LEARNING FROM HOME - please visit the class page section of the website and look for Learning from Home. No printer needed - please use the exercise book your child brought home.
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Hensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.

Welcome toHensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.

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Hello everybody. We are all thinking about you. smiley


There are lots of ideas for you do on the Year 1 and Reception pages but, here are some fun activities for everyone to do with their families.


Keep reading aloud to a grown up. A bit each day is best! Ask an adult to read stories to you as well!


Try to write a sentence or 2 each day as well. You could keep a diary about something you did or write a silly sentence about 2 objects/animals e.g. a goat in a jeep, a sheep in a wig! A great source of pictures to write about can be found at



Here are some useful websites for games and activities you can do at home.


Busythings are offering a 7 days free trial on their website. They provide games based on the curriculum for both Year 1 and reception.


NRich maths problems

This website has a fantastic range of open ended problem solving activities and maths games (usually to play with a paper and pencil!) Go to the web address and click on the orange house link in the top tab for activities for children age 5 to 11. 

Playing games is an excellent way of helping your child. Recognising patterns on dice and dominoes, for example, can be really help with creating mental images of numbers and helping them on the way to becoming fluent and flexible with calculations.