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Welcome to Banksy! 

Miss Stones and Mrs Hague


Welcome to our exciting class page!  Here you'll be able to find out about all the work that we do in school and photographs of all the fun we've been having!


What an emotional day, in fact week, the last week of term was saying goodbye to my wonderful Banksy class! Like I said at the leavers service, Banksy class has been a very special class to me and always will be.  From the moment the children stepped into the classroom in September, it has been an exciting adventure and I am so proud of what each and every one of them has achieved.  They have developed not only academically but I have enjoyed getting to know them as individuals, watching them grow and blossom as young people.  I hope they know just how amazing they are and how much joy and inspiration they have given me.  It has been so rewarding seeing their faces light up when they grasp a new concept and being able to help them on their journey.  I will never forget them and the wonderful year we have had as Banksy class.  Thank you for just being you – you are all incredible.


Mrs Hague and I would like to say a huge thank you to you all!! We were completely overwhelmed by your beautiful gifts, cards and moving words.  We were touched by everyone’s kindness and generosity and will treasure these always!


I am in the process of sorting the dvds out and when finished I will make sure everyone gets a copy.  Also, I know a few of you asked on Friday for a copy of my speech, however, rather than give you a paper copy with my scribbles of when to compose myself and to try not to cry, I have recorded it and added it to the dvd. 


Always remember to follow your passions, continue to strive to be the best you can be, and best of luck in your future.  I will miss you more than words can say but I will hold each and every one of you in my heart.

I really hope you all have a fantastic summer break and a well-earned rest.


Miss Stones xx

Thank you for the lovely class treat Matthew!

Leavers Lunch

Week Commencing 10/7/17


I cannot begin to express how proud I am of Banksy class after their end of year production!  It was fantastic! 

Week Commencing 3/7/17

Week Commencing 26/6/17


What an absolute privilege it has been taking Banksy class on their leaver's trip and sharing their class sleepover with them - impeccable behaviour throughout the whole event!


Week Commencing 19/6/17


We have had another brilliant week working very hard on the production and also fitting in lots of science, geography, history, reading with Year 1 children, Oxford University research and much much more.


In topic, we have split into groups to research daily life in Athens and Sparta. We are in the process of writing persuasive speeches to debate which city was the best one to live in.  We have been identifying key geographical information about the UK and in science we are developing the understanding of what makes a healthy body.


During the week we have been helping Megan, an Oxford University student, collect some useful research about grammar within the English language.  The children have really enjoyed it!! 


On Wednesday afternoon, we welcomed some year 1 children into the classroom, took them on a treasure hunt and read some exciting stories to them!! Please come again soon!


Finally, on Friday we had a wonderful afternoon at sports day!  Thank you for your support! 


We hope you enjoy the pictures below!

Oxford University Research

Week Commencing 12/6/17


It has been non stop fun and learning this week!  We have managed to fit in so much!


We have been working so hard on our end of year production and it is starting to come together nicely!  Thank you for your continued support!


On Tuesday all of Key Stage 2 children travelled to Harrogate for Countryside Day - it was fabulous!  Mrs Hague and I were working with Blue Aire House Team so can only comment on what activities we did but I know everyone had an amazing day!  Behaviour was exemplary! I hope you enjoy the photos below.


Over the past few weeks the children have been working really hard to create PowerPoint presentations about warfare in Ancient Greece, particularly about triremes, commenting on their effectiveness in the armies of the time.  All children researched the information independently and presented to the class with clear and confident speaking.  


On Thursday we had a fabulous morning learning about 'Safety in the Sun' from a Croda scientist.  The children planned and carried out a variety of experiments.  They were then able to evaluate and draw conclusions from their findings.


Please can I ask everyone to bring a water bottle into school as it is really warm and I'd be happy for children to have their water bottles on their tables.  

Trireme Presentations

Talking Tactics with Mr Oldroyd

Week Commencing 5/6/17


Welcome back - it makes me very sad to say this is our last half term!!  Where has the time gone?  We have to make this last half term the BEST YET and make lots more happy memories!!


In literacy we have been writing some advertisements to encourage people to visit the best theme park around: INFINITY PARK!! Well, I for one, would definitely be making the trip after reading them!  We also applied our computing skills to create a collage of images, using the software on the beFunky website!  We loved it!!


