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Welcome toHensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.


Welcome to Italy Class

with Mrs Pearson, Mrs Hall, Mrs Turner and Mr Bringloe




 Poem of the Week

Each week we will have a class poem linked to our topic. Please can you read and share the poem at home with your child.

Our busy week 2nd July 2018

This week the Year 1s have been learning more about Africa, where lots of wild animals live. They have learnt a little bit of Swahili - the language spoken in Kenya.

Can you impress your grown ups by speaking Swahili at home?


Jah-mboh - Hello

Ha-bah-ree gah-nee? - How are you?

N-zoo-ree sah-nah - Very good thanks!

SPAG Challenge

Can you copy out these sentences neatly and put the right punctuation mark at the end?

It might be a full stop, a question mark or an exclamation mark.


Where does a giraffe live


The giraffe's neck is long so it can reach leaves on the tallest trees


What a tall giraffe that is


The Reception children had a lovely surprise on Tuesday afternoon when Mr Hartley came to read them one of his favourite stories.

Our busy week commencing 25.6.2018

This week the Year 1s have been learning more about wild animals. We have talked about their habitats and their diets. Did you know that some animals can use camouflage to keep them safe? See if you can spot the animals hiding in the pictures below.

Can you explain to your grown up whether the animal is a carnivore, a herbivore or an omnivore?


The Y1s have been counting in twos. Try this game...throw a dice and then count that many twos.

eg I throw a five. I count 2, 4, 6, 8, 10.

Or think of things that are usually grouped in twos and count them.

SPAG Challenge

We have been talking about adjectives (describing words).


For instance - The pond was dirty and slimy.


The red words are adjectives and they describe the pond.


Can you write a sentence about the Bog Baby using an adjective?

The Reception children have enjoyed playing outside in the beautiful weather. On Friday we made giant bubbles. It was quite tricky! Here are some photos.

Reception Writing Challenge

Can you write a sentence to tell your friends about something you enjoy doing in the sunny weather?  Image result for sunshine



In maths we have been measuring objects using non standard units e.g. cubes, lollipop sticks. Can you measure different objects in your house e.g. how many hands wide is your bed or door? Can you use pieces of pasta to measure a book or toy? Related image 


Our busy week commencing 18.6.18

Thank you to all the children for being such good sports on sports day and thanks to all the parents and carers who came along to watch. We had a great day and you can view pictures in the gallery.


This week the reception children have been learning about spiders. They have used non fiction books and the computer to find out interesting facts about spiders.

Can you sing the nursery rhyme 'Incy Wincy Spider'?


Reception Writing Challenge

Here are some other minibeasts. Can you find out some facts about one of them and then write them down to share with your friends? You could draw a picture as well.




The Y1s had a great day at Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Monday. We were lucky with the weather and saw all sorts of creatures, big and small! Why not look at the pictures below and talk about the visit at home?


The Y1s have been looking at fractions. Use the following game to explore whether a shape has really been split into halves or just two bits.


Can you halve the following numbers?         10     8       12       24

SPAG Challenge!

There are some capital letters and full stops missing from the following sentences. Can you copy the sentences correctly?

on monday jim and I went to yorkshire wildlife park. it was great fun

Our Busy Week 11th June

The Year 1s took part in an obstacle course on Tuesday to help them innovate our recount text. They had a lot of fun! Have a look at the photos.

Don't forget to practise the recount text about the park. This will help you when you are writing your own recount about the Yorkshire Wildlife Park next week.


In maths, the Year 1s have continued to learn about place value. Can you solve the problem below and explain your answer?



The Reception children have had a very busy week; gardening, making models, writing number sentences and painting.


On Thursday some of our buddies came to visit. They really enjoyed playing with us.

Our Busy Week 4th June 2018

The reception children were very excited when their families came for dinner on Tuesday. Thank you to all the parents who were able to come.








Reception Writing Challenge

This week the reception children have been reading the story 'Dear Zoo' and writing their own version called 'Dear Farm'.

Can you write a sentence describing one of the animals in the book or another animal?

e.g. A monkey uses it's long tail to swing from tree to tree.



In maths they have been learning about repeating and symmetrical patterns. Here are some of the super patterns they made.






Can you draw a repeating pattern using shapes?

Image result for repeating pattern shapes

Say the pattern out loud to yourself.

Can you create a pattern using your body e.g. clap, clap, stamp?


