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What Are You Reading?

What are you reading?


Please send photos and recommendations to your teacher so we can all share the good books we are enjoying!

Mrs Hague is reading this best-selling book about Mindfulness which promotes everyday practices to encourage happiness and limit anxiety.

Henry is using his new atlas to research all the different continents and countries. I wonder where he would like to visit? 

Seb is reading this funny book by Nicola Moon in which a group of friends with different interests work out a rota so they can live happily together. Great problem solving!


In Miss Stones's book, a group of lost and rather cross crayons write to their owner to try to organise a rescue mission. Beware though, one of these crayons has been eaten by a dog and then 're-appears'. If hearing about this adventure sounds too disgusting then better try a different story! Miss Stones is obviously very brave.

Mrs Turner is reading Mary Berry Cooks. The book is helping her rustle up some yummy treats such as Summer Glory Trifle Cake and Butternut Squash and Spinach Lasagne. Mmmmmm!


Mr Clarke is reading Tall Tales and Wee Stories which features many of Billy Connolly's best known routines. It is 'riotously funny' so if you need cheering up...Mr Clarke recommends this book (but just to the adults on this occasion).

Mr Spetch is reading a book by sportsman Ben Stokes. The cricketer tells the exciting story of England's first ever Cricket World Cup triumph.


Ellie is reading Famous Five stories by Enid Blyton - which are highly recommended for anyone who likes mystery and adventures. Owen is reading Time Runners in which some favourite characters time travel to Ancient Rome.


Ben is reading Blackout by Tony Bradman. It is set in the Second World War and is about a boy called Jimmy who gets caught in a bombing raid and has an adventure. It is a gripping story, but also helps the reader to imagine what it was like to live during the real life rocket attacks on London.


Mrs Hiorns has always wanted to make home-made pasta but has never had the time....until now. She is going to follow the instructions in this book carefully and hopefully wow her family with some Italian cuisine!

Our Chair of Governors, Mr Hartley is planning his next 100 mile bike sportive. This book features rides from all over the UK and is full of great statistics.


Matilda is reading this rhyming book by Charles Fuge. Packed with beautiful pictures, it is about a little girl and all her fabulous friends

Jack and Emily are enjoying a Beatrix Potter treasury. It contains the original stories of all the favourite characters like Peter Rabbit and Jeremy Fisher. The family have been enjoying looking our for similar creatures during their countryside walks.


Mia is reading these packet instructions very carefully to make some delicious Frozen cupcakes.

Elliott is reading The Fastest Boy in the World by Elizabeth Laird. In this exciting tale an Ethiopian boy who excels at running is called upon to put his talents to an unexpected use. Meanwhile, Imogen is using her super reading talents to perfect her Greatest Showman singing performance.

Hope is reading this story by Mark Marshall about a little leopard who is anxious about finding a new home.


Lucy and George are reading 'Don't Call Me Sweet'. A book about a little monster who wants to be known for his scary growl, his spiky teeth and his long claws. The trouble is....he looks so cute!

Mrs Bramley recommends this recipe book. It is full of ideas for unusual and delicious cakes to bake such as Tiramisu cupcakes and Chocolate Whoopie pies. Yum!


Will is reading this exciting story in which Robin has to defeat the evil Sheriff of Nottingham to save a friend's father. It is published by Usborne Books.

Keaton is reading Room On The Broom by Julia Donaldson about a kind witch who suffers lots of unfortunate events, but makes lots of new friends, whilst on a journey.


Mark is reading Peter's Secret Mission in which Peter Rabbit tries to get his Dad's journal back from the grumpy owl Old Brown.

Ella is reading The Dork Diaries about a girl who joins a new school and is trying to make friends.


Mrs Wright is reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince. In this story, Harry finds an old potions book which helps him cast lots of exciting and dangerous spells.

Mrs Thexton is reading The Big Year. It is about a man who goes around the world spotting different birds and has lots of adventures. It is very funny. There is a film of this book that she is looking forward to watching when she has finished.


Emily and her mum are reading Matilda by Roald Dahl. It is about a girl who loves reading but goes to a school where the horrid Miss Trunchbull tries to stop her.

Did you know that reading for pleasure is linked to fewer feelings of stress and depression, better sleeping patterns and improved literacy? Not just for children, but for adults too!

If you would like some ideas for books you can get lost in and which might boost your mood, have a look at this list from The Reading Agency.  or visit to browse by age for children. Or keep visiting this page to see what teachers, parents and children at Hensall School recommend. Please send pictures and book recommendations to your class teacher by email!