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Welcome To Story Land

with Mrs Pearson, Mr Bringloe, Mrs Hall, Mrs Turner and Mrs Wales

Our Busy Week 1st July


There have been so many exciting events for the children this week.


On Monday the whole school had a transition morning where they went to their new classroom and met their teachers for September. Thank you to all the parents who came to support the children and find out about some of the things we do at school.


On Thursday the reception children had a super day at 'The Butterfly House' near Sheffield. They saw lots of animals (and dinosaurs) and took part in a minibeast workshop.
Finally on Friday, Conrad Burdekin came on his final visit. It was 'Grab a Grown Up Day'! The children really enjoyed listening to and writing their own poems with an adult and the help of their finger detective!

Our busy week commencing 24.6.19

All the Y1 had a super time at Woodmeadow Trust at Escrick. They were so enthusiastic, despite the awful rain which did not seem to stop all day. We had fun pond dipping and searching for minibeasts, identifying the creatures as we went along. We also made some fantastic 'natural art works'.

Our Busy Week 13th May


Congratulations to Fallyn who received the presentation award in assembly this week.


We have continued our topic of growing by planting our own seeds this week. We planted sunflowers, beans, carrots and cress. The children talked about what plants needed to grow.


James said they need both water and sunshine.

Here are some photos of the children working with Mr Bringloe in the garden.


The Y1s have finished learning the funny tale of 'The Papaya That Spoke'.

Can you practise at home, with all the actions? The better you know the story, the easier it will be to write your  own version in the coming weeks. 


Our busy week commencing 6.5.19


Congratulations to Fallyn and Ella who won the Spelling Bee for Reception and Year 1.


This week we have been learning to label the different parts of a flowering plant.


Which flowering plants do you have in your garden at home?








On Tuesday Storyland had PE with Mr Oldroyd. All the children tried really hard and found lots of imaginative ways to move and balance. You can see some of the super work the children did below.

Our busy week commencing 29.4.19

A big thank you to all the children and carers who worked so hard on learning the spellings for the spelling bee. We have been truly amazed at how well the Reception and Year 1 children have done with these very tricky words. All the children got a little prize and sticker for taking part today, and the winners in each year group will be announced in celebration assembly next Friday.

Our Busy Week 8th April 

On Wednesday the reception children invited their parents and other family members to watch them retelling the story 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. They have been working with Mr Bringloe to add sounds to the story e.g. cheerleaders pompoms for the swishy swashy grass. On Wednesday morning they made bear shaped biscuits for our visitors.

You can see some photos below.

What a busy day we had on the last day of term! In the morning, the children decorated eggs. There were chicks, an octopus, rabbit, superheroes and many more fabulous ideas.
Everyone tried really hard and Mr Palmer had a difficult job choosing just one winner. After much deliberation he chose Ruben's jewelled egg. Ruben spent a long time carefully putting the jewels in position and very kindly shared some of them with his friends.

In the afternoon the children enjoyed taking part in an egg hunt in the garden, followed by the Easter Fayre which as always proved a very popular event with everyone.


We hope everyone enjoys the Easter holidays. 

Don't forget to practise your reading and spellings for the Spelling Bee competition after the holidays.

Our Busy week 18th March 2019

On Tuesday the Year 1s had a very busy day at Colne Valley Museum.  The children made lavender bags and corn dollies as well as helping to do the laundry and cooking their own lunch.  It was delicious! They learnt how life for children over 100 years ago was very different to their own.

'Washing had to be done on a Monday.'

'Children as young as 3 had to help make yarn for their family to sell.'

'They heated water on the fire to do the washing.'

You can see how great the children looked in their costumes in the photos below. Thank you to everyone who provided costumes to help the children feel they really were living 100 years ago.

The Reception children have been learning the story 'We're going on a Bear Hunt'. Here is a short video of some of the children retelling it using small world characters.

We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Still image for this video

Our Busy Week 4th March

What an extremely busy week we have had! There have been so many exciting events taking place this week including Pancake Day, World Book Day as well as class photographs. Below you can see some photos of our delicious pancakes. We voted to see which was our favourite topping; sugar, lemon, syrup or chocolate spread. Chocolate spread was the winner!


