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Spring Term 1

Happy New Year !


Curriculum overview Spring 1

Our shared writing- The Griffin's Gold

Measuring in maths

Our Busy Week 7.2.2020

This week's vocabulary: measure, centimetre, millimetre, femur, obsessed


In Literacy, this week the children have begun work on innovating out text "The dragon's Hoard". They  acted out the conversation between Loki and the brothers and then  punctuated speech in their books. There are so many things to remember:

    Inverted commas around the spoken word

    Capital letters to start the speech

   Punctuation inside the speech marks

   Comma before the speech


e.g George muttered, "When will it be playtime?"  

 In Maths, we began work on measuring. We worked on measuring things around the classroom and then recorded them as Cm and mm; cm only; and mm only. 5cm 3mm= 5.3cm= 53mm

We continued our measuring work in Science when we investigated how internal skeletons grow. The children loved measuring and comparing their different bone sizes with their partner's.

Investigating the size of different bones

viking game- answering questions to win pictures to build a Viking Longhouse

Drama work on The Dragon's Hoard- speech and characters

Sketching linked to The Dragon's Hoard

Our Trip to The Jorvik Centre and The Dig 30.1.2020

Our Busy week 31.1.2020


This week's vocabulary: determiner, vertebrate, invertebrate, eventually


We had a fantastic trip yesterday to the Jorvik Viking Centre in York and The Dig. The children thought the "ride" through the Viking streets was brilliant and learned lots of facts in the museum. 4 "Vikings" talked to us when we were there. Then we had lunch at The Dig followed by a workshop on Viking Medicine. The "Cunning woman" was brilliant at healing Logan, Tilly and Isaac of various aches and pains! We then had time to become real archaeologists and excavate some finds. Please look at the pictures and I'm sure you'll agree the trip was well worth it.

In Science this week, we began to learn more about the human skeleton, naming some of the bones and learning more about their functions. In Maths, we did more work on division and In Literacy, we completed learning our text "The Dragon's Hoard". I've attached a copy of it- if you can, read through it with your child and I'm sure you'll agree their actions are fantastic!  

The Dragon's Hoard

Our Busy week 24.1.2020


This week's vocabulary: hoard, saga, runes, dragon, skeleton, organs


This week, the children completed their work on playscripts. They wrote their own versions , remembering to put in stage directions. Then we started  work on a Viking saga- The Dragon's hoard. We are following the Talk for Writing approach so at the moment we are learning the text . In Maths we have multiplied 2 and 3 digit numbers by a 1 digit number using a formal method in columns. We also started work on short division- or the "bus stop" method. Ask your child if they can remember how to do it!

In  History we looked at Viking runes and wrote messages to each other while in Science we started looking at why we have skeletons. The children had to label as many bones as they could.i

Beginning work on skeletons

The Wizard of Oz 16.1.2020

Our Busy Week 17.1.2020


This week's vocabulary: nutrition, Viking, protein, carbohydrate, artefacts, canine (for ripping/tearing), incisors (for biting), molars(for chewing/ grinding)


What a fantastic week we've had! Yesterday, we saw an amazing production of The Wizard of Oz at Leeds Playhouse. All of KS2 went and thoroughly enjoyed it. Please see the pictures above and there are more on Beech's class page. This tied in well with Rowan's work in Literacy as we are learning about playscripts. We acted out scenes from Viking Adventure and we looked carefully at the layout of a playscript. We also did grammar work on apostrophes - to show two words "contracted " together and to show possession. 

In Maths, we started using a more formal way of multiplying 2 and 3 digit numbers by  1 digit numbers- in columns. This will help us when we come to multiply very big numbers. We also used what we already know about number facts to multiply multiples of 10. eg 30x40= 1200 because we know 3x4 =12.

In Science, we continued with our work on nutrition and having a balanced diet. We also learned that animals have different types of teeth which do different jobs. Ask your child if they can remember the different names and jobs. (Check the vocabulary section above ).

Drama work on A Viking Adventure

Viking artefacts

Visit from PD Dixon and PD Isla