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Feel Good Friday!


Happy Friday!! 

If you remember from last week, Fridays are going to look a little bit different.  We have noticed that we are all finding fitting in the weekly work very challenging so Friday is going to be a day where no new work is added but a day to finished some things off, focus on being creating, active and our wellbeing work.  Take a look at the grid below where I have suggested some activities you may like to complete today but if you can think of different things that is also fine.  Why not share some of your ideas and I can add them to the grid for next week.

Miss Stones' Friday Quiz

Can't wait for you all to join in!

Answers and Results

1. Moana

2. The Lorax

3. Tangled

4. Coco

5. Sing

6. The Jungle Book

7. Brave

8. Ice Age 4 

9. Frozen

10. Trolls


Thank you for taking part!


The winner with a VERY impressive 9/10 is...


Edith!!  Well done!!

Mrs Clayton has recorded our Whole School Star Assembly and read a lovely book for us all to enjoy together.  Please follow this link and then click the Feel Good Friday Icon.