On Tuesday the Year 1s enjoyed a fun morning outside making dens to help them write instructions in literacy. It was quite tricky balancing and fastening the sticks together and then getting the cover over them.
We would like to thank all our parents for supporting World Book Day. The children looked FANTASTIC in their costumes; there were pirates, Disney princesses, dragons and many more exciting characters. We enjoyed sharing books with older children from Olympia and House of Tudor classes. Take a look at our photos.

Our Busy week 11th February

Everyone had a fun day on Wednesday when we took part in the skipping workshop. It was quite tricky to swing the rope over our heads and remember to jump as well but, everyone preserved and tried their best.

   This week we have talked about the words quarrel and jealous.

   Amelia said "If you're jealous you want something someone

   else has."






We have also begun to think about different feelings. This week              

We read the book 'I'm the Happiest' and shared all the things

that make us happy.   

Fallyn "I am happy when I spend time with my mum and dad."

William "I am happy when it is Christmas."

Emily "I am happy when I am dancing."

Charlie George "I am happy when I'm having a story and going to sleep.


Congratulations to Dylan who was awarded the presentation trophy this week.


Our Busy Week 4th February


Happy Chinese New Year!

We celebrated by making Chinese lanterns, creating traditional cherry blossom prints and making dragons as well as using chopsticks to eat noodles and rice.




The Year 1s finished their stories inspired by the traditional Chinese tale, The Paper Horse. We hope you enjoy reading our stories at parents' evening.



Our Busy Week 28th January

It's snowing!

The reception children were very excited and enjoyed making snow angels, snowmen and ice creams.

These words have come up during the week. Can you discuss them at home and practise using them so that the children add them to their vocabulary?

            murmured          exhausted   

                     rooted to the spot

       chattering (teeth were chattering)

Our Busy Week 21st January 2019


This week the Year 1s have been finding out what it would be like to go to school in China and how it is different to their school life. They used a Chinese alphabet to write their names.


They have also been learning the rest of our Chinese story The Paper Horse.

Can you use the text map to practise at home?

Next week we are going to innovate the text.














Grammar Focus

We chose 2 nouns  tiger and laptop  and then thought of some silly sentences e.g.

The tiger is on the laptop.

The tiger jumped on the laptop.


Can you put these 2 nouns into a sentence?   pig       watermelon

Bring your sentences to school to share with your friends.



In maths the reception children have been using the vocabulary 

longer, taller and shorter. They have also ordered objects.


Can you find 4 different shoes at home and put them in size order? What else can you order?


Our Busy Week 14th January

The children really enjoyed playing on the new play equipment this week. They were very good at thinking of rules to keep everyone safe e.g. 

James said "You haven't to go through the gap or you might get stuck."

"You have to take it in turns."

"Don't push anyone."

This week, the reception children have been learning to mix different colours using just red, blue and yellow powder paint. Look at some of our fabulous paintings and see how many colours we managed to create.

Our Busy Week 7th January 2019


We have had an exciting first week welcoming our new head teacher Mrs Clayton.


The Year 1s have started their topic on China and have begun to learn a Chinese story called The Paper horse.


The Reception children's topic is called 'Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes'. They have started talking about what they are good at and how everyone is special and different.


Year 1 Grammar Focus


      The paper horse jumped onto the bed.


Can the Year 1s copy the sentence in their best handwriting and change the adjective.

E.g. The golden horse jumped onto the bed.



Reception Maths


In maths the Reception children have been adding 2 groups of objects to find how many there are altogether.

There are 4 ducks on one pond and 4 on the other. How many ducks are there altogether?



The ladybird has 3 spots on one wing and 3 on the other. How many spots does it have altogether?

Happy Christmas To All Storyland Children, Parents and Carers


What a hectic and super week we have had! The children thoroughly enjoyed the party, especially meeting Father Christmas. They did a great job in Mrs Conroy's special assembly which was a lovely, if tearful occasion. We hope you all have a lovely and restful holiday and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday 8th January. Don't forget to read and practise your spellings!

