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Autumn Term 1

Welcome to Rowan's class page! We hope you enjoy reading all about what we are doing in school. Please feel free to ask Mrs Wright or Mrs Hiorns any questions and we'll do our best to answer them.

24.10.19 Museum trip


As part of our work on “Becoming Active Citizens” Rowan class decided to fundraise for the charity Guide Dogs for the Blind Association. The children decided to wear pyjamas for the day and parents very generously contributed their cash ! We raised £118.05!  We also had a very special visitor, Magic, who absolutely was over the moon to be petted by all the children as you can see from the pictures.. 

Our Busy week 18.10.19


This week the children completed our Literacy unit on Stone Age Boy by writing their own version of the story. They tried very hard and included lots of the features we've been talking about in class such as how to use paragraphs and conjunctions to improve our writing. We also began to look at punctuating speech accurately using speech bubbles first. 

In Maths, we worked on column addition- the children were so good at this we did a lot of Reasoning and Problem Solving using the column addition knowledge.  We then moved on to column subtraction which I'm sure you'll agree is harder. However, the children tried (as always) their very best and most have got it. We will work further on this next week. 

In Science, we learned about Mary Anning , the great fossil finder, and the children have really taken her story to heart- we've been fossil finding around school all week!

Our Busy Week 11.10.19


This week's vocabulary: tumbled, alley, multiple


In Literacy this week, the children worked in groups to innovate our learned text. They had fabulous ideas and we've come up with  a really good story- please see attached document. We also did work on identifying where fronted adverbials come in sentences and what they do.- see if you can spot them with your child in our new text Bronze Age Girl. In Maths,  we worked on using negative numbers and discovered the bigger the digits, the smaller the number. For example -13 is smaller than -5 . We also did work on calculating answers mentally using number facts we already know. 3+4=7 so 73+4=77    6-2=4 so 60-20=40

In Science we looked at how fossils are made and then we "made" some of our own using plasticene and plaster. Hopefully we shall break them open next week! 


Bronze Age Girl- our innovated/ shared writing

Stone circles- models

stone age fruit stew

Acting out scenes from Stone Age Boy

Our Busy Week 19.9.19   


This week's vocabulary: permeable, impermeable, igneous, sedimentary, metamorphic


This week, the children have been learning lots about our topic . In Literacy, we completed learning the text "Stone Age Boy" and had a good discussion about the ending- was it just a dream?  We also worked hard on using capital letters and full stops accurately in our writing, something that all children know how to do but often forget when they are immersed in the writing process. There are so many other things to think about at the same time!  In Maths, we learned how to decode Roman Numerals and also worked more on place value- placing numbers on  a number line by working out each step. In Science , we grouped rocks according to their properties- for example, were they hard or soft, smooth or grainy, permeable or impermeable? We also looked at cave paintings discovered from the Stone Age and recreated our own using charcoal and powder paint. Please look at the photographs below. 

Our cave paintings