Thank you to all who supported our Children in Need day.
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Hensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.

Welcome toHensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.


Welcome to Tanglewood

with Mrs Bramley, Mrs Thexton, Mr Palmer, Mrs Hiorns and Mrs Smith

Our busy week commencing 12.11.18

We've had a busy week making our own adverts, practising our Christmas play songs and, of course, raising money for Pudsey Bear! Thanks to all the children and parents who contributed. The children looked great!

The children thoroughly enjoyed Fantastic Mr Fox. Our class reader for the next week or two will be Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown. If you have a copy, bring it along so you can read along with the teacher.

This week we have been talking about the following words


ravenous                                    famished    


Can you use them at home too? A big thank you to Freddie who brought his own new word to class - barren - an adjective to describe a place where nothing grows - like a desert.

Well done Freddie. We would love to hear any other words you come across whilst reading, watching television or listening to others talking.

Our busy week commencing 5.11.18

This week we have enjoyed discussing bonfire night and the history of Guy Fawkes. Children told us about their bonfire night experiences and we made some fantastic artwork inspired by firework displays.


A great week for teamwork!

The children rediscovered the jigsaw cupboard during wet play and have really enjoyed working together to finish different puzzles

We were very excited to receive a package from The Jolly Postman this week. He sent us his book and copies of nursery rhymes to jog our memories. We have enjoyed saying the traditional rhymes as well as listening to traditional tales.

We have been learning and practising the art of letter writing!

Click on the link below to read The Jolly Postman's letter to us.

We have also been enjoying our class read, Fantastic Mr Fox. Thanks so much to all those children who have been bringing their own copy.

The children love to share the book with their friends and read along with the teacher.

We have come across the following words whilst learning the nursery rhymes and reading Fantastic Mr Fox. Would you discuss and use them at home so that the children remember their meanings?

rare                               scolded                     direction                    courage


Please could Y1 and Y2 parents encourage their children with the very tricky business of telling the time?!

A good start is to point out to children what time it is at various different points during the day - especially o'clock times - and notice what you are usually doing at that time.


When telling the time, we start with o'clock, then half past, quarter past and quarter to the hour.

Then we move on to telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes. The expectation is that children will be able to tell the time to the nearest 5 minutes by the end of Y2 on both digital and analogue clocks.


Another way you can help is to discuss the different kinds of coins and notes we have in England. It is tricky to accept that a 2 pence piece is bigger than a 5 pence, but worth less! It is also hard for children to understand that we have a limited selection of coins and do not, unfortunately, have an 8p coin or a 25p coin to use when paying for an item. Asking your child to show you different ways you can make an amount (eg 20p) is a great problem solving exercise.


In RE the children have been learning about Diwali. We had fun exploring the colourful traditions in different ways including creating artwork.

Our busy week commencing 22.10.19

Important news! - After the half term holidays, Tanglewood will be reading Fantastic Mr Fox by Roald Dahl. If you have a copy of this book, please would you bring it to school each day in your book bag? That way we can all read along together!


Well done to all the children for their fantastic performance at the Harvest Festival. It was so lovely to see so many parents and carers at the church! Thank you for your support.


This week we have been reading, responding learning and writing poetry about autumn.

Check out the videos below..

Autumn Leaves.mp4

Still image for this video

In our story book Avocado Baby we came across the word 'wrench'.

It is a funny spelling - with a silent w.

Some children knew this word as a noun.

But in our story, it was used as a verb. Avocado baby got so strong that he could wrench the side off his cot. Can you discuss this word at home?


Can you write another sentence which uses this word, either as a noun or a verb?

Can you think of any other words that can be a noun and a verb?

Our busy week commencing 15.10.18


This week, Tanglewood and Storyland have been out on the field collecting autumn leaves. We have identified the leaves by looking carefully and matching our leaves to their photographs on an identification sheet.

We have also written an information text about leaves from deciduous trees.

This week we have learnt lots of new vocabulary to do with leaves.

