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Hensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.

Welcome toHensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.


Welcome to Olympia!

Miss Stones and Mrs Hague


Welcome to our exciting class page!  Here you'll be able to find out about all the work that we do in school and photographs of all the fun we've been having!



Welcome to year 6! I hope everyone has had a fantastic summer and are ready to make some great memories! This term our main topic is ‘Ancient Greeks’. We will be learning all about the Gods and Goddess, the Olympics, leisure time and the many excellent myths. We will also be reading the fantastic book by Rick Riordan, ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’.

Week Commencing 10/6/2019


Week Commencing 4/6/2019


Week Commencing 20/5/2019


We have had a great week learning all about The Mayans! Ask your children all about where they lived, what kind of people they were, their religion and what they ate.  We even had a tasting session on Friday to truly understand what their daily diet would have been like - we loved MOST of it!


In science, we had a super time starting our electricity topic!  We found out some fascinating facts about Thomas Edison and began to understand different types of circuits: series and parallel.


Well done year 6 for another super half term!  Have a great week off and I look forward to welcoming you back for your final half term of primary school!!

Week Commencing 13/5/2019


What a week it has been!! Well done for all your hard work and enthusiasm!!


We had a fabulous trip on Friday to launch our next topic The Marvellous Mayans at The Chocolate Story in York.  During the day, we  explored the world of the Ancient Maya and their unforgettable legacy which is still influencing modern day life. In addition, we discovered the importance of the cocoa bean to their society; from its use as currency, to a bitter drink consumed by the wealthy, as well as their part in the creation of the chocolate we know and love today!  Pupils enjoyed a fully interactive session, where they created their own version of Xocolat drink - it had a very unique taste!!! Like marmite, the children either loved the taste or hated it!


Week Commencing 6/5/2019


Next week you will sit your SATs for maths, reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling.  I know how hard you have worked to prepare for these tests and I am really proud of all the progress you have made!  It has been a pleasure to teach each and everyone one of you.  So as discussed on Friday, your homework is to relax, do something you love, get some fresh air, eat and sleep well.  I know some of you will want to do some revision but make sure it is not too much as you need to be fresh for next week.  Come to school on Monday ready to do your best!


Good luck and best wishes,


Miss Stones


Week Commencing 1/4/2019


We had a fantastic day at the Bradford Science and Media museum!  The children took part in an interactive workshop all about light and how we see things, before experiencing what life in space is really like during the iMax3D virtual tour.  It was then on to the Wonderlab where we could try out lots of science experiments and listen to and take part some very interesting demonstrations.

We welcomed author Conrad Burdekin into school on Thursday and what a fabulous day it was!! The school enjoyed an assembly in the morning, where we listened to some of Conrad's poetry and then he delivered a writing workshop to each class throughout the day.  In Olympia we were describing the emotion anger without using the actual word.  We thought about what the character would be feeling, seeing, doing, how their bodies would react and sounds that could be heard.

Week Commencing 18/3/19


Vocabulary: reflection, compound, incident ray, urban and rural.


In literacy, we have been engaging the reader by using ambitious vocabulary through a descriptive recount. 


In maths, we have been calculating the perimeter, area of rectangles and squares and compound shapes. 


The United Kingdom

Ask your children all about the UK.  You will be impressed with all the  knowledge!

Week Commencing 11/3/2019


It has been assessment week this week in Olympia!  Well done everyone for your hard work, effort and continued enthusiasm!!





Week Commencing 4.3.2019


Welcome back - it has been great hearing about all the fun you've had during the half term break!


Wow!!!  Thank you so much for all your help, support and encouragement with the space theme homework!!  We have had so many creative projects - enjoy the pictures below.

World Book Day 2019


We had a fantastic day on Friday celebrating World Book Day in style.  Thank you to everyone for joining in and dressing up!  We enjoyed sharing stories with Storyland class, creating a block poster of our class book, writing character descriptions and we were had a super afternoon with House of Tudor competing in a head to head quiz. 

Week Commencing 18/2/19


Well what a great week to round of a fantastic half term!


In literacy we have been completing our persuasive advertisements - watch out Alton Towers, they sound VERY impressive!!


We have accompanied these with a collage of images using the BeFunky App in computing. 


In maths we have been learning all about angles.  Ask you children to define the following: acute, right, obtuse and reflex angles.  Listen out for some brilliant mathematical vocabulary - intersecting, vertices, parallel and perpendicular. 

