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To help your child say the new sounds we are learning correctly, you can listen to the correct pronunciation here. This video shows all the sounds the children will encounter as they go through school but, they aren't expected to know them all by the end of reception so don't panic!



Phonicsplay has lots of games to help the children practise reading and spelling words,learning tricky words as well as recognising letters.

The link is

Username jan21

Password home


This is the Jolly Phonic mat we use in school to help the children when they are writing.

Thursday 28th January

We are going to learn some new tricky words today.

Wednesday 27th January

Watch the video to practise your letter sounds.

We are going to play a game called full circle today. You can choose which game you would like to play; one with or one without digraphs.

Before we start, can you write these letters onto some pieces of paper.

Game 1- ch, sh, ng, th, ck, s, l, p, i, o

Game 2 - l, g, p, t, r, n, e, a

You will need some bluetac so you can stick them to a wall or door. When you have made them spread them on the floor on the opposite side of the room to the door you are using so you can run and find the letter card you need.

I have made a video to show you how to play. You can either watch it all or once you understand the game you can play it yourself making these words.

Game 1 - song, long, lock, shock, shop, chop, chip, chick, thick, thing, sing, song.

Game 2 - leg, peg, pet, pat, rat, ran, rag, lag, leg.

Tuesday 26th January

We are going to learn to read and spell words with this digraph today.

Powerpoint ng

Monday 25th January

We are learning this new digraph in phonics today.

Thursday 21st January

We are going to be learning to spell the tricky word 'the'. I have made a powerpoint to help you. You can sing the tricky word song first.

Wednesday 20th January

​​​​​​So far we have been learning the sounds that letters make but, they also have a name. When we sing the alphabet song we say their names. Can you join in with this song?   


We are going to learn the diagraph sh today.    


Song -


Click on the powerpoint below for today's activities.



Powerpoint about the digraph sh

Tuesday 19th January

We are going to learn about another digraph today. Do you remember what a digraph is? - a sound made by 2 letters.


Jolly Phonic song -


Practise reading words containing ch on Dragon's Den on Phonicsplay. Ch is in phase 3.


Challenge - read these sentences. I have drawn sound buttons on the digraphs.


The  rich  man  had  a  big  chin.


The  chicken  got  a  chill.



Monday 18th January

Today's sound is made by 2 letters. We call this a digraph.

Geraldine the giraffe finds objects beginning with qu. 


This is the picture for qu. For the action you make your hand look like a duck's beak and open and close it as you say the sound.



You can listen to the song here.


Use magnetic letters or ask an adult to make some letter cards and then use them to make these words - quiz, quit, quack, quick (you will need these letters (qu, i, t, z, a, ck) Challenge - liquid, quilt (extra letters needed - l, i, d, t)


Play yes/no questions. Chn blend the sounds to read the words/sentence and put thumbs up if the answer to the question is yes and thumbs down if it is no.

Can a duck quack?

Is a zebra a pet?

Can a web buzz?

Has a fox got a quilt?

Thursday 14th January

We are going to practise tricky words today by listening to the tricky word song.


Today's new letter is z. This is the picture.

The action is to flap your hands up and down and say the sound zzzzzzzz.

Listen to the song next


When a word has z at the end e.g. buzz, it usually has double zz.


To practise reading words with z you can play Dragons Den on Phonicsplay


Challenge - write the sentence 'Can a taxi zigzag up a hill?'



Wednesday 13th January

Today we are going to learn 2 new tricky words 'he and she'. Can you think of a sentence with the word he or she in e.g. She went to the shop.


Watch 'Train your Brain' on Phonicsplay to help you remember new tricky  words.


Ask an adult to write the words 'he and she' on small pieces of paper and then hide them around the house or in the garden (don't peek!!). You can then go on a hunt to find them. As you find a word tell someone what it says. You can also include other tricky words you are learning.



Tuesday 12th January

Practise your letter sounds on Giggling Graphemes on Phonicsplay or using the cards in your word packet.


Today we are going to learn the action and song for the letter y.



To practise reading words with y at the beginning, we are going to play buried treasure. You can play this on Phonicsplay or you could draw a treasure chest and dustbin and write these words on pieces of paper (yap, yes, yet, yac, yell, yit, yem, yum, yud). Read each word and if it is a real word it goes in the treasure chest and if it is a silly one it goes in the dustbin.


Challenge - write one of these sentences 'Yes I can hop.' or 'Yes I can hop and jump.'

Monday 11th January

Practise your letters on 'Giggling graphemes' on Phonicsplay.


Today's letter is x.    


You can listen to the Jolly Phonic song here.


Play the yes/no game. Read the sentences and put your thumbs up if the answer to the question is yes and thumbs down if the answer is no.

Can  wax  get  hot?                                               Will a rat visit a fox?


Can  a  taxi  hop?                                                  Can  a  vet  fix  a  jet?


Next write a sentence to match the picture. (A fox in a box.) Say the sounds you can hear in each word before you write it.

Challenge - can you write the question, 'Has a fox got six legs?' Say the question several times until you remember it. Count the number of words you need to write. Keep reading your sentence so you know which word comes next.

Friday 8th January

Practise your letter sounds using Flashcards Speed Trial phase 2 on Phonicsplay 


Today we are going to going to learn our next letter. This letter is at the beginning of the word web, win, was, and wig. Can you work out what the letter is?

This is the picture for w.


You can listen to the song here.


Can you match these words to the pictures.









Can you read this sentence and then draw a picture to match it?

A  pig  on  a  web.


Challenge - The  pink  pig  has  a  big  red  wig.



Thursday 7th January

Don't forget to keep practising your letter and word cards everyday. If you need new ones I can send you some when we change reading books next week or I can email them to you.


Why not practise your tricky words by joining in with the tricky word song.


Today we are going to play the game Rocket Rescue on Phonicsplay.

Phonicsplay is free for parents during the lockdown using the following login details.

username jan21

password home


Wednesday 6th January

Today we are going to learn the letter v. This is the Jolly Phonics picture which shows Vic driving his van.


You can listen to the song on YouTube


Can you read these words containing the letter v?




Now try writing a caption to match this picture -   


a red van   

Use the Jolly Phonic letter card in your pack to help you write the correct letters. Segment the words into the sounds you can hear and then write them down in your book. You could draw a picture of the van as well.

Challenge - extend the sentence to say who is in the van e.g. Vic is in the van. The man is in the van. How many words do you need to write?