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Hensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.

Welcome toHensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.


Welcome to Dali class!


Hope you all enjoyed our fabulous Tudor Assembly - weren't the children fantastic?  I am so proud of them all.  Also, who would have thought that we had talented kazoo players in our Class!  What a long way we have come this year.

Well here's to the final countdown and wishing you all a brilliant half-term.



Working in our class we have Mrs Musson, Mr Chadwick and Mrs Pearce.



Our Busy Week 14th July 2017


Year 5/6 Production, Teddy Bears Picnic, meeting our buddies, Reports out and Summer Fayre!  Just a few things to keep us busy this week!

In between this excitement we have explored prime factors, written a recount of our trip to Stockbridge and challenged our spelling ability.  We've really been busy!


As we are nearly at the end of the term, can I take this opportunity to thank you all for making this year in Dali fantastic - I do not think I will forget it for a long time!  Children you have been amazing and it has been a privilege to watch you all grow into wonderful learners, I am glad to have been a part of it!  Parents and carers thank you for your support too.


I wish you all luck as you move into your new classes and have a marvellous summer!





Our Busy Week 7th July 2017


At the beginning of the week we all moved into our new classes for two mornings, it was rather quiet!  I wonder why? All the children had a fantastic time...or so they said, however we are not ready for the end of term yet!

Year 5 have been busy practising with the Year 6s for their leavers' production - we hope you can join us in the church next week.

On Thursday, we had a fantastic day at Stockbridge House, the sun was out and we learnt lots.  The best bit was taking home a big bag of vegetables!


The children have homework this week - please bring it in on Monday!


Wishing you all a fantastic weekend.



Our busy week 30th June 2017


I cannot believe how fast this term is flying by!  However, we still have time to fit in problem solving in numeracy, deepening our thinking skills in literacy and fitting in a trip to The Read School for the Year 5s.

Next week will see us moving into our new classes for transition days - the children will love being in Denmark and Austria, although I'm not ready for our year in Dali to end!  Nevertheless, we have lots of wonderful memories to treasure and lots of learning still to do. 


Have a brilliant weekend and keep up with the spellings, reading and the times table challenge!


Presentation Award - Charlotte

Well done

The Read School

Our busy week 16/06/16


What a busy week we have had in Dali Class!  We learnt all about farming and where our food comes from - thanks to the National Farmers Union.  Then we spent a day at the Countryside Day in Harrogate, taking part in lots of fantastic activities. On Thursday, we were scientists with  Corda learning all about friction.  However, we still had time to fit in numeracy - learning all about decimals, fractions and percentages!


Please look at our photographs underneath of all the wonderful things that we have done!

We are the champions!

How many degrees?

Our Busy Week 22nd May 2017


What a busy last week of term! First of all can I just say a huge thank you to all the parents/carers and grandparents who came to our Tudor Assembly - weren't they fantastic? I am so proud of them all! I am sure the Horrible Histories Team will be scouting some of our budding actors for a new series!

In the last week we wrote weather poetry, including metaphors, similes and personification and in maths we were looking at angles - protractors at the ready! We will be carrying on with this after half-term.


Ten house points for a poster explaining the different definitions of acute, obtuse, right-angle and reflex angles. Now there's a challenge.


The children's homework is reading, mathletics and two grammar booklets - they are due in for Tuesday.

Also please remember to learn your spellings!


Have a fantastic half term and see you all on Monday!

Behind the scenes of our Tudor Asssembly

Water water everywhere!

Our Busy Week 15th May 2017


What an impressive week of learning we have had in Dali!  We have written our news reports on the criminal goings on in fairy tale land! There were some unusual goings on!

 It was important that we were checking off our targets to ensure that we meet our end of year expectations.

This week also saw a huge improvement in our understanding of the multiplication system - with a little help of a song or two we understand the inverse too!

Next week the 4 and 6 times table are our challenge!

Measurement is our key topic at the moment - where can you see and read scales in and around the house?

We are looking forward to performing our Class assembly next week - the Kazoo band is improving every week!  What a treat is in store for you all on Friday at 2pm.


