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A very good resource is Carol Vorderman's It usually costs money to subscribe but is now FREE until schools reopen ! studies have shown that children who use this regularly can quickly make up for any lost progress.

Examples of how to do written calculations

4 Calculations test Spring term

Fractions- There is a large amount of work to cover on fractions. I've included some slideshows to explain each step. for this week (There is no step 2 for Y4!). The accompanying sheets are what we use in school sometimes so the children are used to them. There are 3 differentiated sheets - lower, middle and high ability-  or 3 chillis. The children should be able to choose their level but should also be encouraged to CHALLENGE themselves. There are answers at the end for them to check their work.

 For the worksheets, VF means varied fluency i.e practise the skills and RPS means reasoning and Problem Solving. The children know for RPS they have to explain or prove the statements.