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Autumn Term 2

Our Busy Week 16th December

Our final week before the Christmas holiday has arrived and we have had lots of fun. The Reception children started the week with a party with their Year 6 buddies; playing games and dancing together. On Tuesday Willow and Oak class went to Leeds Playhouse to watch 'The Night Before Christmas'. We all wore Christmas jumpers on Wednesday and enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner cooked by Mrs Hardy. The week ended with our traditional sing a long in the church with our families and friends.

Willow Class hope everyone has a very happy and exciting Christmas!

Our Busy Week 9th December

The children in Willow and Oak classes were very excited to perform 'A Wriggly Nativity' for their families this week. The hall was full to capacity for each performance and the children all sang and wriggled enthusiastically. Here are some photos of the children in their costumes.

 The Year 1s have been looking at money this week.


Could you practise  recognising 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.

How many ways can you make 5p? e.g. 1x5p, 5x1p, 2x2p and 1x1p.


The Reception children have been sorting objects into groups and spotting the odd one out in a set. Can you say how the children have sorted the objects in the photos?

                                      Our Busy Week 25th November


In maths we have been learning about shapes.

The Reception children have been naming and describing 2D shapes as well as finding shapes around school. Can you play a game with your child, giving them clues to help them guess the shape?

I have 4 straight sides. All my sides are the same length.

I have 3 straight sides and 3 vertices (corners).

I have 1 curved side which goes all the way round.

I have 4 straight sides. 2 of my sides are long and 2 are short.


The Year 1 children have been learning about 3D shapes and describing their faces.

Can you find any of these shapes in your house?



The Reception children were very excited when their parents stayed at school on Thursday morning to help them make Christmas decorations. They used their cutting skills to make cone angels and put strips of green paper in length order to make a Christmas tree card.



Christmas Stay and Play

Our Busy Week 4th November

What an exciting start to the week we had when Selby's Red Watch brought a fire engine to school to launch our new topic 'Bright Lights, Big City'. The children found out about the different equipment used by the fire fighters and they were very excited to try on the helmets and sit inside the fire engine.