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Reading Comprehension

Thursday 28th January

Today we are going to use an extract from The Railway Children.  Please watch my teaching video (this will be uploaded Thursday morning) where I explain in detail what we are going to do today and over the next week.  Keep up the great work - you really are making me so proud!

Wednesday 27th January

Today we will be using a song from The Greatest Showman 'This is Me'.  This is a song that has real deep meaning to it.  I would like you to listen to it a few times (sing if you like) but really think about the words and what message it is trying to get across to the audience.   

Tuesday 26th January

Today our reading comprehension is all about volcanoes.  Have a read of the text, highlight any important information and then have a go at the questions.

Monday 25th January

Today's reading comprehension is based around our topic - The Mayans.  Please read the Mayan Creation Story and then answer the questions.