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Week commencing - Monday 11th January (Multiplication and Division)

This week we are going to be starting investigating Multiplication and Division.  The main focus will be learning about equal groups and counting in patterns of the same number.  We would like you to complete 1 activity per day but feel free to do more if you want a challenge.  If you found the task easy try a question from the harder sheet. The mental maths icon will link you to Times Tables Rock Stars which is set to practice the 5 times table.


Mrs Bramley's weekly teaching Powerpoint

Thursday 14th January

Today we are making arrays and describing the way the objects area arranged.  One activity is matching arrays to calculations, the other is more practical.  Build the array using lego, buttons, plastic counters or maybe even sweets!  Choose a picture card and build the array completing the number sentence to match.  In school we would ask the children to complete about 3 different examples.

Wednesday 13th January

Today we are continuing to solve problems using repeated addition to count groups.  The maths sheets are levelled by stars, most children should be able to access the 2 star sheet.  If these seem to tricky, do the 1 star, if too easy try 3 star.  You only need to complete 1 activity not all 3!

You could also make your own real - life examples with cars, counters or sweets and record the repeated addition.


Tuesday 12th January

Today the task is to add equal groups.  We will be investigating multiplication as repeated addition so for example: 3 groups of 2 is the same as 2+2+2

Choose which star level you are working at and print the pictures and calculations for that level.  Cut up the pictures and match to the calculation.  Stick the picture and matching calculation next to each other  in your book.  If you don't want to print the sheets, draw the picture and write the calculation next to it.

Monday 11.1.21 - The worksheets are set at 3 levels shown by the stars.  1* is the easiest, 3*** the most challenging. 

Friday 8.1.21

Today you are going to use your time knowledge to solve some word problems.  If you don't want to print these problems out you can work out the answers and write them in your maths book.

Thursday - 7.1.21

Today you will be learning to tell the time using half past and quarter past the hour. The file I have attached comprises of 4 sheets. Choose the sheet which you feel will help you improve the most.  You only need to do 1 but feel free to try some of each if you have the time.

Sheet 1 are all quarter past the hour.

Sheet 2 are all o'clock

Sheets 3 and 4 are a little trickier as they are mixed quarter past and half past the hour.  



Today you will be learning to tell the o'clock time using an analogue clock.  There are 2 sheets one is reading the time on the clock face and writing it the other is drawing the hands to match the clock face.  You might not have time to complete both sheets but you could do a few of each.  Make sure the hour hand is smaller than the minute hand.