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Thursday 28th January

Well done - I have had so many emails showing me your fantastic maths work this week!  Today we are going to apply our knowledge of reading and plotting coordinates in all four quadrants by answering reasoning and problem solving questions.   I have also challenged you to an extension activity to deepen your understanding - please don't worry if you can't fit this in though!  

Wednesday 27th January

We have had a really successful week so far with reading and plotting coordinates in the first quadrant.  Today, we are moving on to working with all four quadrants.  Make your way through the PowerPoint and then choose your chilli challenge.

Tuesday 26th January

Well done for yesterday's work on coordinates - you have shown a fabulous understanding!  We are now going to apply our knowledge to reasoning and problem solving style questions.  If you make your way through yesterday's PowerPoint you will find some reasoning and problem solving examples to go through and then you can choose your chilli challenge.  If you would like an additional challenge, I have added an extension activity for you to work your way through.  

Monday 25th January

Our next maths unit is working with coordinates and translations.  For this, it would be easier if the sheets were printed as we may need to plot certain points or draw shapes in different positions.  A message was sent out on Friday to ask if you needed the sheets sending to you if you didn't have access to a printer.  I have made sure that all sheets have been delivered and labelled for each day for the people who emailed or text.  Please note that each day I will still put either a teaching video, PowerPoint and explanation so please still have a look at this page each day. 


So, today please begin by working through the PowerPoint and then when you are ready, please choose your chilli challenge.