Stars of the Week - The whole class.  You were and are brilliant - Thank you Dali class.

Our busy week 8th May 2017


What a busy week we have had in Dali.  Kazoos at the ready for our class Tudor assembly on May 26th at 2pm, we really hope as many parents, grandparents and carers can make it.  You are in for a real treat!

There was much excitement in numeracy as we have been working on number sequences - we also named our own sequences, with a little help from Fibonacci.

In Literacy we are busy writing our own newspaper reports.  This week we will be looking at formal language in our quotes and how important data is when reporting on crimes.

This week we discovered how important our times table facts are.  For example if we know the answer to 8 x 7 we can answer:

80 x 70

800 x 7

8.7 x 0.7

87 x 0.7

Next week is a times table per day - hope you have been practising!


Stars of the week: Neive, Harriet and Nevaeh.

Well done children

Our Busy Week - 1st May 2017


The beginning of the month and the beginning of a new writing genre - Newspaper Report!  Look at the headings of the newspapers at home, what do you notice?  Next week we will be looking at the why, what, where, who and when for our newspaper report.


In numeracy we cracked short and long division, just remember your multiplication facts are important for life and not just for maths lessons!


Congratulations to everyone entering the spelling competition, everybody did brilliantly and we had to buy more prizes!

Winners: Chloe and Bailey


Also a well done to Max, Neive and Charlotte who are the stars of the week!  You are maths superstars.


In music we now have a kazoo band - fanfares at the ready! Also we have started our Tudor production - look out for Anne of Cleeves she is amazing!



Have a fantastic weekend and see you on Monday morning.



Our Busy Week 25th April 2017


What a start to the summer term!  Thank you to all the children and family members - your topic homework is amazing.

Jumping straight into 'Our World' the Year 5s had a fantastic time at The Snaith School.  A special mention to Coby, Chloe and Mataya who won!

Year 4s were busy planting our herb garden back at school.  What herbs did they plant?  Don't forget to ask them!

Singing is one of our favourite things and we are already learning the words to 'The Truth About The Tudors' - watch this space as we will be inviting the parents in on the last week of term to see our work.

In numeracy we are practising our arithmetic skills and in literacy we are building our word waiters up with lots of Tudor words.


Star of the Week: Harley and Chloe

Well done you shone all week!



What we will be learning this summer term!

Our busy week or two! 7th April 2017


What a busy fortnight we have had, we have been using our 'word waiters' to improve our work in Literacy.  Ask your child what we use them for - you will be amazed at how their vocabulary is improving.

Spelling is going to be a key feature next half term.  Please learn your spellings and let's see who the champion will be!

We have had assessments and the children have their new targets (there is always room to improve), they have worked extremely hard and I am proud of them.

Arithmetic is of vital importance and the children have two test booklets to complete over the holiday - one for each week! Keep practising, that's the only way you'll get better!

Look below at our amazing egg decoration competition - a special mention to Isobel, who captured me beautifully!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and see you all next term.


Easter Egg Hunt

Easter Egg Decorating Competition

The Winners are...

Reading our own writing to Mondrian Class

Reading our stories - read with Nevaeh!

Still image for this video

Are you listening to Harry?

Still image for this video

Jessica retelling her story Float!

Still image for this video

Can you hear Ebony?

Still image for this video

Listen to Joe retell his story

Still image for this video

...and we can play!

Playing as a group

Still image for this video

You heard them here first!

Still image for this video

Comic Relief

Our busy Week 20th March 2017



Dali was a sea of red on Friday for Comic Relief – Thank you to everyone for supporting this fantastic cause.

In Literacy, we are all authors and have been writing our own words to the picture book ‘Float’ by Daniel Miyares. We have been focusing on the start of our sentences, using adjectives, fronted adverbials, subordinate clauses and prepositional phrases. In addition, we have been including onomatopoeia and personification.

This week in Numeracy we have been learning to read, plot and use information from a line graph. An important skill, look around you in your environment, where can you see line graphs?

