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Number Work (Maths)

  • Please can you practise counting to 20 each day. Don't forget to say fourteen, fifteen, sixteen etc and not forty fifty and sixty. You could join in with this song.


  • Practise writing numbers to 10 correctly just like you are practising letters each day.


Tuesday 19th January

We are going to continue working with number 7 today.



Watch Numberblocks about number 7.


Can you show 7 on your fingers? You have 5 fingers on one hand. How many more fingers do you need to make 7?

Can you find another way to show 7 e.g. 7 objects, 7 on a tens frame, number 7.


Complete these sentences

1 more than 6 is ....

1 less than 6 is ....



6 is 1 more than ....

6 is 1 less than ....


Now you can complete pages 16 and 17 about number 7 in your maths book in your home learning pack.

Monday 18th January 

Look at the picture on the powerpoint below. What number is it about? How do you know? Where can you find 7?

Each page has the same picture but different questions about it.


I spy 7 activity

Thursday 14th January

Today we are going to practise taking away. Watch the video below to explain what you are going to do.


You can do this activity with a different number of buns and take away different amounts.


Challenge - Little Red Riding Hood has 2 buns left in her basket. How many buns has she eaten? How did you work it out? Repeat for different numbers.



Wednesday 13th January

We are going to start with some subitising today. Say how many things you can see.


up to 5 objects -


Challenge - up to 10 objects -


Main activity - ways to make 6 (Short video below showing out to complete the activity. Hope it helps.)

Ask an adult to draw a part whole model like the one below.


Can you now collect 6 small items e.g. pasta, cheerios, cars etc and put them into the 'whole part' at the top of the diagram. Now move all the items into one of the 'parts' at the bottom. You must put all 6 items into one of the 2 circles.



How many different ways can you find to make 6? You could write a number sentence.


Challenge - Use a part whole model with 3 parts. How many ways can you make 6 now?



Tuesday 12th January

Starter - ask an adult to drop some coins into pan or cup one at a time. show a finger each time you hear a sound. How many coins were dropped into the pan? Can you write the number?


Main activity

Look at the pictures below and decide which show 6 and which don't. Explain your decision e.g. there are 6 legs on the insect, there are 6 sides on this shape (introduce the name hexagon).




Show your child a cube (e.g. dice) and a cuboid (e.g. box) shape. These can go with number 6 because they have 6 faces. How are the faces on the cuboid and cube different?


Task - go on a shape hunt to look for cubes and cuboids in your house and outside.


Monday 11th January

Watch Numberblocks Number 6 today.


Can you show 6 on your fingers? How different many ways can you find?


E.g. 5 plus 1  or 3 plus 3 (this is a double)


Challenge - can you write a number sentences to show the different ways you can make 6.


Complete these sentences

1 more than 6 is ....

1 less than 6 is ...



6 is 1 more than ...

6 is 1 less than ...


Complete pages 12 and 13 in the maths book in your home learning pack.      

Friday 8th January


Count to 10 or 20 with your mummy or daddy. You say 1 and your adult says 2. Carry on counting taking it in turns to say a number each.


Main activity - find the number 1 less

Watch the White Rose video for session 1 


Can you solve these number problems. You can use your fingers or some objects or a number track to help you.


You have 5 oranges in a bag. You eat one. How many oranges have you left in the bag?


There are 7 birds in the garden. 1 flies away. How many are still in the garden?


Challenge - There are 10 cars in the car park. If 1 is driven away, how many are left? Can you draw a picture to show what happens?

Thursday 7th January


Can you spot which circle of spots is the odd one out and explain why it is?




Main activity

We are going to practise finding the number 1 more again today. Use the powerpoint below to help you.

Just complete the one more part of the sheet unless you want to challenge yourself and do the 1 less section as well



Wednesday 6th January


Look at the number of dots in each pattern and say how many there are altogether without counting? We call recognising amounts without counting, subitising.



Can you see any smaller numbers in each pattern e.g. in the 5 pattern there is a 2, 2 and 1 or a 3 and a 2.


Main activity

Today we are going to find what is 1 more than a number.

Watch the White Rose video session 3 on the link below.


You might know another number rhyme which you could sing.


Can you use the number track to help you say 1 more than a number to 5, 10 and even 20? Can you see a pattern? One more is the next number on the track.



You can play this game to practise saying the number 1 more.

Make a snowman 

Roll a dice or turn over a number card (2 to 7). Can you say the number 1 more? Draw the part of the snowman to match your number e.g. if you roll a 2, one more is 3 so you draw a hat.

2 head 

3 hat

4 face

5 scarf

6 top body

7 bottom body