Our Busy Week 10th December

Thank you to everyone who came to see our Christmas show 'A King was born'. It was a wonderful start to Christmas and the children made us very proud.

Our busy week commencing 3.12.18


This week the Y1s have finished learning their Talk For Writing recount of Goldilocks's party.

Next week we will be writing our own recounts, using this version to help us.

It will help your writing so much if you practise this text at home.


There is a video below to help you if you get stuck!

Y1 Goldilocks.mp4

Still image for this video
Thank you to all parents and carers who supported our Christmas Fayre. The children had a great time. Check out the photos below.

Our busy week commencing 26.11.18

The Year 1s finished reading The Jolly Postman and on Tuesday we held Goldilocks's party - just like the characters in the book.

We played games, ate jelly and even watched some magic tricks. Check out the photographs below.

We are now learning a recount text about our party - text map coming home next week!



The Y1s have been doing some fabulous RE work with

Mr Bringloe investigating symbols and why people choose particular symbols to represent what matters to them.


They have had some super discussions and came up with the following set of symbols to symbolise Year 1 and Hensall School.

Our busy Week 19th November

The reception children have been very interested in building different kinds of boats in the making area this week and have been fascinated with the word 'anchor'. Here is a picture of Sebastian's steam boat with his anchor to "stop the boat moving".





Year 1 maths

In maths the year 1s have been learning about 3D shapes.

Can you find any of these shapes in your house?




Reception Maths

The reception children have been finding the number 1 more using objects and a number line to help them.


Here is a game you can use at home to practise and show how good you are with numbers up to 10.




Our Busy Week 12th November

We've had a busy week finding out which characters we are playing in the Christmas play, starting to practise the songs and, of course, raising money for Pudsey Bear! Thanks to all the children and parents who contributed. The children looked great!


We made spotty buns on Friday afternoon and in maths the Year 1s were challenged to use 4 different 2D shapes to make a picture of Pudsey Bear.







Our Busy Week 5th November 2018 


This week we have been learning about different celebrations, festivals and taken part in Remembrance Day activities.

The children have talked about their own experiences of Bonfire Night and Ruben explained that we have celebrate because  "Someone tried to blow up some houses and then he had his head chopped off!"

We really enjoyed eating our chocolate sparklers and creating firework pictures.


On Thursday the children made poppies to help us remember the soldiers who died in the First World War 100 years ago.

Ollie said "We remember the soldiers because they fought in the war and won."

Louis "They fought Germany."

James "Some soldiers were called Yorkshire Lads."

Emily "My daddy goes to scouts and marches for the soldiers."




The Year 1s have been discussing the meaning of unfamiliar words they came across in the nursery rhymes they have been learning this week.

Can you practise saying these nursery rhymes to an adult and tell them what these words mean?

 merry,   fiddler,   broth,   soul,   scolded,   spout,   fine lady

Our busy week commencing 15.10.18

This week, Storyland and Tanglewood have been out on the field collecting autumn leaves and looking for other signs of autumn. Back in the classroom, the Year 1s looked at the leaves carefully and then matched them to a picture on our identification sheet so that they knew their names.

They wrote information sentences about deciduous leaves.

Here are some photos of the Reception children and the signs of autumn they found.

Andorra explained that the berries she found were for the animals.

Zach thought the trees looked like rainbows because there were so many colours.

Y1 New Words!!!

This week we have learnt lots of new vocabulary to do with leaves.

Can you describe a leaf to a grown up using the correct scientific words?



tip  veins  lobes  margin  smooth  deciduous evergreen  jagged  stem


Can you explain what 'leaflets' are?





Reception New Words!!!

We heard and discussed these new words during topic and story time. Can you use them at home too?


comfort    gurgling    beamed    wise    snuggled    camouflage     hibernate   knead   beady eyes








Click on this link for the words to our harvest song. Can you practise at home?




Our Busy Week 8th October


Congratulations to Tommy for receiving the Presentation Award this week. He has tried very hard and practised lots and lots to form letters correctly and write on the line. Keep it up!