Was King Alfred great? We have been discussing this in class, try and convince your parents that he was!

Next week we will be learning to read timetables and use stylistic features to improve our writing.

Have a great weekend.

Our Busy Week 13th March 2017


In Dali this week, we have been busy writing our non-chronological reports on The Vikings! We’ve been practising how to edit our work and been learning how to adapt our writing to include our targets.

Our writing is improving all the time – ask your child what their Literacy target is. You will be impressed with their grammatical vocabulary.


Spellings are also of vital importance to ensure the children are meeting their year-end expectations – please give them a gentle reminder to practise them! Thank you.


In Maths, we have been learning about equivalent fractions, how to add and subtract two fractions with different denominators and to find a fraction of an amount.

½ of 16 =

¼ of 24 =

¾ of 28 =

Can you remember what we do when there is a remainder?


Science saw us making and testing the material of boats, and Viking Gods were the focus of our Topic.  Please ask your child what they have learnt this week.


Also a congratulations to Mataya for winning the presentation award and to Charlotte, who is the first person in school to complete her SMIRF targets. Well done children you are amazing.

Our Busy Week 6th March 2017


What an exciting day we had at Doncaster Museum! Ask us what we got up to! 

Look at the slideshow and study our faces when we were archaeologists and had to examine poo!!!  This was important to help us to discover more about the Vikings!


In the afternoon we were scientists, look at the videos and ask us about our experiments.  The squeals of discovery ensured we learnt about the history of potions and some modern potions too.  Also we learnt how to carry out some controlled experiments where we learnt about:

  • vacuums
  • gravity
  • density
  • chemical reactions
  • enzymes

And of course we had lots of fun, with some of us getting more messy that others!!!!






Being Scientists!

Still image for this video

Ask us what we learnt!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

More experiments!

Still image for this video

Investigating at Doncaster

Still image for this video

Ask us what we learnt!

Still image for this video

More experiments!

Still image for this video

Our Busy Week - 27th February 2017


How fabulous did we look on World Book Day!  Look at the slide show for our amazing costumes.

Who were the Vikings?

Who wants to debate with Bailey and Elizabeth?

Our Busy Week 13th February


What a busy end to the half term.  We completed our amazing writing on The Lost Thing. We thought about Year 4/5 expectations and included lots of them in our writing. Ask your child about:

  • Modal verbs
  • Personification
  • similes
  • metaphors
  • fronted adverbials
  • subordinate clauses


Do you like our new display in the cloakroom? If you haven't seen it look at the photo below.  I've also included our last display so you can see what your children have been working on.


We have also continued our work on Marvellous Maps.  Get your child to show you have they can read a map using the co-ordinates.  You will be impressed.


In numeracy we have been working on our arithmetic skills - didn't we do well in our last assessment!  But remember you need to keep on practising.






Planning our story in Literacy.

Working together reading co-ordinates.

Our Classroom Displays - New and Old!

Spending our money at Banky's Bun Sale!

Having fun with science!

Our Busy Week - 6th February


What an amazing week in Dali!  The writing has been outstanding - Look out for a new display on 'The Lost Thing', it'll be coming soon.  The children have been working hard on their literacy targets.  Ask your child what they need to do, to get even better!


The wind whispered in my ear!  What stylistic device has Kaden used here?


In numeracy we have been looking at multiplication, give your child a three or four digit number and ask them to multiply it by a two digit number.  We have also been looking at division and will continue this next week.


If your child ever needs more homework, give them a range of arithmetic questions which include the four operations.


I can't quite believe where this term has gone!  Next term we will be looking at the Vikings and Forces.  If you go to the library have a look at some of the books and see what pre-learning you can do!



Our Busy Week 30th January 2017


What a busy week we have had!  We have learnt to problem solve with coins, multiply a three digit number by a one or two digit number and review our timetables!  Keep practising children.

In Literacy we have learnt about personification as Harry T stated , "Personification brings out the best in me!"  Look at our class poem below. In topic we have been looking at Ordinance Survey Maps - Can you believe they were originally drawn by hand!