During our topic and computing time, we have begun to create PowerPoints about our Ancient Greek work on 'Triremes' to present to the class next week.  Watch out for the pictures.  The children are very proud of them and so they should be!


In PE we thoroughly enjoyed a session delivered by Mr Oldroyd, who worked on keeping the possession of the ball safe and creating space for the ball to be passed.  Whether that be in football, handball or futsal (our new class favourite game)! 


We had a spectacular day on Friday!  In Banksy, we find it a real honour to look after and care for the younger children in school and so take our jobs as buddies very seriously.  We invited the reception children to a buddy party on Friday and fun was had by all!  We hope you like the pictures below!  



Week Commencing 22/5/17


It has been a very busy week in Banksy!  


In literacy we have been writing some super suspense stories - particularly working on including figurative language to create a more vivid atmosphere for the reader.   We were all really happy that you enjoyed reading them on Friday at the afternoon tea.  It was great to hear so many lovely comments about how far the children have progressed - they have worked so hard!


In maths we have challenged ourselves with some worded problems that require multiple steps in order to reach the final answer.  Some great resilience was shown!


We have been researching the Ancient Greeks this week in computing and began answering the following question - What is a Trireme?


Thank you to everyone who came to the afternoon tea on Friday.  It was lovely to see so many of you and it was our chance to thank you for everything you do!


Dear parents/carers,

Further to information in the newsletter, there is an open afternoon this coming Friday.  As you will be aware, year 6 have been working extremely hard in the lead up to SATs and we would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for all your support.

We would like to invite you to afternoon tea in Banksy class to celebrate everyone’s effort, commitment and hard work.

We hope to see you there.


We enjoyed a much deserved treat on Friday.  Mr Holt and Mr Oldroyd came into school to deliver a 'Sports Festival' to Banksy class!  Well, it was brilliant!  It was fantastic to see all children joining in and thoroughly enjoying sport in such a collaborative/cross-curricular way.  Please take a look at all of the pictures below - I hope you enjoy looking at them as much as I did.  


A huge congratulations to everyone in Banksy class for completing the SATs test!! I am beyond proud of all of you!!

Week Commencing 2/5/17

Next week you will sit your SATs test for maths, reading, grammar, punctuation and spelling.  I know how hard you have worked to prepare for these tests and I am really proud of all the progress you have made!  It has been a pleasure to teach each and everyone one of you.  So as discussed on Friday, your homework is to relax, do something you love, get some fresh air, eat and sleep well.  I know some of you will want to do some revision but make sure it is not too much as you need to be fresh for next week.  Come to school on Monday ready to do your best!


Good luck and best wishes, 


Miss Stones 

Image result for happy easter banner

What a fantastic term we have had!  It has been filled with lots of new and interesting topics, hard work, progression, laughter and fun!!  


Remember your packs are for you and are by no means compulsory but they are there if you wish to recap any topics or if you wish to practise certain things.  Many of you asked for past papers etc as you felt you would be more confident if you could revise over the two weeks.


I hope you enjoy your little Easter treats they were very much deserved!  Have an amazing Easter break with your family.  Rest, have fun and of course as it is Easter a little chocolate is a must!


I look forward to seeing you soon! 

Egg Decorating - we had an eggcellent time!

The Winner! Egg Sheeran!!

Easter Egg Hunt

Enjoying some SPaG songs!

Week Commencing 27/3/17


Another great week!  We are very busy with revision and booster sessions at the moment but I am beyond impressed by the children's effort, enthusiasm and desire to progress.  I am so proud of everyone!


The children enjoyed a well earned trip to Magna Science Adventure Centre on Monday.  A great time was had by all and it was just what the children needed to recharge their batteries!  We hope you enjoy some of the photos below.

There are some useful links below to revise some of the SPaG topics.

Week Commencing 20/3/17


I am really proud of Banksy this week,  they have worked so hard and their progression is showing!


We have been revising lots of topics in every area and have been working on exam technique.


A special thank you goes to Jessica, Joshua and Georgina for helping me with my Mother's Day assembly this week.  Their drama was superb! 

Mother's Day Assembly

Well done everyone for winning the Mathletics trophy!!


We helped raise money for comic relief!




Week Commencing 13/3/17


It has been a really busy week for Banksy class!  


In literacy, we have been revising lots of our SPaG topics.  Ask your children if they can explain and give an example of the following:


Modal verbs

Relative Clause

Passive/Active voice

Different types of nouns



In maths, we have been identifying properties of circles and we carried out an interesting investigation.  We have also been interpreting line graphs and finding the area of triangles.


