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Welcome toHensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.

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Hello everybody! We are thinking about you all.


There are lots of ideas to be working on in the Y1 and Y2 folders, but there are some fun activities which would be really great for everybody.


smiley Keep reading aloud to a grown up. A little everyday is ideal. Do this for pleasure. This link will help parents with questions to ask about your reading. But the main thing is to do it and enjoy it. If the questions are turning your child off, then just enjoy the book. Please also make time for reading to your child everyday.


smiley Why not write a book review telling us what it was about, whether you liked it, what your favourite bit/character was and whether you would recommend it.


smiley Try to write a little everyday too. If you kept a diary, writing a sentence each day about something you did or something you thought about that would be great. If life is getting a little boring, write down something you would like to have done. Or pretend you are your pet! Or pretend you are your favourite footballer or the queen. It doesn't matter what you write really, but practise a little everyday.

Of course if you really like writing, then write a story or a project about whatever interests you. Mrs Bramley and Mrs Thexton would love to see it when we all get together again. A super resource to stimulate writing is to check  Each day there is a new picture and if you scroll down, there are lots of different questions and prompts. Great just for a discussion too.


smiley If you need to improve your handwriting (you know who you are!!). Go on to our normal Oak class page for Spring 2 and you will find videos showing you how to form each letter. Practise in your blue book, using the lines.


smileyPractise counting to 100. Make sure you know what comes after 29, 39, 49 etc. That's the tricky bit. Once you've mastered it, try counting backwards across these boundaries. For example, can you count backwards from 63 to 53?


smiley Make sure you know which coins you have and set up a shop at home. Practise buying things and getting change. Find lots of different ways of making the same amount of money. For example, how many ways can you make 15p. Remember there is no 7p or 8p coin! See if you can buy an item in your household shop for 8p and pay with a 20p. What change will you get? What change would you get from 50p or £1. Check your change! Have you been given the right amount?


smiley Practise telling the time. This link shows an analogue and digital at the same time which is really helpful.  


smiley  Use BBC iplayer to watch Numberblocks. This is an excellent programme for embedding maths skills. If possible, watch it with your child and follow up with some simple activities. For example, The episode on 12 shows how this number can be represented in different ways. You could show this at home with counters, marbles, pennies etc.


smiley Music - the children have been learning about a piece of music called 'Connect It' by Anna Meredith. You can watch the performance here  .

Use this link to carry on learning the moves, and when you get good, perform it alongside the original piece.


For advice on phonics, please see the Y1 and Y2 pages.


Have fun!