Can you use find something else from home to make a repeating pattern?




The Year 1s started this week with a super visit to Hensall Park and have been learning how to write a recount about our experiences.

Use the text map and video below to help tell your grown ups about our visit.

There are some photos of our trip too!

Can you use the text map to recount our visit?


There is a video below to help if you get stuck!

Park Recount Y1.mp4

Still image for this video


The Y1s have been partitioning two digit numbers into tens and ones.

43 = 40 + 3

Try these...

39 =

17 =

SPAG Challenge

What is the plural of orange?

Can Y1s write a sentence about this picture including the plural?

Our Busy Week 21st May 2018

The children all had an enjoyable last day taking part in House Team Day. You can look at photos of some of the activities in the gallery.



Image result for subtraction

This week the Reception children have been working on subtraction / taking away and writing number sentences to show how many they have left.

Here are 2 games you can play at home.




The Year 1s have been finding a half and quarter of shapes and numbers. Can you say whether each shape has 1/2 or 1/4 shaded and explain why?

Image result for halves and quarters year 1



Reception Writing Challenge

Can you write a sentence/s to match one or both of the pictures?

 Where is the goat? What is it wearing?


Where is the king? What is he wearing on his head?


SPAG Challenge


Add a suffix to the verb play to complete the sentence. Can you write the sentence in your best cursive handwriting?


The children play near the pond in the park.


Have a super holiday!




Our Busy Week 14th May 2018


The Reception children had a fantastic time at Eureka today. We learnt about our bodies, stroked and held animals, went shopping and filled cars with petrol to name just a few activities we did. Why not look at the photos together so your child can tell you more about their day?

Reception Writing Challenge

Can you write a sentence about your favourite part of the day at Eureka? Look at the photos to remind you of all the things we did.


The Y1s and Reception have been looking at capacity and wondering which container would hold the most water. Can you estimate how many ladles of water it would take to fill each of these containers on the left?

Why not take advantage of the sunny weather to get into the garden and explore the capacity of different containers at home? Can you use the vocabulary full, empty and half full?

SPAG Challenge

Add the -ing suffix to these words to make three different words. Write them in your best handwriting.


soak _______




Can you put one of them in a sentence?

For example, The kangaroo was jumping across the grass.

Our Busy Week 7th May 2018

This week the Year 1s have made sandwiches and then written their own handy set of instructions. Can you use the pictures below to explain to your adults how to do it?


Use these special joining words : First, next, after that, finally, so, if, because, and.




Picture 1       Picture 2       Picture 3       Picture 4       Picture 5             



The Y1s really enjoyed welcoming parents and carers into school for family lunch. Thank you for your support.


Next week we are going to write the story of Blown Away! Can you use the pictures below to remember what happened in the story?


Picture 1   Picture 2    Picture 3




Picture 4     Picture 5



Image result for children's weighing scales

The Year 1s having been learning about weight this week. They have compared objects using the vocabulary heavier than, heaviest, lightest and lighter than. They have weighed objects using non standard units e.g. cubes and have just begun to talk about grams and kilograms. The children were very interested in how much they weigh in kilograms! Perhaps you could do some baking and measure the ingredients in grams.  



The Reception children have been adding 2 numbers together by counting on. 



SPAG Challenge

Read the sentence below. It has some capital letters missing. A prize for any child who can copy this sentence neatly, adding all the capital letters.


on thursday, henry went to the races in York.


Reception writing challenge


This week we have been sharing the non-fiction book 'Wheels, Wings and other Things'.



Can you find out an interesting fact about a vehicle and then write it down in a sentence to share with your friends? e.g. In Japan they have a train called the Bullet train. It is very fast.      









Our busy week commencing 30.4.18

We have been perfecting our instructions for getting changed for swimming. Click on the video below to hear super sentences from Tristen, Lucas, Holly-Ann and Scott. The children are good at using the model to write instructions for almost anything. Click on the video of Henry to hear an introduction for How To Change Your Reading Book.

We are looking forward to making sandwiches next week. Don't forget to send in two slices of bread, or a bread bun and a simple sandwich filling.

Swimming video 2.mp4

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


 These are words which came up on our class story Blown Away by Rob Biddulph. We will be learning more about them next week, so if you can talk about them at home first it would really help.


lush    crest (of a wave)   companion    intrepid



SPAG Challenge

Read this sentence. I jump over the lake.