The Reception children have been reading the story 'The Gingerbread man' this week. They made gingerbread men with Mr Bringloe which everyone said were delicious and extremely crunchy. You can see us making them in the photos below.

Lots of the children made their own gingerbread men characters using different resources in the making area. Mrs Pearson challenged the children to help the gingerbread man get cross the river himself so that the fox couldn't eat him. Emily made him some stepping stones and Sebastian made him his own wings so he could fly across the river! There were lots of different kinds of boats as well. Why don't you look at some of our ideas?

The Year 1s have finished their Space topic this week by creating a picture using wax resist and collage. Here are some of their pictures.





In maths, they have been partitioning numbers into 2 parts using the part whole model. Can you find the missing numbers in these models and write a number sentence to match?





Which part whole model shows 5 + 3 = 8?


Our busy week commencing 1.10.18

This week we have learnt about the composer Gustav Holst. We listened to his piece of music, Mars, Bringer Of War and responded by drawing and painting. Check out our digital art video below.

Holst Mars The Bringer Of War.mp4

Still image for this video

Our Busy Week 24th September 2018

This week we have enjoyed our house team day, completing the assault course, designing a Christmas card and decorating stones to hide in the village . It was great working with children from the other classes and we enjoyed experiencing a taste of democracy when we voted in the new house captains and school council members.


In maths, the reception and year 1s have been comparing groups of objects and numbers using the vocabulary less than, fewer, more than, the same and equal.

You can play this game to help you practise.


The year 1s have also used these symbols.


Can you use the numbers to make the statements correct?

Circle the sets of objects which complete this statement.





Our busy week commencing 17.9.18


Can you use this story map to help tell the story at home?

If you learn it really well, it will help when you write your own story next week.


Can you get your families to join in? We would love to hear about any grown ups joining in with our oral story telling project!


If you get stuck you can use the video below to help. Although I think we did make one or two mistakes. Can you spot them?


Way back home small.mp4

Still image for this video

We made some special rockets as part of our space topic. How do we get them to move?

The reception children had lots of fun outside in the windy weather this week.

Our Busy Week Commencing 12.9.18

This week we began to learn a story about a boy who got stuck on the moon and who meets an alien.

We think it might have been that alien who landed his rocket in our garden last week!

We imagined what he might look like and created an alien portrait out of collage materials. Please drop in to school to see our alien display in the corridor or look at the examples below.

We have been learning about the planets in our solar system. How many can you name without looking at the picture?

Can you explain to somebody at home what the word 'orbit' means?

Which of these planets has the hottest climate? Which has the coldest? Can you explain why?

In maths this week the Year 1s have been learning to use tens frames to represent numbers. 

Can you quickly say the number each of these tens frame is showing?

You can practise making numbers on this interactive tens square. Click on the link.

We have also been solving problems and proving our answers. Can you explain your answer to this problem.


The Reception children have been reading Goldilocks and the 3 Bears this week. They enjoyed being the characters in the story and retelling it in their own words. They also made porridge to try but, some really didn't like it! Take a look at photos below.

We had lots of fun in the sunshine when the reception children had their first PE lesson with Mr Oldroyd.

Our busy week commencing 5.9.18


Some very strange things happened this week for the Year 1s in Storyland!


First Mrs James sent us this picture she had taken of the moon.

We wondered who had written this message.

How did they end up on the moon?

Why do they need help?

What have they used to create this word?


Later we found this rocket which had landed in the garden. There was nobody inside.


Who had flown it here?

Why had they come to Earth?

Where was the pilot?


We are hoping to find out more about this mystery next week!



In maths, the Year 1s have been sorting objects into sets and explaining their sorting e.g. happy and sad faces, colours, big and small. Can you sort these vehicles? Can you find different ways?






We have been very proud of the way the new reception children have settled into school. Mr Potato head is helping us to learn our class rules.  

He has

  • listening ears and looking eyes which help him learn new things
  • helping hands which are kind to others and are really useful when it is tidy up time! 
  • walking feet so he doesn't bump into his friends or hurt himself
  • quiet voice