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Get Creative

Welcome to our 'Get Creative' page. This page will include the topic work that we are going to be completing. KS2 are going to follow a History timeline over the next few weeks. There will a variety of activities for you to choose from. Try to do one activity a day and don't forget to email a picture to Mr Spetch of your 'creation'.



Week 4- The Mayans 

Welcome to Week 4 of our topic work. This week, we will be learning all about 'The Mayans'. If you are unsure of who the Mayans were, then conduct your own research and create a poster about them. There are lots of activities below for you to complete daily. Why not have a go at some Mayan cooking or looking into the history of the Mayan's with the slides and work sheets.  



Week 3- The Vikings 

This week, we will be learning about the Vikings. Over the last two weeks, the work that you have completed (either in school or at home), has been fantastic. You really engaged with last weeks learning about the Romans by making your own swords or shields and also completing the other activities you chose.

Below are a list of activities that you could complete for the Vikings. Again, why not try making your own PowerPoints or booklets about the Vikings. Are there any towns or cities in Yorkshire which were associated with the Vikings? I look forward to receiving lots more work this week

Week 2- The Romans 

This week, our topic will be on 'The Romans'.  Please complete one or two activities each day from the options below and stick these into the back of your yellow literacy books. You could also conduct your own research into the Romans and create your own PowerPoint presentations about them. If you would like to watch any horrible history programmes about 'The Rotten Romans' then please do and make some notes about these. 


You could even recycle some used cardboard at home and make your own Roman shield and sword. Use the Roman shield design template below to plan your design and then transfer it onto the cardboard. Conduct your own research into the colours that you will need to decorate your shield. 

Monday- Designing and Painting our Roman Shields!

Week 1- Ancient Egypt

This week we are going to be looking at Ancient Egypt. Why not complete your own research into the Egyptians or even have a go at constructing some pyramids from different materials!