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 I am not going to add a new unit of Science work as we would be due to start Magnets and I think it would be better to do this in school as we have lots of different types of magnets. It is a very practical unit of work. Instead it would be great if you can complete the work on plants  (see previous weeks' Science work) and then have  ago at CRODA activities. 


Every year Croda come to school to do fun Science workshops - we've done fun with foam and experiments to find out what increases/ decreases friction. The Croda scientists have been in touch and offered some free resources and access to activities suitable for all ages  which should be updated daily.

 Why not have a go?   


For all ages

  • We currently have a daily Tweet going out on Twitter which contains a fun science activity which kids should be able to do with items in their household or garden (you can find this @crodaSTEM on Twitter – you don’t need to follow us to get access so if parents don’t have Twitter there is no concern here, they can still access the content)
  • We are sharing some information and activity sheets based on some of the science we do at Croda. These are being tweeted on a Monday each week – see for more information.