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Feel Good Friday!

Friday 22nd January

It's Feel Good Friday


Thank you for all the photos of the super work you have all been doing at home.


If you want to practise your phonics, don't forget you can choose your favourite game and practise the letters you are learning in your word packet on Phonicsplay.


There are also some free phonic games on Phonics Bloom


There are some fun counting, matching and ordering games on Topmarks.


There are some new creative activities for you to do.

  • Make some puffy paint by mixing together SR flour, water and food colouring. There is a recipe on this website. 

  • Make a beanstalk using a piece of spaghetti, cheerio style cereal and some leaves cut out of green paper with a hole in the end.



Friday 15th January


We know all the children and adults at home and school have been working very hard this week and Mrs Clayton wants everyone to have a super Feel Good Friday. Use today to catch up with any activities you haven't had time to do or that you would like to do again. I've added some photos below of the fantastic work everyone is doing and of the fun time we has in the snow yesterday.


Here are some other fun activities you could try today.



  • Make a simple number game like the one below. You could add extra hazards (e.g. meet the wolf - jump back one space) or rewards (e.g. pick some flowers for grandma - jump forward one space).

Have a great day and weekend.

Mrs Pearson