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Welcome to Germany Class

with Mrs Bramley, Mrs Thexton, Mrs Wales and Miss Welsh

Week commencing 4.9.2017  Welcome, or should we say 'Willkommen' to Germany class! Each week we will have a German phrase to learn.

This week it is 'Hallo, wie geht es dir?'

                                  Can you find out what it means?

Our busy week commencing 17.7.17.

We had a lovely final week. Mrs Bramley, Mrs Thexton, Mrs Wales and Miss Welsh would like to say a heartfelt thank you to all the children for working so hard and for our lovely presents.

We spent our final morning writing letters to Mr and Mrs Twit commanding them to start behaving more kindly to each other. Watch our videos below.

Twit Letters.mp4

Still image for this video

What can you do over the summer to help your child's progress?

  • Hear them READ every day. This is the most important thing.
  • READ to them - a lovely story at bedtime .... or any time!
  • Practise counting in 1s, 10s, 5s and the car, on a walk or in a queue. Practise saying one more, and one less than any number.
  • Learn how to, or practise, telling the time. Make sure your child understands what time you have breakfast, lunch, tea and bedtime.
  • Use a tape measure or ruler to measure things around the house in cm.

Our busy week commencing 10.7.17

Thank you to all parents, carers and children who made the Teddy Bear's picnic such a success. We had a lovely - if rather blowy - lunch!

SPAG check up


Below is a list of what an alien might eat at his picnic lunch All the items are separated by commas with an 'and' between the last two. Can you write a list of what your teddy bear ate at the picnic this week? Don't forget the commas.


The alien ate a comet sandwich, a rocket fruit, moondust crisps and a Mars bar.


Extra challenge.......write another sentence to follow on from your first....continuing the  story'.


Remember, pay attention to your handwriting and spelling. A prize for all who take part. Last week's winners were Mia A and Elliott.

Our busy week commencing 3.7.17

This week we have been spending time in our September classroom. The Y2s got on very well with Mrs Wright and the Y1s and Reception who will be part of our Germany class next year settled in well. We are looking forward to these changes! We welcomed Summer and Jacob to our class!


During the rest of the week we have been thinking about the minibeasts we met at the Skylark Centre. We have written our own information texts - using our Talk For Writing 'Ladybirds' text to help us. We accompanied our work with fabulous illustrations and used ipads to help us label our drawings.

Our busy week commencing 26/6/17

The highlight of this week was our trip to the Skylark Centre. The children had some excellent discussions about minibeasts and their habitats. They really showed us what they knew. We found out even more about these interesting creatures and what it is like to live in the woods. Teamwork was excellent.

Well done Years 1/2!

Our busy week commencing 19.6.17

Congratulations to all the children on their superb performance at sports day. We were so proud of how the children cheered each other on and tried their best. We had a super afternoon. Thank you to all the parents for their support.



We have been looking at 3d shapes and trying to describe their properties. It's difficult to remember all the special maths words like vertices, edges, faces,  curved, flat and straight.

Look at the shape properties displayed by the children. Can you name the shape? The answers are below, underneath  the SPAG check up.

Learn more about shape properties here
Please keep on practising the ladybird information text using the video and text map to help. The text map is just down the page a bit!


Still image for this video
Answers to the shape questions. Can you name these shapes?

Our busy week commencing 11.6.17

We have been learning a new information text about ladybirds. Can you use the text map to say it to a grown up at home? There is a video to help if you forget!


The Y2s have been working on time problems. Can you solve the following problems set by the children?


The bus sets off from Hensall at 12 o'clock and it takes quarter of an hour to get to Eggborough. What time does it arrive?

Pippa and Eden

The tooth fairy sets of at 9.00pm and gets to her first customer after half an hour. What time does she arrive?

Jack and Sam

The zoo opens at 8.30 in the morning and closes at 10.30 at night. How many hours is it open?

Deanna and Mia

People start arriving at the museum at four o'clock and people leave at 11pm. How long were the people there for?