Personification Poem by Dali Class

Well Done Coby

Maths investigation

What we can learn from a map?

Our Busy Week - 23rd January


What a busy week we have had in Dali Class.  In numeracy we have learnt how to find equivalent fractions, with some of us simplifying them to their simplest form.  Also we know how to convert mixed numbers to improper fractions.  Ask us what is the difference between mixed numbers and improper fractions - we can explain using the correct mathematical vocabulary.

Next week we will be learning how to convert improper fractions to mixed numbers - so we need to know our multiplication and division facts!


Congratulations to Brooke for winning the Mathletics challenge and well done to everyone as we won the class challenge!


In literacy we have been looking at the quality of our sentences.  We can now use frontal adverbials, subordinate clauses, expanded noun phrases, metaphors and modal verbs.  Can you spot any of these in your reading books?


In topic we have been learning to use an atlas correctly - alphabetical skills needed for this too!


Have a great weekend and don't forget the Reading Challenge!




Emergency Service Day at The Snaith School

Well done Max!

Busy week 9th January


Another fabulous week in Dali!


We are enjoying ‘The Lost Thing’ by Shaun Tan and have been using our grammar and punctuation skills to describe the characters in the story. We have also started to use a word-waiter (please ask your child what this is) to help us use higher level vocabulary in our writing.


In numeracy we have started looking at fractions and using the correct vocabulary. Can you remember which the denominator is and which is the numerator?


Our electricity topic has started with a bang with the children realising how much we actually rely on electricity - no PlayStations!


Also a huge congratulations to Dali for winning the weekly Mathletics challenge and a special mention to Max who won the individual challenge. Dali you are brilliant!


Next week is our trip!

Rmember No Slip – No Trip!

Our Busy week - 4th January 2017


I can tell that 2017 is going to be our year! It has been wonderful to teach a class of children who are so keen to be back and ready to learn.

A big thank you to everyone who have helped your child achieve the Christmas reading challenge - 21 children reached this goal.   Amazing!


This week we have been looking at the properties of 3D shapes.  How many shapes can you see in the environment?

Also we had a fabulous assembly on Mathletics - congratulations to Max Cookson who was the first person to do his homework!  Please ask your child about their homework.


In literacy we have been focusing on the quality of our writing, not the quantity.  By adding expanded noun phrases to our work, it made us think about similes, subordinate clauses, fronted adverbials and alliteration.  WOW!  How our writing has improved. 

Next week we will be starting our unit of work based on the book The Lost Thing by Shaun Tan. I can't wait.


Wishing you a Happy New Year and see you all next week!




Our busy week - 12th December 2016


What a busy week in Dali Class - it has been hard to fit everything in!  A massive well done to everyone in Lights, Camel, Action you were all stars!  Also I think there will be a line dancing group appearing somewhere near you next year!

Who would have thought maths would play such an important role in making Christmas decorations?  Don't look too closely as we have been busy making cards, decorations, wrapping paper, Christmas cakes and a little surprise for the adults!  Hope you like it.  We also managed to squeeze in carol singing and our Christmas party - part two will be happening in the New Year!


I've given out homework in their books, however the most important is to read and learn their spellings and times tables.  Your support is greatly appreciated.

Have a fantastic Christmas and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!


Happy Birthday to Bailey, Charlotte, Jessica, Kaden, Nevaeh and Me!!!!!  Have a great day.

Our busy week - 28.11.16


What an emotional week in Dali Class - we were evacuated from Hensall Train Station and in topic we wrote a recount about our morning and how we felt about leaving our parents behind.  Then we wrote a letter back home to our parents - it was quite emotional realising how the children must have felt.  We all agreed we missed our families...even our brothers and sisters!


In science we have been looking at the scale of the planets - it was hard to image the size of the sun!


In numeracy we have been learning all about the area and perimeter of compound shapes.  Can you remember the top tips to learning?


This week our special focus is on spellings - you just have to learn them and use them!



The day we were evacuated from Hensall Train Station. What an emotional day saying goodbye to our families!

