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Autumn Term 2

Rowan class Autumn 2 curriculum overview

Christmas Jumper Day !

A celebration of Christmas - KS2 production

Our busy week 13.12.19


This week's vocabulary: obliterate, vibrant, exotic, blissfully


Another busy week! The children have worked very hard in between (and at) performances of the Christmas production. We've all really enjoyed the production and I'm sure you'll agree that the singing was amazing. In Literacy, we completed Moon Man and had a good discussion about making choices and comparisons between the Moon and Earth. The children also completed their Art work in the style of Jackson Pollock with silhouettes in the foreground. (Please see the pictures of some examples below.) In maths, we completed some Reasoning and Problem Solving work around our times tables. as well as completing our Daily Challenges. 

In the style of Jackson Pollock- with added silhouettes!

Our Busy week 5.12.19


This week has been very busy! In between practising for the KS2 performance, the children have "erupted" their volcanoes; investigated how and why shadows change over the course of the day; debated whether Moon Man should be kept in prison; and completed lots of other written or recorded tasks in the classroom. In Literacy we learned how to present a persuasive argument for / against an issue which  we then presented as a letter to Judge Joshua!  In Maths, we are continuing with a focus on learning times tables although we have recapped work on column addition/ subtraction too. Wednesday saw our last session on Light and Dark- the children showed how much they've enjoyed this work by designing posters and completing a verbal assessment . 

Looking at shadows and how they change over time.

Eruption Day!

Conscience alley- Should Moon Man be left in jail?

Our busy week 29.11.19


This week's vocabulary- escorting, invader 


This week , the children did a "Hot task" in literacy where they had to write a newspaper report about Moon Man's crash. We had some wonderful pieces and the children enjoyed hearing others. We also did some drama work - should Moon Man stay in jail or be let out?- we had a fantastic discussion and came up with arguments /reasons for and against. In Maths we concentrated on times table work and divisions- using facts about the 3 times table and making links between the 3 times table and the 6 times table.

In topic, we painted our volcanoes- they are almost ready to erupt! In Art we looked at the work of Jackson Pollock and began our own versions by doing a watercolour background. In Science, we tested various materials to see which would be the best for making curtains for a bedroom. We found that card was the most opaque but discussed how this would not be practical in a real life situation !

Volcanoes- stage 3!

Our Busy week 22.11.19


This week's vocabulary: transparent, translucent, opaque, reflect, witness, interview


Another very busy week! In Literacy this week, the children worked really well at scripting and then delivering a news report on the crash landing of Moon Man. I've put a couple of examples on the class page below and I'm sure you'll agree they are very good- watch out BBC!  We also began to look at written newspaper reports- how they are set out and what information is contained in them. the children then planned their own report which we will write up next week.

In Maths, we are still working on multiplication and division. in particular x by 10, 100 ; divide by 10, 100: and multiply /divide by 1 or 0. These last types of calculation often trick the children! eg 25 divided by 1= 25         25 divided by 0=0. We have done a lot of reasoning work this week, explaining how we know that is the correct (or incorrect) answer.

In Topic, we began to paint our volcanoes and in science we looked at how shadows are made. We had some super shadow puppet performances !

Reporting on the crash landing of Moon Man

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Making Shadow Puppets

Moon Man has crashed!

Our Busy week 15.11.19


This week's vocabulary: cramped, compressed, radiant, reflect


We have continued our work on Moon Man in Literacy and written some good diary extracts, imagining ourselves as Moon Man escaping from the Moon! This was aided by some drama work- Holly-Ann became Moon Man for the session and answered questions from the children. (see photos. In Maths, we have continued work on calculations- we have looked at multiplying whole numbers by 10 and dividing multiples of 10 by 10. We also learnt the "finger trick" to solve 9 times table questions. Ask your child to show you it!

In Science, we had good fun using torches to choose a material that would be the most reflective. We imagined we were going to design new book bags. A huge thank you to all the parents and carers at home who donated money for Children in Need and something for the Selby Food Bank. 

Children in Need 2019

When Moon Man visited Rowan class

making volcanoes step 2

Our Busy Week 8.11.19


This week's vocabulary: dormant, extinct, active, volcano, shingly, cloudy,estimate, inverse, light source


Welcome back everyone! What a busy first week ! Not only has it been Assessment week, but we've also found time in Literacy to begin  work on a text by Tomi Ungerer "Moon Man". We've only read one page , which only had one sentence on it, so far but we've done lots of work around who this character could be, what it's like on the moon and even performed some poems about the moon. Please look at the photos and read the children's poems. (see below). 

In Maths, we worked on checking our answers to calculations by estimating the answer first and also by doing the inverse (opposite) operation. So for example if 35+17 = 52 , 52- 17= 35 and 52-35=17.  

In Science we started work on  a new unit- Light. We sorted cards into light sources and non-light sources. We also had good fun with some feely bags, trying to work out what was inside. we had some very strange ideas! We also started building our group volcanoes- see the photos  below. Each week will show a new stage in their development until the final eruption! 


performing our group poems about the moon

Our group poems about the Moon

Volcanoes in the making!