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Welcome toHensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.



Summer term, first half term, week 1:


Our first week back was busy as always - we welcomed Mr Zugic back to Denmark, who is our teaching student from Hull University. He brings his own brand of exciting learning into what is looking to be an action packed first half term!


We have started to learn British Sign Language - all the children in class have been shown the whole alphabet so ask them to teach you - also, ask them about the official signs for 'banana' and 'elephant'. We have also been learning about Roman Numerals in numeracy and really enjoyed using our Roman Numeral hundred square.


You'll find all the details about our learning on the newsletter.

Summer first half term newsletter

12th January 2018 - Happy New Year!


Our first week back after the Christmas break....


First of all, the fantastic homework projects have really brightened our classroom. From the Sorting hat to the Golden Snitch, we have all sorts of magical things on display now.


We have started to read The Philosopher's Stone, and have already written a description of our own witch or wizard. We designed a shield for our very own Hogwarts house, painted it beautifully and wrote a brief history about it - the shields will be on display soon in our cloakroom area.


In science we learned about the difference between liquids, solids and gases.  


Swimming started for year 5 and cricket coaching for year 4.


In maths we have been investigating negative numbers and their context (for example, on a thermometer). We also had some number puzzles to complete.


Remember to learn your spellings, keep learning your times tables and read, read, read!


For a four day week, and the first week back, we have been really busy! Let's keep it up. 


Mr Chadwick

Welcome to Denmark Class!

Mrs Musson, Mr Chadwick and Mrs Pearce




Welcome back! I hope you have had an amazing and restful holiday and your children are feeling suitably refreshed and ready for a busy term in Year 4/5.

We shall be proving that 'there is nothing rotten in our state of Denmark' and learning why Denmark is the happiest nation.

Thank you all for the summer homework, the classroom already looks bright and exciting.  Please remember to read daily and practise those spellings - it really will make you a better learner.

I am extremely excited about this year and I look forward to learning lots of new things alongside your children.  Here's to an amazing year!


Our Busy Week 13th October 2017


What a busy week we have had?  In maths we have been looking at prime numbers and multiplying a 3,4 or 5 digit number by a one digit number.  It did prove difficult for some of us because we do not know our times tables!  Please keep practising - you will get better.


In Literacy we have been learning to write effective sentences and thinking about how we start each sentence.  Our sentences included:

  • fronted adverbials
  • similes
  • subordinate clauses
  • rhetorical questions
  • WOW words


In DT we have been bridge engineers, as next week we are building our own bridge.  Our inspiration was taken from the incredible bridge which joins Sweden to Denmark! Take a look at it on the internet, it is amazing!


Please take the time to learn your spellings - spelling scores have dropped!  Thank You.


Our 'One in a Minion' this week is Olivia Marris!





Our Busy Week 6th October 2017


This week we have been busy telling everybody lots of things about Denmark in our class assembly.  We enjoyed being 'warm and fuzzy', so please ask the children why?


Also this week we have been working for Lego!  We have designed and built a new product, used our DT skills and produced the packaging and written our own instructions in literacy.


In maths we needed to have knowledge of our 3D shapes in order to produce the packaging for our Lego model.  In addition, we have also been learning to subtract BIG numbers!  Keep on practising - remember practice makes perfect.


This week we have also been working on our listening skills in order to follow instructions - this has been a challenge for some of us!


Next week we will be testing ourselves on the 7x tables, so get practising please.


Well done to Ellie for being One in a Minion!


Denmark Class Assembly - What a happy class!

Our Busy week 25th September 2017


This week we were busy with House Team Day and House elections!  We were amazed at the effort put into the presentations this year and well done to everyone who participated!

A special mention to Holly, Tyler, Neive and Jessica. who have been voted in as Vice-House Captains and Eloisa who is our school council representative:


On House Team Day we made Christmas cards and decorations, participated in the assault course and learnt about Tibetan Prayer flags. 


We are extremely excited about our Literacy, as we are writing our instructions for our own Lego model and packaging them in our DT project.  Can you remember why maths is going to play an important part in this activity?


Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the Marvellous Me app - I have to say it is wonderful rewarding the children for their hard work and letting all the parents know, so you can celebrate their fantastic achievements.


Congratulations Joe T - you are One in a Minion!

Our busy Week 18th September 2017


What a busy week we have had!  At the start of the week Mr Stringer, our school governor, came into our class to talk about Denmark!  He had visited there a number of times and he shared his knowledge, photographs and Lego with us.  We were very keen to show him our homework and share what we had already learnt.  Our favourite part was listening to a story by Hans Christian Anderson about 'The Emperor's New Clothes'.


Then it was off to Kingswood for the Year 5s - What fun we had!


Congratulations Kate-Elizabeth you are One in a Minion!

Visit by Mr Stringer

Our busy week 11/09/17


Congratulations Kaden you are One in a Minion!


Look at the amazing music we made, whilst learning about Dynamics, Tempo and Pitch!

We are learning to experiment with the elements of music

Still image for this video
Please ask the children about dynamics, pitch and tempo


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Our busy week - 05/09/17


What an amazing start to the year we have had! The children have been learning about Danish Folk Art and you can see our fantastic display in the cloakroom. All the children have received a new reading book, please read with your child daily and record in their reading record - it is very much appreciated. In maths we have been focusing on our multiplication facts and understanding how important they are, especially when we are learning about prime numbers. What is a prime number? Please ask your child to explain and why the number 2 is special!


Please download the Marvellous Me App, as I have already awarded some badges!



Congratulations Eloisa you are One in a Minion!