Image result for label parts of circle


If the diameter is 64cm what would the radius be?


Ask your child how to calculate the area of this triangle.


Image result for area of triangle


Week Commencing 6/3/17


We have been learning lots of new things this week!


In literacy, we have written a descriptive recount about the effects of zero gravity on the Vomit Comet!  We have enjoyed using drama to generate ideas about feelings and emotions.  Lots of targets have been ticked off after this piece of work!!  Well done everyone!


In maths, we have been translating and reflecting shapes.  We then applied our knowledge with lots of reasoning problems!  


We enjoyed using our problem solving skills in PE.  Take a look at the pictures below.

Well done Jaedyn for receiving the handwriting trophy this week!!



Week Commencing 27/2/17


Well done everyone for making a super effort for Word Book Day - you all looked FANTASTIC!!



Week Commencing 13/2/17


I would just like to say a special thank you to all parents, carers and children who supported the year 6 fundraising bake sale.  It was an amazing afternoon! I was so proud of Banksy class who worked really hard to organise this event.  Drum roll please....


We raised a whopping £203 which will go towards their end of school trip!  


Thank you again for your support!

Miss Stones

We have had end of half term assessments this week and all children have worked really hard and have made super progress!


In maths we used a protractor to draw angles accurately and this completed our work on angles.  The children are super at generating their own success criteria and self/peer assessing work.  Take a look at some pictures.

As a class we try really hard to listen carefully to the views of others and are considerate of other people's opinions.  Therefore, we decided the fairest way to choose where to go on our end of year trip was to have a class vote.  Various places were put forward by the children and then after voting we ended up with two places receiving equal votes.  We split into groups and debated the pros and cons for each option. 



Week Commencing 6/2/17


We have had a super week! Lots of learning and ticking off those targets!


In literacy we have enjoyed reading more of our class book 'Cosmic'.  The only problem is we never want to stop reading it, so every spare minute we try to sneak a few more pages in!  It is great to see the children enjoying reading!!  We have also written some space poetry and changed our writing from the present to past tense.  


We have used lots of practical methods to explore and investigate angles in maths!  The children had to create their own success criteria and rules for angles.  Ask your children what they found out.   In addition to this, we revised Roman numerals and prime numbers.

Week Commencing 30/1/17


It has been a busy couple of weeks in Banksy class!


In literacy, we have been using our literal and inference skills to write character descriptions, particularly thinking about how bodies react when they are feeling a specific emotion.  For example, if a person is nervous they may start to shake and their hands may begin to sweat.  We have also been writing some exciting space stories to grab the the readers' attention.  Ask your children what they included in their stories to tick of their writing targets.


SPaG Check up!


Ask your children some of these questions.


What is the difference between the active and passive voice?


Can you change this sentence into the past progressive verb form?

The boy played football in the park.


Write a sentence that includes a colon to introduce a list.



In maths, we have been working on lots of percentage problem solving and then on Friday we started exploring angles.  We have some investigations to carry out on Monday so look out for some pictures.   

Week Commencing 16/1/2017

Time seems to have flown this week!  We have made some super progress!


In literacy, we have explored even further the use of descriptive techniques and how varying your sentence structure can make your writing sound more interesting.  We have recapped nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs but we have particularly been looking at the ones that might catch us out. 

Ask your children if they can explain the difference between a concrete and an abstract noun – I’m sure they can give you an example too! 


In maths, we have been using practical methods to find the area and perimeter of compound shapes.  We then applied our knowledge to reasoning questions. 


I would like to say well done to everyone who came to my maths groups this week! I really enjoyed them and it was great to see so many of you enthusiastic about learning!



In science, we have been exploring and investigating what happens to light when it hits a mirror or any shiny object and how we can use mirrors to see around corners.  There are some pictures below.  Also, we made our own periscopes to check whether what we found out did work.  It did!

On Thursday, I was giving a whole school assembly about Chinese New Year.  Can you spot how Banksy class helped the younger children identify what the assembly was going to be about!? 



Well done Banksy class!! I am very proud of you for winning the weekly Mathletics challenge! Also, a special mention goes to Matthew Kirby for winning the individual challenge! Keep it up!