Now read this one.

She jumps over the lake.

Have you ever noticed that you have to add an 's' to the verb when it is someone else doing the action - jump/jumps?

Can you write a pair of sentences showing how you add an s?

Use these verbs to help you.......hop, skip, sing, swim.




Reception Writing Challenge

Can you write a sentence/s to tell your friends what you have been doing this weekend?




This week's Year 1 Spellings









The Reception children having been sequencing events e.g. getting up and ready for school in the morning, making a sandwich. They have also been learning to read the time to the hour e.g. 5 o'clock.


Can you talk about the order you would do these activities in?





The Y1s have been working on number bonds.

Try this simple game: hold up 3 fingers and ask your child to hold up the number bond to ten (eg 7). Repeat with different numbers of fingers.

Alternatively you say '2' and they say the number bond to 10 (eg 8). If they are really good at this, they could tell you the number bond to 20 (e.g. you say 2 and children say 18).




Our busy week commencing 23.4.18

This week the Year 1s have been using the jungle instructions we learnt to create some new instructions ...


How To Get Changed For Swimming.


We tried to begin with a question sentence, and include the subheadings 'What you need' and 'What you do.

We are going to use the time words 'first', 'next', 'after that' and 'in the end' to structure our work. Click on the video below to hear some of our super sentences.

swimming video.mp4

Still image for this video
These new words/phrases have come up in our learning this week.

Can you try to use them at home?


command   exhilarating   distract maiden flight   climate



The Y1s have been finding 10 more and 10 less of two digit numbers.

Try this game to help practice.


The reception children have been adding 2 numbers and solving problems involving doubling and halving.



We have been practising using the prefix -un.

Can you use these words in two separate sentences?


zip unzip


For example 1 Zip up your sleeping bag or you will get chilly.

2 Unzip your sleeping bag before you get out of it.


Reception Writing Challenge

Can you write a sentence about this picture?   

Where is the shark?

What is the jar made from?

Remember to start each letter on the line.




Our Busy Week 16th April 2018


A big thank you to all the children who practised their spellings over the Easter holiday ready for the spelling competition. The children did really well. Thank you to parents and carers for their support. We have a lot of marking to do! We will be sending home the children's answer sheets so that you can see which words - if any - still need some extra work.



We have started to learn a new talk for writing text on instructions. If your child can practise at home it would really help support their writing in school.


The text map is on the right and there is a video below to use as a prompt.

How to escape a jungle island

Still image for this video

Related image

As part of our Talk for Writing work, we have be discussing the following words


climate    canopy    weave    vine

Can you talk about them at home too?



Image result for UK money

The reception children have been learning about money; recognising coins and to using them buy items from a toy shop.

Ask an adult if you can count the coins they have in their purse or pocket.

How many 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins are there? You could make a shop like we did at school. You will need some price labels (up to 10p). Use the coins to buy an item.

Challenge —Start with 20p in 1p, 2p and 5p coins. Buy 2 items. How much money do they cost altogether? Can you give the shop keeper the correct money? How much money have you left?



Related image

The reception children have also been reading the story 'We're going on a bear Hunt'. Can you draw a picture to show what the family found in the cave and write a sentence to describe the bear?


Our Busy Week 26th March 2018


What an exciting end to the term we have had!

On Monday the Year 1s had a cricket lesson. It was quite tricky to hit

the ball!



The Year 1s finished their work on moving pictures by designing Easter cards. Here are some of their super finished cards.


On Friday we all brought a hard boiled egg to school to decorate. It was very hard to choose just one winner as there were so many amazing designs. You can see everyone's ideas below. Well done everyone for trying so hard. Congratulations to Toby (Reception) and Isaac (year 1) for coming up with the winning designs.

We also had lots of fun on the Easter egg hunt. Some of the eggs were a bit tricky to find but, everyone helped.


Year 1 SPAG Challenge

Write the plural of one of these words by adding 's' to show there is more than one e.g. sweet - sweets.


dog   cow   shark   parrot


Now put the new word into a sentence and bring it to school to share e.g. I am eating the sweets I got for my birthday.


Reception writing Challenge

Write a sentence to say where the goat is. To make your sentence even better you could describe the boat and goat. Don't forget to bring your sentence to school to share.

Our Busy Week 19th March 2018

We all have a great time this week counting our steps for Sports Relief despite the traumas of broken and lost pedometers! When we added all the steps for the whole school we had done nearly 6 million steps!!! Well done to everyone.




