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11.05.20 & 18.05.20- The Circulatory System- Weeks 3 & 4

Welcome to Week 3 & 4 of our learning about The Circulatory System. Last week, I asked you to complete a lung labelling sheet and then draw a Human Heart and label this. I then asked you to write a short paragraph (using the examples for ideas) about the Heart and it's functions. 

Activity 1: This week, I would like you to sketch the Lungs of a Human onto a piece of paper. You can add colour to this sketch and label it correctly using your knowledge from Activity 1 last week. You must then write a short paragraph outlining how the Lungs work, the process of breathing and their function. Please see two examples below of what I am expecting.


Activity 2: Please look through the PowerPoint about Blood. You can start by researching the answers to the question slides and then refer back to the Blood Components Fact Sheet. Please follow the instructions on the PowerPoint slides for what to do next. 


I have extended the date for these activities to be completed. I can't wait to see them! 


04.05.20- The Circulatory System- Week 2

Welcome to Week 2 of our learning about The Circulatory System . 

Activity 1- See the Lungs labelling sheet below. Use the words in the word bank to correctly label the lungs and then asnwer the questions at the side of the sheet. 


Activity 2- I would like you to sketch a Human Heart onto a piece of paper and colour the heart in the correct colours. Once completed, I would like you to label it correctly using your knowledge and work from last week. Finally, you must write a short paragraph outlining how the Heart works along with the functions. Please see some examples below of the sketches, labelling and paragraph. 



Examples of work for Activity 2

27.04.2020- The Circulatory System

This term, we will be looking at The Human Circulatory System. This topic will cover the role of our organs, focusing largely on the Heart. This topic will also link well to our new general topic of 'What does it take to become an athlete?'. Take a look at the video links below which introduce the Circulatory System. This week we will be focusing on the Heart. Below are some videos which introduce the topic.


Below are the activities that I would like you to complete. There is a PowerPoint presentation which covers and explains all about The Circulatory System. This will help you to complete the activities. 

Activity 1- Complete the labelling activity about The Heart. The children can select words from the word bank and fill the gaps. When completed, you can check the answers using the answer sheet below.

Activity 2- Select the reading comprehension activity link. There are 3 different levels so select the activity that you are most comfortable with. Read through the information and then complete the questions relating to the text.