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Thursday 14th January

This afternoon we are going to listen to another story about Little Red Riding Hood called 'Who's Bad and Who's Good Little Red Riding Hood?'.

When you have finished, you can talk about these questions with an adult.

  • Little Red Riding Hood's mummy told her not to talk to strangers. Why do you think she said that?
  • What did she tell Little Red Riding Hood to do if she did meet a stranger?
  • Little Red Riding Hood thought the wolf was bad and the rabbit was good. Was she right?
  • Can you tell if somebody is good or bad just from the way they look?



Wednesday 13th January

These are some of the houses the children at school made yesterday. We made them from paper bags and we need to stuff them with newspaper next.


Freddie's mummy said he really enjoyed making his model at home.


In the story Little Red Riding Hood takes a basket of food to her grandma. What might she have taken with her?

Can you cut out or draw some food to put in her basket. Which of your food is healthy and which should grandma just eat occasionally? Why do we need to eat healthy food?


Tuesday 12th January

Today we are going to listen to another version of the Little Red Riding Hood story. You can use the link below or you could read your own book if you have one.


Think about how the stories are the same and how they are different. Are the characters the same in each story? What events happen throughout the story e.g. what happens to the wolf at the end of the story?


Your activity for today is to use recycled materials, e.g. cardboard box, paper bag, to make a model of grandma's cottage. Here are some pictures to give you some ideas.



Monday 11th January

This week we are going to start a block of work about traditional tales. Traditional tales are stories which have been told and retold over many years and are now known by lots of people.


Can you work out which traditional tale we are going to be learning about this week using the pictures below. Look for clues in each picture.

Did you work out that this week's story is Little Red Riding Hood? 

Listen to the story below.

Today's task is to draw a map of Little Red Riding Hood's journey to grandma's house. You can use your imagination to add animals and objects that she might have seen as she walked through the forest. You could draw a map showing the things Little Red Riding Hood would see if she walked through Hensall to grandma's house.

 Here is a map I have drawn.

Friday 8th January

You will need your ice block this afternoon. This is one of the ones we are going to use at school.

Get it out of the container and put it onto a large tray or baking tray. Try touching the ice and looking at it carefully. What words can you use to describe it?


Try painting the ice.



Sprinkle some salt onto the ice.

What happens?


Try pouring some paint/food colouring (add lots of water) onto the ice. What happens?


Another activity you could try is to paint on silver kitchen foil. You could use cold colours.

Thursday 7th January

We had a great time outside yesterday looking for signs of winter. We saw bare trees, found frozen leaves and the wheelbarrow had a layer of slippery ice on it.

Today we are going to listen to some music written by a famous composer called Vivaldi. He called his music 'The 4 Seasons'. This part about winter.

We are going to do some colour mixing this afternoon to make a winter picture.

We are going to use some cold colours on the colour wheel. Do you know which of these colours are the cold ones?

Can you find some blue and white paint? Starting with the blue paint can you print some 'splodges' with cotton wool or a paint brush on your paper. Then add some white paint to the blue. What happens? Print with your new colour of paint. Keep adding white paint to make a different shade of blue.


You can then add a snowman, winter tree or a picture/photo of yourself in your scarf, hat and coat,


Can you freeze some water in a large tub e.g. lunchbox, margarine tub for tomorrow please?


Wednesday 6th January

Do you know which season all these pictures usually happen in?



         animals hibernate                                   sledging                                       we wear warm clothes


Did you say Winter? Well done. Do you know the names of the other 3 seasons?

This powerpoint will help you find out more about winter.

You could go for a walk this afternoon and see if you can spot any signs that it is winter. Think about the weather, plants, animals and yourself. Can you take a photo of the things you find?