letter.  You all look like you have been very creative with garden crafts, PowerPoints, cooking etc so keep up the good work - I am proud of you! 


It is VE Day on May 8th 2020 - there are some really great activities for you to enjoy.


Take care and have a great week!

Miss Stones

New Message 27/4/2020


Hello, I have LOVED your emails this week: talking to you, seeing your smiley faces and looking at what you've been up to was brilliant!  I am missing you all so the emails really cheer me up, I love seeing all the fun things you are getting up to!  Keep them coming! 


Please remember if you are going to The Snaith school I have sent an email asking you an important question so please have a think and let me know your answer by Wednesday 29th April (this Wednesday).


Keep safe and take care,


Miss Stones

New Message - Week Commencing 20/4/2020

Hello everyone,


Well I’m really happy to be messaging you and hoping you had a fabulous Easter!  Thank you so much to the people that emailed me – I loved seeing everything you were up to and your Easter wishes!


I have added some new work for this week but please don’t worry if you haven’t managed to fit it all in yet, the previous weeks are still available on each page.  The most important thing is that you are safe and happy.


We would have been starting new topics in science and geography so please take a look and enjoy making your way through the slides and worksheets. 


Remember you can email me any work you would like me to look at, help with or just share some lovely pictures of anything you have been up.  Mrs Hague and I are missing you all but hoping we will all be together again soon.


Miss Stones.