Phoebe and Junaid

Our busy week commencing 5.6.17

What a funny week of weather we have had! This week we have started our new 'minibeast' topic. We have begun by sorting different things into three categories:


Not alive

Never been alive.

We had some very interesting discussions. Why not use this BBC link to find out more then discuss some items in your home?


We have been discussing four different kinds of sentences: statements, exclamations, commands and questions. Look at the sentences on the photographs below. Can you explain to your grown up which kind of sentence each is? What are the rules?

Our busy week commencing 22.5.17

A big thank you to all parents and carers who came to our open classroom. The children loved sharing their songs and stories. I hope the plants are still alive. Mr Williams has confirmed they are sunflowers, so sorry Mia Tangi. I told you it was a bean! Hope you have a really lovely holiday. If the children could keep on reading that would be super. There is a maths game and a sentence competition below if you have a spare moment!


The Y1 and Y2s have been trying to solve this maths problem. It's tricky but apparently, there are eight solutions. Good luck!

Our busy week commencing 15/5/17

This week we have been writing our own stories based on The Enormous Turnip. We hope to show our work to any parents or carers who can come to school for 2.30pm next Friday. The children would also like to share their maths books, show you the plants we have been growing and treat you to a sing along.

Our song for this week is Oranges and Lemons. We have enjoyed being out on the playground playing the game too! Learn along with this video.
Please scroll down and carry on using the text map and video to practise The Enormous Turnip so that we can share it with parents on Friday.

Our busy week commencing 8/5/2017

This week we have been learning The Enormous Turnip. A big thank you to Mrs Webster who supplied us with turnips so that we could see, touch, feel and smell them. It really helped us with our writing.


Can you use the text map to tell the story? It will really help your writing next week if you can practise. If you get stuck scroll down to use the video to help.


Sorry that the sound fades on some sections of the video. We will have to re-record those bits next week.

The Enormous Turnip

Still image for this video
Please keep singing Oats and Beans and Chick Chick Chicken. Scroll down to find the videos. Our song for this week is In My Little Garden. Click on this video to practise. Our bus journey to swimming should be very musical this week with three songs to sing!

Our busy week commencing 1/5/2017


to all the children in Seurat on your performance in the Spelling Competition. All children shone and spelt more words correctly than we were expecting!! What a super effort. An extra well done to Jessica Wyard and Madison Turner who were the winners in our class. A special mention to Alfie Tunningley and Elliott Hartley who would also have got full marks if they had remembered the capital c at the beginning of Christmas.

Thank you so much for all your support.

In maths the Y1s have been baking and using grams to weigh out their measurements. Why not do some baking at home and show your grown ups how you can measure out the ingredients?

The Y2s have been investigating capacity and practising reading ml shown in different scales. The bath is a great place to practise capacity. Why not take your litre jug into the bath with you and empty different containers into it?

Here is a game to play and to discuss with grown ups.

We will still be practising the oats and beans song all term and you can scroll down to hear the music and lyrics. Our focus song for this week is Chick Chick Chicken. Practise with Mr Tumble!

Our busy week commencing 24.4.2017

A big thank you and congratulations to all the children who have been practising their spellings over the Easter break. We have had some amazing results and had to postpone the end of the competition to get some more prizes! Winners will be announced next week but the improvements are already visible in the children's writing this week. Well done to all.

We have been learning a new song and dance to go with our topic How Does Your Garden Grow?

Sing along with this video at home.....can you spot the rhyming words? How do the spellings of they rhyming words differ?


The Y2s have been practising finding fractions of amounts. It is tricky!

We have been asking questions such as......what is 3/4 of 16?

We halve the 16 to get 8.......1/2 of 16 = 8.

We halve the 8 to get 4.   1/4 of 16 = 4

Then we multiply the 4 by 3  to get 12.  3/4 of 16 = 12.

We have been working with pencil and paper methods and with different groups of counters.

