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Hensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.

Welcome toHensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.

Autumn Term 1

Welcome to Oak Class

with Mrs Bramley, Mrs Thexton, Mrs Turner, Mrs Wales and Mrs Smith

Our busy week commencing 9.9.19

Thank you to everyone who supported our cake sale! It was really nice to meet so many of you. The children enjoyed weighing the ingredients for the cakes carefully and we noticed how the properties of those ingredients changed when we heated and combined them. We hope they tasted good!

Our busy week 16.9.19

Where did the money for our bake sale go? We sorted cards into 'needs' and 'wants'. This caused a lot of discussion. We know that we 'need' clean water but do we 'need' holidays? Or bikes? Or our own bedroom?

Through our discussion, we understood that some children do not have all the things that they 'need'. And we hope that the money we raised will help.


Our busy week 23.9.19

We are enjoying reading about the adventures of Traction Man as he battles against his household enemies. So far he has defeated the Evil Pillows and the Poisonous Dishcloth! This week we have been coming up with our own foes for Traction Man to meet.


Can you spot the Toxic Ball, Slimy Soap, Evil Skittle and Wicked Water Bottle? We had lots of other good ideas too. Can you tell your grown up about the enemy you invented?

Our busy week 30.9.19

This week we have been practising our number bonds to ten and linking them to number bonds to 100.

It would be great if you could practise this at home.

If you hold up number 2 on your fingers, your child should hold up 8. If you hold up 6, they should hold up 4. When they get really good, ask them to link this to number bonds to 100.

eg 60 + 40 = 100. When they get really, really good, ask them if they can rearrange those numbers into a subtraction sentence. Have fun!

Our busy week 21.10.19

We have been out and about on the school field looking for signs of autumn. We have used all our senses and written some beautiful autumn poetry.


Here is an example from Imogen...



I can see red berries on the trees.

I can hear birds whistling in the sky.

I can feel wet dew on the grass.

I can taste juicy black berries from the bramble bush.

I can smell fresh air.  


Why don't you try to write a poem like this and bring it to school to show us?