We then carried out an angle investigation on Thursday.  Question your children about what they found out about angles in a triangle, on a straight line, opposite angles and angles in a quadrilateral. 



Week Commencing 11/2/2019


We had a fabulous skipping workshop on Wednesday with Dan.  We learnt lots of new tricks, skills and adventurous manoeuvres!  It was FANTASTIC!


In literacy, we have been designing a new ride for Infinity Park – the world’s largest theme park! We have paid particular attention to how a person might express their feelings through their actions.  I posed the children some questions and in pairs we acted out how different emotions might look.

Towards the end of the week we began writing a persuasive paragraph to advertise the ride.  Things we needed to include: rhetorical questions, parenthesis, modal adverbs, onomatopoeia, personification and varied punctuation.


Word of the Week - Euphoric

Question your child about the word, the meaning and the antonym of it.


In maths we have been converting fractions to decimals and vice versa.  We have been working on exam technique when applying our knowledge to reasoning questions and consolidating our arithmetic knowledge.  Thank you to all the children who attend one of my maths clubs this week - the results of your hard work are showing!! Well done!!


In topic the children have been creating a Space Race Timeline and performing their shadow puppet performances in DT.  Watch out for the videos of these!


It has been another fantastic week and I am looking forward to seeing and speaking to you at Parents Evening next week.

Week Commencing 28/1/2019


We have had a fantastic week in Olympia!  Well done to everyone who attended one of my weekly maths clubs - you were full of enthusiasm and an eagerness to improve!!  All your hard work has shown in your super arithmetic scores!


In literacy, we have been planning a well structured space story using figurative language to engage the reader.  Have a look at the pictures below, which shows how we used drama to generate ideas.  We now know the difference between the active and passive voice.  Ask you children what trick we use to identify the type of sentence! 



In maths we have been translating shapes in all four quadrants and then applying our knowledge to reasoning questions.  We have been working hard on using key vocabulary when explain our answers.

Key maths vocabulary: quadrant, vertex and axis


In science we have been learning all about the eye and how we see. We have then used our knowledge to create an information booklet. Ask your child if they can explain what the different parts of the eye are in the diagram below and tell you some interesting facts about the eye.


We have really been enjoying some SPaG songs this week.  I have placed some links below for you to enjoy and learn them at home.

Week Commencing 14/1/19


Well done to everyone who attended the Young Voices concert on Monday - it was a fantastic experience for all the children involved!! Thank you for your enthusiasm and commitment - it was a pleasure to take you!


In literacy, we have been writing formal letters of complaint.  Ask your children to tell you features of this type of writing.  We have recapped the use of adjectives and adverbs and applied this knowledge to sentence writing. 


Word of the week...




In maths, we have been dividing fractions and multiplying/dividing numbers by 10, 100 and 1000.


We have been learning some really interesting facts about the planets: their age, size, temperature and position.


On Friday, we enjoyed Zumba!!  It was a really fun, yet beneficial exercise. 

Week Commencing 7/1/19



Happy New Year and Welcome back!  


It was only a short week but it has been a great one!  It was lovely to see everyone after the Christmas break and hear about all the exciting things you have all been up to! It was also fantastic to be greeted with so many smiling faces ready and raring to start the new term! Our literacy work this term is based around ‘Cosmic’ which is a great book written by Frank Cottrell Boyce. We will also be exploring all about light and how we see things and carrying out some really fun experiments.


We started exploring our new book 'Cosmic'.  It seemed to be a hit with the class!! We worked in groups to share ideas about what we thought stars might look like if we were actually in space.  In particular, we were thinking about using ambitious vocabulary and descriptive techniques.  Ask your children if they can remember any of the language features we used. During our reading lessons this week we have been focusing on predicting, questioning and summarising.  Ask you child if they can summarise what has happened in the story so far.


In maths we have been multiplying fractions - it has been a huge success with all children making lots of progress.  Ask you child to explain (using mathematical language) how to answer the calculations below.



In topic we have been exploring the structure of the earth - we found the information very interesting.  Question your child about the different layers - they will have lots of things to tell you!


In PE we have been focussing on ball skills and defensive tactics during handball. 