What a Busy Week in Dali Class!  19.11.16


What's that noise? We evacuated the classroom as an air raid siren went off!  Mr Clarke, our school governor, came and showed us his World War 2 memorabilia.  We all got to have a go at setting the siren off!  Cover your ears!


Also, we had a rather heated debate about whether children should have been evacuated in the war?  Just a note to myself if I want to win an argument get Bailey on my side - powerful words!


In numeracy we have been learning about multiples and factors.  Can you remember the difference?


Also with a month to go, we are getting ready for Christmas!  We are adding percussion to a Christmas Carol, rehearsing for our production and making a Christmas cake...Ready, Steady, Bake!

When two tribes go to war! Dali Class having a debate on whether children should have been evacuated in World War 2.

Mr Clarke (a school governor) came and talked to us about World War 2 and showed us his memorabilia.

Getting ready for Christmas with a song and a bake!

What happened in Dali class this week....well, it was all about Salvador Dali - or should I say Coby!

Well done to Dali Class, your assembly was amazing!  I think the whole school has learnt something about the surrealist world of Salvador.  I was extremely proud of you all.  If you want to learn something new about Dali please ask Jake - isn't that right Harry?


Our Busy Week 7.11.16

We have been busy in Dali Class this week.  We have been learning about rationing and propaganda from World War 2. 

We have also been writing our own story about two children being evacuated in the war. 

Outside the house, Ray's father kissed him goodbye.  Can you spot the fronted adverbial? 

We have also being looking at a range of punctuation - can you spot them in your reading book?


In maths we have been using the bus stop method for division - have you challenged yourself with the homework?  Remember keep learning your times tables!


Also, Christmas is a coming!

How do we know this?

We are learning our songs for the Christmas Production!


Finally, we held our 2 minutes silence on Remembrance Day.  It is important to remember all those people who have died in wars. 

Ask us about our propaganda posters!

We worked together to create a World War 2 timeline.

WALT locate countries using maps

Look what Adam and Ebony brought in!

We used our computer skills to research - Rationing. Could we survive on rations today?

War time baking!

Our Busy Week - 10.10.16


What an exciting week we have had planning our assembly - watch this space next week for some photos of our performance.


In topic we completed our clay coastal headlands.  We also learnt about coastal management systems and the advantages and disadvantages of each.


In Literacy we have been imitating our Adventure at Sandy Cove story - next week we are inventing our own stories.  Where will your new story be set?


In Numeracy we have been practising our mental maths skills and SMIRF targets - are you ready to move to the next level?


Also a big thank you to all the parents who turned up for this week's parents evening, it was a pleasure to meet you all and to talk about your children. 



Coastal Headlands

Our Busy week -  03.10.16


A week would not be the same in Dali without a residential!  This time it was the turn of the Year 4s who went to Castleton along with the Year 3s. In Castleton we were Roman soldiers - Can you remember what the Roman soldiers said when they marched?

Candle making was another favourite activity, however the walk was another story!  Nevertheless, the views were worth it.


In school the children looked at dissolving, and the use of scientific terms.  We also talked about irreversible changes and carried out a number of practical activities.  We learnt about 'states' (gases, solids and liquids) and how the particles in those states differ. 


In numeracy we have been adding whole numbers and decimals in columns and in literacy we have been learning the story 'Adventure at Sandy Cove' for Talk for Writing.  Watch this space for a demonstration!




Our Busy Week - 26.09.16


This week we have been learning about coasts and how the headland is constantly changing.  Ask your child how the following are formed:






In numeracy we have been learning to use column addition - be careful with the decimal point!


We have also had our class elections.  Vice Captains are Harry T, Harry G, Jake and Mataya and School Council Rep is Madison. 

Well done to everyone who made a speech - I am proud of you.

Our Busy Week - 19.09.16


For the Year 5s it was off to Boggle Hole.  What a fantastic week we had learning about the coast, fossils and Robins Hood's Bay.  Ask your child what their favourite part was!

Boggle Hole

Our Fantastic Class!