Congratulations to Dylan for being awarded the handwriting trophy this week.


Year 1 Spag Check

Can you add the suffix 'ing' to one of these verbs and then write a sentence with the new word in?

count    paint    jump



Reception Writing Challenge

Can you write a sentence to match the picture? Where is the pig?

Related image




Our Busy Week 12th March 2018

The year 1s have been innovating the story of Rumplestiltskin this week; changing the setting and one of the characters. Keep practising the original story as it will help you next week when you complete your hot task. Why not use the text map below to tell someone at home the story.




In maths the reception children have been learning about 2 and 3D shapes. We have listened to this song (click on the link below) and used shapes to make pictures of castles.



Can you find any cones, cylinders, cubes, spheres or cuboids in your house or when you are outside playing? We call these 3D shapes.


Reception Writing Challenge


Can you write a sentence about what you can see?

I can see a .....

You could make it even better by adding where you might see them.

Bring your sentence to school to share with your friends.


Year 1 SPAG Check


Which of these words should have a capital letter? Can you explain why?


rosalind sunny monday


Can you write a sentence with them in? Remember to use your best handwriting.



Our Busy Week 26th February 2018

We celebrated World Book Day this week and would like to thank all our parents for supporting the event. The children looked FANTASTIC in their costumes; there were pirates, superheroes, Disney characters, dragons and many more exciting characters. Take a look at our photos.


Our Busy Week 19th February


This half term the reception children are going to share different traditional tales each week. We have listened to different versions of the 3 Little Pigs this week.

Can you tell an adult the story in your own words?

What does the big bad wolf say before he blows the house down?

We also talked about what some of the words in the story meant e.g. a heap of straw, the house tumbled down and the wolf snarled. Can you use them at home?

The children used 2D shapes to make a picture of the wolf and the little pig.





In maths, the Year 1 children have been finding half of a shape or number. You can practise the game we played today by clicking on the link below.


The Y1 children had an exciting start to the week! We came in to find our school covered in posters asking us to look out for this awful villain.


Then we received a letter from Queen Rosalind of Fairy Tale Land who told us about her experiences and asked us to learn her story. Over the next weeks the children will be telling the story at home so stay tuned!


Whilst we were discussing Queen Rosalind's story we learnt the following words. Can you try using them at home?




boasted   annoyed  disappointed  shocked



Our Busy Week 16th February

This week the children enjoyed meeting Yazi and learning a little about her culture. The children particularly liked dressing up and dancing. Here are some photos of the activities from the afternoon.


We finished our information texts about moving models and completed our fantastic wheeled vehicles. We hope you enjoy playing with these at home. We hope you have a restful half term but don't forget the handwriting books, the spelling and of course the reading!


The reception children have been weighing in maths. They have been comparing objects and using the vocabulary heavier and lighter. You can show an adult what we have been doing by completing these challenges. 


 1 Choose 2 items e.g. a book and a shoe and guess which you think will be heavier or lighter. Were you right?


2 Take your teddy for a walk around your house. What can you find that is heavier than your teddy?      


Our busy week commencing 19 January 2018

Use your text map and the video below to help you practise our model text at home. It will really help with your writing next week!

A tractor guide.mp4

Still image for this video

Our Busy week 15th January 2018

This week we were excited to welcome Mr Marris and his tractor to school. See the pictures below.




Freddie was very proud of the writing he produced about Mr Marris' visit (I thought the tractor was high and fun). He used his phonics really well.

The Year 1s will be using this experience to help construct an information text about tractors and move on to writing information texts about other vehicles.


Homework - thank you so much to children who have been practising in their home handwriting books. Don't forget to read each day and practise your spellings too.


The Year 1s have learning how to move objects on a computer by inputting a simple code. You can look at their work by clicking on the link below.








Our Busy Week 8th January 2018

We hope everyone had a restful holiday and we would like to wish you all a  Happy New Year.


The reception children have enjoyed exploring our new block area and other new resources this week. They have created some super models and pictures. 



We have also been very impressed how hard the children have been doing with their writing. They are using their phonics to help them spell words and are beginning to use cursive writing.



The Year 1 children have begun their topic on transport by designing their own vehicle which they are going to make over the next few weeks.