Week Commencing 17/12/18


Wow! It has been a hectic but fantastic week in Olympia!!  We have enjoyed many super activities: buddy party, Christmas crafts, class party, meeting Santa and most importantly Mrs Conroy's celebratory assembly.  It has been a pleasure to spend part of the week with House of Tudor class whilst Mr Spetch is recovering from his operation - we all hope he gets well soon!!


 We all want to thank Mrs Conroy for her dedication, care, encouragement and inspiration!!


It has been a fabulous term and I am looking forward to welcoming you all back in January.  However, for now, I hope you have a great Christmas!!  Make sure you have fun, enjoy spending time with family and friends, relax and stay safe.

Miss Stones xx

Week Commencing 3/12/2018


Wow!! This term is flying by so quickly!!


It has been assessment week and it is fantastic to see how much progress the children are making - I am one very proud teacher!


Thank you so much for your support with the production costumes - everyone looks fantastic!!


Thank you so much for your support with the Christmas Fayre - it was a brilliant afternoon!! I am definitely feeling Christmassy now!!

Week Commencing 26/11/2018


We have had another enjoyable week! We are getting really excited about our Christmas play - all the songs, drama and dances are coming together nicely. Thank you for all your support with learning the lines!


I loved listening to the children's Trireme PowerPoints this week, they were informative, creative and presented with enthusiasm and confidence. 


In maths we have been adding and subtracting fractions with the same and different denominators (multiples of).  The children have worked extremely hard with this.  Remember to write your answer in its simplest form.  Ask your children to explain how to answer the questions below.


2/3 + 1/6 =


5/6 + 2/18 =


We have used our reciprocal reading skills to understand and comprehend the myth 'King Midas and the Golden Touch'.  We also used our inference skills to comprehend the below picture.  Ask your children to explain how we used the picture to generate questions, predictions and thoughts.

Well done to Jessica, Holly, Tyler, Charlie, Raia, Eloisa, Harry and Elliot for representing Year 5/6 in the cluster hockey tournament so superbly.  They were a credit to the school, showing great sportsmanship, determination and skill.

Week Commencing 19/11/2018


We have worked extremely hard this week writing monologues in character as a Lighthouse keeper.  We used a film clip as a stimulus to generate ideas, provoke emotions and get into the mind of each of the characters.   They brought a tear to my eye!!


Word of the Week



In maths we have been using practical and pictoral approaches to aid our reasoning development and have been working really hard to explain our answers in much more detail.


Thank you to everyone for supporting with learning the lines for the production, we really do appreciate it!

Week Commencing 12/11/2018


It has been another busy week in Olympia!  We have been learning about the effective use of Warcraft in Ancient Greece by researching and creating PowerPoints, baking pitta bread, writing our own friendship recipes, consolidating multiplication skills in maths and we began our PE topic  for this half term - cross country!


Our Word of The Week





Week Commencing 5/11/18


Welcome back everyone - I hope you have all had a fabulous break!


In literacy we have been writing friendship recipes including many writing targets: relative clauses, rhetorical questions, apostrophes for contraction, colons to introduce a list, subordinate conjunctions and varied openers.


Word of the week




The antonym of jubilant is despondent.


Please ask your child if they can explain the meaning and write a sentence in context.


In maths we have been using the written method to solve long and short multiplication questions and then applying our skills to reasoning problems. 


Key maths vocabulary this week: inverse, systematic and multiplication. 


Please ask your child if they can give you some synonyms for the word multiplication.

Week Commencing 22/10/18


I cannot believe it is the end of the first half term already! 


A massive well done to everyone for a super harvest assembly - all classes did extremely well and enjoyed the celebrations!!


Word of the Week




Ask your children if they can use devour in context and also give some synonyms of the word.


In maths we have been using the inverse operation to solve problems and have been working in pairs to explain our answers.  We have been using our knowledge of adaptive traits in science, coupled with creativity to design our own animals and habitats in order to then explain how over time they have adapted in order to survive. 

Week Commencing 7/10/2018


We have made some fantastic progress in our writing this week and ticked off some of our targets.  We have been adding extra detail into our sentences to make them more exciting.  In maths we have been using the formal written method to add and subtract large numbers and then using our resilience to challenge ourselves with reasoning questions.


Word of the week...




Please question your child about the meaning of this word and how they could use it in context.


In topic we have been writing persuasive speeches in character as either an Athenian or a Spartan.  Ask you child if they can explain the different ways these people had to live in the two opposing city-states. 