Why not practise this tricky concept at home? Remember there are fractions games on Mathletics too.



Our busy week commencing 27.3.17

We had such a good time at Colne Valley Museum. A big thank you again to all the effort that went into the costumes. Please look at the photographs with your grown up and talk to them about the different activities you did. It will help with your writing next week.


The Y2s have been practising reading different scales.

Try these games to practise.

Our busy week commencing 20/2/2017

Thanks to all children and parents for making such a huge effort on Red Nose Day. We had some super costumes, red noses and a hilarious joke telling session! Hope all the red hair dye came out without too much trouble.


This week the Y1s have been identifying all the different coins and finding different ways of making amounts. Why not show your grown up how many ways you can make 10p? What about 15p?


The Y2s have been finding fractions of amounts. We have been investigating questions like...what is half of 28? What is a quarter of 28? Can you challenge yourself to find three quarters of 28?




Our busy week commencing 13/3/16

This week we have been practising our measuring skills. Can you show your grown up how to measure things in cm? Make sure that the ruler is the right way up, that you line the ruler up carefully and that you start to measure at 0cm.  Can you wow them with your estimating skills before you measure!

The Y2s rolled cars down a slope and measured how far they rolled.

We had a party on Friday to say goodbye to Harry who is moving to Devon. We have loved spending time with Harry and we wish him and his family lots of luck in their new home. Remember to keep checking our website Harry to see what we have been up to!
Remember to keep practising the pancake instructions. We will be writing some more instructions next week!

How To Make Pancakes

Still image for this video

Our busy week commencing 6/3/2017

We have been enjoying the sunny weather this week. We didn't even need our coats for Mr Holt's PE session on Thursday!

We e have finished learning our instruction text and the children have taken home their own text map. Please, please practise at home. There is another copy of the map below and a video if you need a reminder.

This really supports the children's writing. Next week we will be writing instructions for making drinks.

Please could you show your child how to prepare their favourite drink at home - eg juice, hot chocolate, milk etc - and talk through the different steps? No need to write anything down.

Can you spot the children using the adverbs vigorously and evenly?


Can you hear our special joining words   if, and, or, so that?


Can you spot them adding commas to a list?

Our busy week commencing 27/2/17


Thanks to all children and parents for making such a huge effort with World Book Day. We had some super costumes. Mrs Thexton is very sorry she forgot to give out the vouchers. Mrs Bramley will remember on Monday she promises! We hope you enjoyed pancake day at home. We certainly enjoyed it in Seurat class!

We have begun to learn the instructions for our Talk For Writing project. See how we are getting on! Practise at home.

How to make pancakes 1.mp4

Still image for this video

We had a real treat this week when Pippa brought in a book of poems written by her great grandmother Eileen Sweeting. Watch Pippa reading her favourite poem below. Don't forget - if any parents or grandparents would like to come and talk about their favourite poems you are VERY welcome!!


Still image for this video

SPAG check up


We have been working on using commas in a list.

A prize for any child who brings a list written in beautiful handwriting.

Extra challenge - include some plurals and show you remember the rules.


What about a list of your favourite fruits or vegetables?


Last week's winner was Pippa.

Our busy week commencing 13/2/17


We were so delighted to have a visit from Sam's mum on Thursday afternoon. She came to read one of her favourite poems to the class.

It was a great success and children picked out some beautiful language such as 'kingcups' and said that the poem reminded them of playing in the garden or going on long countryside walks.

We talked about how it would feel to be a cloud.

Thanks SO much to Mrs Hill.

We are going to continue to explore poetry and would really welcome any other parents or grandparents who would like to share a poem.

SPAG check up


Can you change these singular nouns into plurals and put them into two or three super sentences?


cat              box          bully (this last one is an extra challenge).


Watch this video if you need reminding of the rule.


We have been investigating seasonal changes. Can you tell your grown-up the four different seasons and the months which fit with each season?

Have you noticed any signs that spring is coming?

