School is open to vulnerable children and the children of key workers only. Please visit our class pages if you are learning from home.
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Welcome toHensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.


Below are some home learning packs for Maths. Please take a look at these with your children and support them to complete the relevant work. There are different levels for your child to complete and allow them to complete the level that they are most confident with. Thank you!
06.07.20- Maths- Week 13- Multiplication and Division
29.06.20- Maths- Week 12- Multiplication and Division
22.06.20- Week 11- Maths- Addition and Subtraction 
15.06.20- Week 10- Maths- Place Value
08.06.20- Maths- Week 9- Place Value
01.06.2020- Week 8- Volume & Position and Direction

18.05.20- Week 7- Volume


11.05.20- Time- Week 6


04.05.20- Time- Week 5

Lesson Three- Choose 1 or more levels!

27.04.2020- Time & Converting Units- Week 4

20.04.2020- Week 3- Fractions- Home Learning

Hello! I hope you all had a super Easter holiday and that the Easter bunny came to everyone. Below is week 3 of maths and the continuation of Fractions. Please look through the PowerPoint's and select the sheet which is most suited to you. Don't forget to take some pictures of the work you are completing and email them over to me. Good luck! 

Fractions- Week 2- Home Learning

Classroom Secrets Maths- Slides 1-17

Times Tables Rock Stars- Access from home. 


1. Type the link into google:


2. Click on 'School' and type in Hensall. This will then give you an option to click on our school.


3. Your child will need their login details. They have been given a sheet and a separate slip with their details on.


4. Type these into the username and password. 


5. Click on 'Play' on the top right corner and select the times tables you would like to complete and off you go! 


Have fun!