We have been learning about animal adaptions in science - we have found out some really interesting facts about the following animals and plants:

- polar bear

- cactus

- coral

- camel

- toucan

- dolphin


Well done to the Year 5/6 football team for great effort during the cluster football tournament on Tuesday.  You showed fantastic sportsmanship and resilience.   

Week Commencing 1/10/18


It has been another busy week in Olympia class!


In literacy, we have been reading some exciting Greek myths and researching the key characteristics of them.  We have been using drama to generate ideas and have started writing the ending to the myth Pandora.


Our word of the week is...




Please question your child about the word and how they have used it in their writing.


In maths we have been using negative numbers in a variety of contexts and then applying our knowledge to reasoning problems.  We have been working hard to prove our answers. 


On Friday, we had the pleasure of welcoming Year 2 children into class to share their stories with us.  They were absolutely fantastic!!



Week Commencing 23/9/2018


Well what an action packed week it has been! We have enjoyed House Team Day, NSPCC assembly, individual photographs, House Captain Elections and much much more.


In literacy, we have been working on adding extra information to sentences to make them much more exciting and engaging to the reader.  Ask your child if they can name some figurative language features. 


Our word of the week...




Please ask your children to define the word and give examples of synonyms.


In maths, we have been rounding numbers to the nearest 10 million and then explaining our reasoning.


On Tuesday, we had a fabulous House Team Day.  There were various activities taking place in each class room: pebble painting for Hensall Rocks Heck, Christmas cards, collage making and the sponsored assault court.  I would like to say well done to everyone who took part in the House and Vice Captain elections - everyone did exceptionally well!!  A huge congratulations to the newly appointed captains!


It was an honour to attend the Macmillan Coffee Morning at The Railway Tavern.  What a fabulous charity to support!
I would like to say huge well done to the children who obviously spent a long time creating, researching and producing some wonderful homework about Ancient Greek!  It was a pleasure to listen to your presentations and place them on display for everyone to see. 

Week Commencing 17/9/2018


What a fantastic week we have had on residential at Boggle Hole. It has been a great way to get to know the children, learn all about them and their interests. It has been an action packed 4 days…I imagine they will sleep well this weekend!! The children showed their maturity and participated in all the activities with great enthusiasm. During our time away we have taken part in many activities and excursions: rock pooling, fossil hunting, building lighthouses, costal walks (in challenging conditions), sketching, phonetic alphabet, beach sculptures and a spot of shopping in Whitby. During the evening, we also enjoyed a bin bag fashion show, bingo and a pirate party! Well done to all the winners!


Please ask your children about all the facts they have learnt about Robin Hood’s Bay, the smugglers, different fossils and the variety of creatures we found during our many rock pooling sessions.


Here are some pictures for you to enjoy.


Please remember it is House Team Day on Tuesday. If you would like to be selected for House Captain, you must prepare a speech explaining what qualities you would bring to this very important role and why you would make a fabulous role model to others. I look forward to hearing them and I wish each and every one of you the best of luck!

Wow!  I cannot believe we are at the end of the second week of a new school year!  Olympia class have made a fantastic start to year 6 and I am very much looking forward teaching and getting to know them better! 


In literacy, we have been working on writing informal persuasive letters and using exciting synonyms and antonyms to engage the reader.

Ask your children to give you a definition of a synonym and then give you some examples for different colours.

We are working extremely hard to increase our vocabulary to help up-level our sentences.  Each week we have a word of the week that the children are encouraged to use in context.

So, our word of the week this week was...




Talk to your child about this word and how they have managed to place it into their writing.


In maths, we have been reading and writing numbers up to 10 million, determining the value of digits, ordering and comparing larger numbers.  We have been working on our reasoning skills in order to explain and prove our answers.  This then shows a thorough understanding of the method we are working on.


We have welcomed the younger children to our school and have taken our buddy duties very seriously, ensuring all new starters were happy and settled during their first week at school!



On Friday we enjoyed completing a Joe Wicks The Body Coach Primary School Workout.  This term we are working on improving our fitness levels so this is going to gradually build up our stamina, overall performance and skill set.


Greek Tasting

We enjoyed tasting and trying out some Greek foods.  Take a look at the photos below - I think you will easily tell who didn't like the olives!!


Autumn Curriculum Letter