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Week Commencing 1/6/2020

Healthy Bodies

Please read through the slides which is lesson one of the unit Healthy Bodies.  I would then suggest you read the information sheet which describes what scurvy is and how Lind carried out the first clinical trial to explore how to prevent scurvy.  On worksheet 1B you can then answer questions about Lind's experiment and then suggest other things that Lind could have tested to come to a better understanding of scurvy.  Alternatively, you can have a look at the other worksheets included or take a look at the question cards.


Week Commencing 18/5/2020
Week Commencing 11/5/2020

Week Commencing 4/5/2020


Week Commencing 27/4/2020

Week Commencing 20/4/2020

Our new topic for this half term is ELECTRICITY!!!

Please see below your first lesson.  There are some slides to read through and then you can choose from a variety of worksheets.  Some are more challenging than others so have a look at them all and then pick which ones you would prefer to have a go at.  Enjoy!

                                                    Half Term Project - Thomas Edison


During this half term, I would like you to carry out a project about Thomas Edison (a famous inventor).  I would like you to research all about him – there are different things below to help as a starting point but you can also research much more on the internet.  Complete the planning sheet to help organise your ideas and then get your thinking caps on.  I would like you to present your information in a creative and unique way (like you did with the Greek and Space topics).  So it could be anything from a poster, a video where you are interviewed, a fact file etc.  Surprise me with your imaginative ideas!

Good luck and enjoy!  I cannot wait to see them!