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Click here for Enid Blyton's lovely bonfire poem. We will be looking at this next week in class.

The Bonfire at Night

by Enid Blyton


Bonfire, you’re a merry fellow

With your flames of red and yellow,

And your cheery cracks and pops-

You gobble up the old bean-props,

The pea-sticks, withered plants, and all

The leaves blown down beside the wall.

Your never-ending spires of smoke

(The colour of a pixy’s cloak)

Go mounting to the starry sky,

And when the wind comes bustling by

Oh, what a merry game you play,

And how you pop and roar away!

Your heart is red, your smoke is thick,

On, pile on leaves and branches quick!

Let’s dance around and shout and sing,

                  Oh, Bonfire, you’re a LOVELY thing!