These resources from BBC bitesize will support your learning.

Please take any opportunity you can to practise telling the time. Y1s need to recognise o'clock and half past, whilst Y2s should be also be able to recognise quarter past and quarter to the hour.

Play this game!

Our busy week commencing 6/02/17


Calling all parents, grandparents and carers!! Do you have a favourite poem you would like to bring in and share with the children? Perhaps one that you remember enjoying when you were little? Why not pop into Seurat class at 3pm on Thursdays or Fridays and join in our poetry sharing time? We would love to see you.


We have been sharing and exploring the fabulous poems in Michael Rosen's new poetry book. Watch these videos of Michael performing his work and join in at home!

Check out this page to see Michael Rosen's poem Tippy Tappy.

Here is a version written by Seurat Class! How fast can you say it? Can you do it with actions?




Gippy-gappy                            Flippy - floppy

Gippy-gappy                            Flippy -floppy

Gap, gap, gap.                          Flop, flop, flop.


Ritty-rappy                              Bippy-boppy

Ritty-rappy                              Bippy-boppy

Rap, rap,rap.                            Bop, bop, bop.


Jappy-juppy                            By Seurat Class.


Jup, jup, jup.




The Y2s have been using halving and quartering to share out different numbers of objects fairly. We have been recording results as mixed numbers. For instance, if you had five sandwiches and four guests, each guest could have 1 and a quarter sandwiches. Why not practise halves and quarters at home? Or go to mathletics and choose the fractions activities for lots of fun practice.

The Y1s have been counting in 5s. Try this game.


Go to  and sign in for more activities to support learning in the classroom. If you have lost your username and password, see Mrs Thexton, Mrs Bramley or Mrs James in the office.

SPAG check up


Can you change the nouns in this sentence so that the action happens in Fairy Tale Land??


The lazy donkey snoozed in the  green field.


You can change other bits if you think it works better.


Example - Lazy Goldilocks  snoozed in the comfortable bed..



A prize for all those who take part.

** Last week's winners were Ari and Eden**





Our busy week commencing 30.1.17


Calling all parents, grandparents and carers!! Do you have a favourite poem you would like to bring in and share with the children? Perhaps one that you remember enjoying when you were little? Why not pop into Seurat class at 3pm on Thursdays or Fridays and join in our poetry sharing time? We would love to see you.


We have been learning more about Chinese letters and why the Chinese have so many dragons in their stories and traditions.

Our busy week commencing 23/1/17

We have been looking at time! It's tricky! Y1 parents can help by showing children the family clock when it hits o'clock or half past. Y2 parents can help by pointing out o'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to the hour. Talk to each other about what time you do different things in your routine. It would also help if you could show children a digital clock alongside an analogue so that they can begin to link 'quarter past two' to 2:15 etc.

We are really good at telling our story now! We have been writing our own versions at school. We have had paper rabbits. motorbikes and even sabre tooth tigers racing through a variety of landscapes which the children have described carefully. We've used adjectives, alliteration and similes.


We are particularly impressed with those children who have brought stories in that they have written at home. Thank you Pippa, Mia, Lowri and Deanna!

Keep on practising using the video and story map to help.

If you practise The Paper Horse it will help you write your own story. Use the map and video to help.

Paper horse movie smaller.mp4

Still image for this video


Y1s have been finding numbers on a number square. Use this game to practise. Can you tell your grown-up how many 10s and 1s are in each number?


Y2s have been adding 11 to a number by adding 10 and then 1 more. They have been subtracting 9 from a number by subtracting 10, and then adding 1 back. This is a great video to reinforce understanding.

Use this game to practise.




The Y2s have been looking at properties of 3-d shapes.

We have been talking about faces, edges and vertices. Look at this website to help remember.


Y1s have been polishing their number bonds to 10. Try this game

And then progress to number bonds to 20




We have been working on programming objects to move by pressing characters on the keyboard.

Click here to show your grown-ups your coding games.