Week Commencing 9/1/17


We are really enjoying our new book 'Cosmic', it is very funny and we are producing some great writing from it!  Using the group ideas from Friday's lesson we have written some fantastic descriptions about what the stars might look like from space. Also, we have been concentrating on changing the tone of our writing depending on the purpose of the audience.  Ask your children if they can tell you the features of writing a formal letter of complaint.  In addition to this, we have been using the text to predict, question and summarise.


I would also like to say well done for some super spelling scores this week!


In maths, we have been calculating the area and perimeter of squares and rectangles and also working on strategies to use when answering these types of questions in the SATs paper.  We are going to continue exploring area and perimeter next week but incorporating compound shapes and reasoning.


We have started our science topic 'Light and How We See Things'.  The children have thought about lots of things they would like to find out about during our unit of work.  


On Wednesday, some children from Banksy and Dali attended the 'Young Voices' choir in Sheffield.  It was fantastic to be part of one of the largest school choir concerts in the world!  All children behaved superbly and their enthusiasm was amazing!  It was a privilege to share this experience with them!



Week Commencing 2/1/17

Happy New Year!! 


Welcome back!  It was only a short week but it has been a great one!  It was lovely to see everyone after the Christmas break and hear about all the exciting things you have all been up to! It was also fantastic to be greeted with so many smiling faces ready and raring to start the new term!


We started exploring our new book 'Cosmic' by Frank Cottrell Boyce.  It seemed to be a hit with the class!! We worked in groups to share ideas about what we thought stars might look like if we were actually in space.  In particular, we were thinking about using ambitious vocabulary and descriptive techniques.  Ask your children if they can remember any of the language features we used.  

Sharing ideas in literacy

I was very pleased to tick off so many targets in maths this week - well done! A special mention to Ricci Bradder for being the first person to move up to the next planet!  We have also been working on decimal place value and recognising fraction and decimal equivalents.  


We really enjoyed creating space collages in computing, they look fab and will be going up on display soon. 



Week Commencing 12/12/16


We have had a jam packed week full of excitement, fun and laughter!  


A massive well done to everyone for a spectacular Christmas production! You were all amazing darlings and looked gorgeous!! It's a 10 from Miss Stones!!


Take a look at some of the things we have been up to this week!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from Banksy Class!

It was great to see so many parents and grandparents joining us for mince pie and coffee. It was lovely to start the Christmas celebrations together!

Last day fun!

Banksy's Got Talent

Truffle Making - We promise we didn't eat any!

Week Commencing 28/11/16


We have been working really hard on the Christmas production and are getting excited about sharing it with you all.  It is coming together nicely!  Please can I remind you that costumes need bringing into school by next Wednesday, thank you.


In literacy, we have been writing persuasive paragraphs to advertise new roller coaster rides at Infinity Park.  The children designed their own rides and then decided how best to persuade someone to take the risk and have a go on their unique thrill ride.  Here are a few examples.  Would you be persuaded?




In maths, we have been multiplying and dividing fractions.  Remember the top tips for dividing!

Keep it the same

Give it a kiss

Turn it upside down


We have made clay fish in art using our water colour designs from last week.  They look great!  We will then be using them to carry out the Japanese technique of printing.  We can't wait to see what they will look like!

PE with Mr Holt and Mr Oldroyd

The Christmas fair was a huge success.  I was very proud of all the children for designing, creating and then being in charge of their stalls on Friday.  Everyone got into the Christmas spirit and had lots of fun!

Christmas Fayre

Week Commencing 21/11/16


We have had a great week learning lots of new things!


In literacy, it has been hot task week!  The children had to write a completely independent story about a Lighthouse keeper in the village of Valport, trying to include as many of the language features we have learnt about this year so far. They were super!  

It is great to see how much the children have improved since September!


In maths, we have been converting mixed numbers to improper fractions and vice versa and also simplifying fractions.  Ask your children to show you how to convert the mixed numbers below.


2½ =               

5¾ =


In PE the children thoroughly enjoyed working in teams to create their own games for the other children to have a go at.  They then split into teams to complete a matrix of activities including netball, handball and football. They had to think about balancing their teams in order to attack and defend successfully. 


PE with Mr Holt

Week Commencing 14/11/16


We have had a very busy week this week and have been working really hard practising the Christmas production and perfecting the songs.  They are sounding super - very funky!