Home Handwriting Books

The Year 1s have moved on to words in their home handwriting books. Please complete each week and bring back into school for a small treat on Friday. Don't forget to look at the videos at the top of this page if you have forgotten how to form a letter.


Our Busy Week 18th December 2017


Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Thanks to all parents and carers for your support during the last week. The children really enjoyed the pantomime and showed us their best dance moves at the Christmas party. See the pics below....



On Monday the reception children had a party with their buddies which was enjoyed by all. The Year 6s helped them to decorate biscuits, played games and enjoyed sharing party food which they had prepared.

All the staff in Italy class would like to thank you for all our lovely cards and presents.


We have uploaded the last video of 2017 onto the handwriting stars and it would be great if you could find time to practise over the holidays. Keep reading and have a super holiday.

Our Busy Week 11th December 2017

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday we performed our nativity for our families. All the children were brilliant; singing beautifully and speaking clearly. They looked wonderful in their costumes.

Remember to click on the handwriting star to practise your homework. We are practising numbers now.

Our Busy Week 27th November 2017

Thank you to everyone who helped or came to the Christmas fayre this afternoon. All the children really enjoyed themselves and were very excited about visiting Santa!


We have been doing lots of practising for our nativity this week and are  getting better and better at remembering our lines and the words of the songs. Mrs Musson really enjoyed watching our rehearsal on her last day at school on Thursday. She said it made her feel very Christmassy!


Don't forget to bring your costumes to school on Monday.


This week in maths the reception children have been making repeating patterns.

Can you draw a repeating pattern using shapes?

Say the pattern out loud to yourself.

Can you create a pattern using your body e.g. clap, clap, stamp?

Can you use find something else from home to make a repeating pattern with?

You could also play the sequence game on this website

or  'Line up' in Busythings mathematical patterns.


The Year 1s have been learning about 2 and 3D shapes and their properties. They have used the vocabulary sides and corners for 2D shapes and faces, edges and vertices for 3D.

You could make 2D shapes on the geoboards on this website 

or Busythings have lots of shape games including a new one called Santa's sleigh dash.



Next week in literacy, the year 1s are going to write their own story based on 'Little Charlie' which we have been learning. Can you think where your new character is going to live, which animals they will meet and the food they will put in their bag? This will help you when you start writing.



Our Busy Week 20th November 2017

Congratulations to Finlay for winning the presentation award this week.


Remember to use the videos to help you practise your handwriting and you could be the next winner!



Can you learn the 2nd verse of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for our nativity? The words are below to remind you.


When the blazing sun has gone,

when he nothing shines upon.

Then you show your little light,

twinkle twinkle all the night.

Twinkle twinkle little star,

how I wonder what you are.


Our Busy Week 13th November 2017

Thank you to everyone who came in non uniform today and donated some money to Children in Need. The reception children  enjoyed decorating spotty biscuits, colouring pictures and hunting for Pudsey Bear. In maths the Year 1s drew their own Pudsey Bears which had to be bigger than 1 metre tall.



Our Busy Week 6th November 2017

We have been working hard on learning our new story, Little Charlie. See if your child can tell you any of the story so far. There is a video below to help if they get stuck.


Little Charlie

Still image for this video

Little Charlie part 2

Still image for this video

Little Charlie part 3

Still image for this video

This week the year 1s having been working with money. We have been recognising the coins we have, adding 2 coins to find the total and using coins to make different amounts.         

It would be helpful if you could play shops at home and ask your child to pay for things using coins: making the exact amount (first to 10p and then 20p).

You could also ask them to:

find different ways of making 10p.

make 7p using 2 or 3 coins.

You might like to play some of the games on this website.

The reception children have been practising their writing; making signs, writing their names and labelling pictures.




Our Busy Week 30th October 2017

Welcome back everybody!

This week we have been settling back into our routines and the year 1s have started learning a new story called Little Charlie. Can you tell your grown up the story so far?


Image result for vocabulary


The following words have come up this week in our literacy discussions and stories. Can you try to explain and use them at home?

sly                 bristly                lean


In maths the year 1s have been adding 3 small numbers by looking for doubles and number bonds to 10 to help them. Why not try playing this game.                              Image result for add 3 numbers


The reception children have been counting objects and recognising numbers. Here is a game for you to play at home.

   There are also lots of games on Busythings e.g. Balloon pop.


