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Get Creative

Get Creative With Coding! - Thu 14 January 2021

Every Thursday afternoon the Get Creative task will be coding. We will set a lesson per week, so please resist the temptation to do more, or cross to different year groups or you will find yourself repeating learning. You can, of course, return to any of the Y1 lessons.


To reach the screen above, use this link or paste it into your browser.

  • Type in the username you can see above - student23979
  • Enter the password : hensall 
  • You will then see the screen below. Click on the bar that says 'coding'.




  • The next screen starts with a useful video to help you use the lessons. You can watch this or scroll down to the next picture on that page.


  • Click on the learn tab. And then click on Level 2 on the dropdown menu on the left. Choose the refresher level. Your child can then do a lesson each Thursday, moving on to the next level when they are ready.
  • When you are using the units you use the arrow key at the very top centre of the screen to move between the different sections of the lesson. You can see it in the picture below, after the word 'introduction'.
  • Please note that, unfortunately, your child will not be able to save the work they do at this time.
  • Have fun and get creative!



Wednesday 13th January: History/Science


In KS1 history, we learn about significant figures throughout history.  Today we would like you to learn about Edward Jenner and how he developed a vaccine for smallpox.  Your child is probably hearing a lot about vaccines in the news and may well find this interesting, if not a little bit gruesome. This is meant for both KS1 and 2 but I would advise sitting with your child to watch it. Have a conversation with your child about what they are understanding about the current pandemic. The way they bring the story to life using dance and music is lovely. Can your child re-create the story through dance or art? 


There is also a video where the team behind Operation Ouch explain what a vaccine is. 

Tuesday 12th January (Science and Art)

Today we are creating pictures using different materials such as foil, paper, card, wood, plastic, fabric, wool and cotton wool. I have attached some ideas which may help you.  Think about the material you are using.  How do they feel? Can you name and describe them?

Get Creative (Science) - Monday 11th January

Each Monday, our get creative activity will be Science based. The theme for the next few weeks will be 'Materials and their properties'.  Today I would like you to watch the short clip which talks about materials and uses some exciting scientific vocabulary to describe their properties. Then go on a material hunt either inside, outside or both.  Can you find different objects made from a variety of materials, what are they called?  Can you describe them? How do they feel or look?  Use the sheet attached to record your findings.

Get creative - Fri 8 January 2021

Each Friday, our creative activity will be music-based. For the next couple of weeks we will be exploring 'The Lark Ascending' by Vaughan Williams.

Vaughan Williams was an English composer. He was born in 1872 and died in 1958.

This beautiful piece of music is about a skylark, which is bird known for its beautiful song and its amazing ability to fly straight up into the air.


Listen to the piece of music. It is quite long, but I recommend relaxing and listening to at least the first 3 minutes. Think about the following questions as you listen:

What is the lark doing?”
“Is the lark happy or sad?”
“Is the lark flying high in the sky, or close to the ground?”
“Can you hear any other animals?”


The Lark Ascending.mp3

Listen again and this time spread your wings (arms!) and move about the room. Try to move along with the rhythms of the music.

Exploring pitch : In our music lessons we have discussed the musical term 'pitch'.

  • Make a chirrupy sound that a bird might make. Try to make it as high as you can without squeaking.
  • Now make the same sound very low. Like when you've just woken up in the morning.
  • Can you make the chirrupy sound which is in between these two?
  • See if you can move between a low and high pitch chirrup.
  • Careful! It is not about getting louder or quieter. It is only about being lower to higher.

Click on this link to hear the real song of the lark. How do you think it compares to the Vaughan Williams version?

Get Creative - Thu 7 January 2021

Get Creative - Wed 6 January 2021

What makes a good friend?

We are all going to miss one another again during the next few weeks.  Think about what makes a good friend and complete the attached poster.  If you prefer you could draw or paint your own special friend and label their great qualities.