In literacy, we have been writing exciting stories using lots of figurative language.  Ask your children if they can tell you what the following mean and give you an example:






In maths, we have been finding fractions of amounts - remember divide by the denominator and then multiply by the numerator.  Also, adding fractions with the same, multiples of and different denominators.


On Friday, Mrs Wales kindly offered to make some individual Christmas cakes with the class.  They smelt delicious!  Take a look at some pictures below, some excellent team work took place.

PE with Mr Holt - Bibble!

Thank you all so much for your kind donations for Children in Need and joining in by coming to school in non uniform.  A special mention to Millie, what a fantastic t-shirt!  We all want one now!


Week Commencing 31/10/16


We have been really busy this week! 


In maths we have been consolidating our work on division and multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000.  We have also had a big push on times tables as this will really help us with absolutely everything in maths!  Please encourage your children to practise these at home.  


In literacy this week we have have been writing non chronological reports about gibbons.  This has a cross curricular link with our science topic and has given us an opportunity to research and write our reports using laptops.  The children have produced some great work!


We loved our P.E lesson this week!  This half term it is our turn to be coached by Mr Holt from Tecnica and what a fantastic hour it was!  All children were encouraged to join in a variety of team games and participate to the best of their ability.  Throughout the session the children were focusing on working as a team, organising themselves and devising strategies to overcome the different rules that were introduced as the session progressed. Mr Holt was impressed with the children's problem solving skills, effort, enthusiasm and sportsmanship!


Our House Captains attended a Children's Voice Conference in Harrogate on Friday.  They participated in many different activities and workshops throughout the day in order to develop their understanding of the potential impact their pupil voice has in school. 


Children's Voice Conference

Week commencing 17/10/16


We have really enjoyed working on and performing  in the Harvest festival this week.  It has been great to see all the children improve on their voice projection, performance skills and confidence. This is such an important aspect of the curriculum and one that the children thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for joining us and sharing the celebration!


In literacy, we have been finishing our work on diary writing and the children have produced some great hot tasks!


In maths, we have been learning how to use the bus stop method for division and then applying these skills to worded problems. 


We have enjoyed researching Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution in science.  We will be exploring this further next half term!


What a fantastic first half term we have had!  It has been wonderful watching the children enjoy their learning!  I hope everyone has fun, stays safe and has an excellent half term break!  

See you on Halloween!!  



Week commencing 10/10/2016


Another busy week this week but a very enjoyable one!


In maths we have been working on the formal written method for multiplication and then applying our knowledge to worded problems. Our times table practise has come in very handy here!   We are getting faster and more accurate every day!  People are moving up the target ladder - fantastic!  I love the children's enthusiasm!  Ask your children if they can remember our 8 times table song - it's very catchy!


In literacy we have made lots of progress with our writing!  I have enjoyed marking and seeing the children improve every day.  We have been writing diaries this week.  Ask your children if they can remember some of the features of diary writing and how they can make sentences more interesting.   I am sure they will impress you with the vocabulary they are using.  We have enjoyed using drama again to express our feelings and generate ideas.  We can now go a step further and explain how our bodies react/change when we are feeling different emotions.  For example, if we are feeling nervous our heart may start beating faster, our hands might go clammy, we might get that butterfly feeling in our stomach etc.  This has then helped us make our writing more descriptive.  We would like to share some of our group writing with you - the children worked very hard on this task and were very proud of what they produced and so they should be!


It was lovely to meet some parents on Thursday evening and I look forward to meeting others next Tuesday.  



Group writing

Week commencing 3/10/16


Another great week!


I am very proud of Banksy this week.  It was our turn to deliver an assembly to the school to talk about the graffiti artist Banksy and the children were FANTASTIC!!! Here is the video for you all to share and enjoy.


In maths we have been consolidating addition and subtraction and then applying this knowledge to reasoning problems.  


In literacy this week we have been writing descriptive paragraphs, imagining that we are Michael on board the Peggy Sue.  We used sound clips, images and class discussions to support our writing.  In our writing we focused on using a variety of sentence openers, similes and powerful adjectives to make our writing interesting.  Please ask your children to explain the difference between prepositional, adverbial and action openers.  


Well done to the boy's football team for taking part and coming 2nd in the tournament on Tuesday!  Great sportsmanship and effort by everyone!  Also, well done to those who took part in the cross country on Thursday. I hear it was a challenge but very proud of you all for putting yourselves forward and having a go, super effort!