Our Busy Week 16th October 2017


Thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate our Harvest Festival on Friday. We enjoyed listening to the songs and poems performed by the rest of school as well as enthusiastically singing 'Shoo wop de waddy waddy' ourselves.

Image result for harvest clip art


The reception children went on autumn walk this week looking for how the school grounds have changed since autumn has begun.



We would also like to thank Mrs Patrick for coming into school to help us do some Italian cooking to celebrate our class name. We started by making pasta which we all enjoyed eating. Can you remember what we added to make red pasta?


Have a lovely half term holiday.

Don't forget to practise your reading and handwriting in your home handwriting books. Remember there are videos to help if you click on the star at the top of the page.

Our Busy Week 9th October 2017


Congratulations to George who was the winner of the presentation award this week. He has tried really hard to make sure his letters are formed correctly and sit neatly on the line. Keep it up!


On Monday an optician came to talk to the year 1 and 2s about his job and our eyes. They had lots of fun trying on glasses and using magnifying glasses and different lenses. Here are some photos of them.On

Our Busy Week 2nd October 2017

We have been practising our Harvest song this week. Why not sing along and practise at home?

Shoo wop de waddy waddy

Year 1 Maths

In maths the year 1s have begun to learn that 2 digit numbers are made up of some tens and ones e.g. 17= 1 ten and 7 ones. You could play these games at home.

Our Busy Week 25th September 2017

On Tuesday we harvested the carrots that the year 1s had planted when they were in reception. The children pulled up some very funny shaped carrots! Take a look at the photos of our crop.



Thank you to all parents who sponsored children for the assault course, we have stamped the forms and sent then back. We would be so grateful if you could return them with the funds. Here are some pictures of the reception children taking part. We would also like to thank our buddies who helped us complete the course.


On Friday, we talked about democracy and voted for our house captains. Congratulations to Adam Watson (blue Aire), Harry Graham (green Derwent), Harry Tunningley (yellow Calder) and Evalyn Laycock (Red Ouse).

Bryce and Daisy F were also voted onto the school council to represent year 1.


A final thank you for the support on the handwriting homework. All the children proudly presented their handwriting books. The next video has been loaded to the handwriting star and their is a left handed as well as right handed version. Happy handwriting!!


Year 1 Maths

Play guess the shape at home. For example....I'm thinking of a 2d shape. It has four corners and four sides. What could it be?

(Answer...a square or a rectangle!)

You should be able to guess the following shapes from simple clues...triangle, square, rectangle, circle and pentagon.

Then try this sorting game.


Reception Maths

We have begun to recognise numbers in maths this week. Why don't you go on a number hunt around your house or when you go for a walk. How many different places can you find numbers? Did you recognise any of the numbers? What was the biggest number you knew?





Our Busy Week 18th September

We had a very exciting visitor in school this week, baby Noah. 



The children had lots of questions to ask his mummy and nanna about the things Noah could do, what he ate and what toys he liked to play with. We thought about how we had changed since we were babies and the all things we can do now like running, riding a bike and playing football.


We also started to learn about our senses. We had lots of fun trying to guess what was inside the gloves just by feeling them. Why don't you play a game at home where you put some objects in a bag and then ask

an adult to close their eyes and pull out one of object and guess what it is?

Image result for feely glove activity

What words can you think of to describe what something feels like?



The Year 1s have been doubling numbers to 10 and also finding the number 1 less this week. Image result for double numbers

Why not try practising your skills using these games?


The reception children have been counting to 10 and 20, recognising numbers to 5 and also using the language more, less, fewer and most to compare quantities. Here is a game for you to play at home.


Year 1 Handwriting Image result for letter formation cursive

We are having a big push on handwriting and you will see a gold star up at the top of our page. Please click on it for your child's handwriting homework. We would be so grateful for your support with this tricky area.




Our Busy Week 11th September 2017

The Year 1s have begun to learn their new Talk for Writing text which is a newspaper report based on the story 'The Smartest Giant in town' by Julia Donaldson. You can listen to the children retell the first part of the report here.

Smartest Giant.mp4

Still image for this video


The Year 1s have been practising number bonds to 10. Grown ups ...why not hold up a number of fingers and ask your child to hold up the correct number of fingers they would need to make 10 e.g. you hold up 2 and your child holds up 8.       Image result for number bonds to 10 on fingers

Our busy Week 4th September 2017

We are very proud of the way all the children have come into school this week; full of enthusiasm and ready to learn.