Can you describe a leaf to a grown up using the correct scientific words?



         tip       veins      lobes     margin    smooth  stem      deciduous        evergreen       jagged


             Can you explain what 'leaflets' are?

Click on this link for the words to our harvest song. Can you practise at home?

Y2 Maths

We have been using equipment to help solve problems this week. It is important that we recognise numbers represented in different ways. Try the problems below.



Year 2 have been working on creation stories with Mrs Turner.

Creation Story.mp4

Still image for this video

Our busy week commencing 8.10.18

This week we have begun to look at autumn and harvest. We started off by tasting some different kinds of beans!

These words came up when we tasted and discussed our different beans. Can you talk about them and use them at home.


creamy     bitter    bland    texture    allotment   stalk      contain

In maths, the Year 1s have been partitioning numbers into 2 parts using a part whole model. Can you find the missing numbers in these models and write a number sentence to match?




Which part whole model shows 5 + 3 = 8?

Our busy week commencing 1.10.18

This week we have learnt about the composer Gustav Holst. We listened to his piece of music, Mars, Bringer Of War and responded by drawing and painting. Check out our digital art video below.

Holst Mars The Bringer Of War.mp4

Still image for this video

The Y2s finished their story about a character who gets lost or stuck in a strange place. They were very brave and shared their story with a Y6. All the Y6s were very impressed and the Y2s realised that they were REAL AUTHORS!!

Our busy week commencing 24.9.18

This week we have enjoyed our team day. It was great working with children from the other classes and we enjoyed experiencing a taste of democracy when we voted in the new house captains.

We are working hard to improve our vocabularies. Below are some words which we discussed following our reading. It would really help if you could practise using these words at home so that the children don't forget their meaning. Try to point them out if you come across them in your reading. We would love to read any sentences that children write using these words.


                                                   wrinkled        plump         scowl         lank          astronaut   

Y2 Maths

Please practise counting forwards and backwards in 10s, 5s and 2s from zero.

Once you have got the hang of this, practise counting forwards and backwards in 10s from numbers other than zero. For example 54, 44, 34, 24, 14, 4. Fluency with this will really help your maths!


Ask adults at home to create some number tracks like this one and see if you can fill in the missing numbers. Can you create a number track for somebody else?


Can you solve this puzzle? Ask adults at home to set you more puzzles like this one. Can you explain how you worked it out?


Yr 1 maths

This week in maths, the year 1s have been comparing groups of objects and numbers using the vocabulary less than, more than and equal to.

They have begun to use these symbols to complete number sentences.


Can you use the numbers to make the statements correct?

Circle the sets of objects which complete this statement.

Our busy week commencing 17.9.18


This week we have finished learning our model text based on The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers.


Can you use this text map to help you say the text at home?


Can you present the text to any of your family?


Can you get your families to join in? We would love to hear about any families joining in with our oral story telling.


If you get stuck, then click on the video below to help.  I think we made one or two little mistakes. Try to spot them.


Year 2s have been trying to spot our special joining words in the story.


Did you hear any of these.....


and     but      that     when       if       so     or      because       ?

Way back home small.mp4

Still image for this video

We made some special rockets as part of our space topic. How do we get them to move?

Our Busy Week Commencing 12.9.18

This week we began to learn a story about a boy who got stuck on the moon and who meets an alien.

We think it might have been that alien who landed his rocket in our garden last week!

We imagined what he might look like and created an alien portrait using collage materials. Please drop in to school to see our alien display in the corridor or look at the examples below.

We have been learning about the planets in our solar system. How many can you name without looking at the picture?

Can you explain to somebody at home what the word 'orbit' means?

Which of these planets has the hottest climate? Which has the coldest? Can you explain why?

In maths the Y2s have been revising the use of these mathematical signs to compare numbers and explain their reasoning.

Try questions like this.....

True or false

62 < 85 ?

Explain how you know.

We've also been posing number puzzles for each other like this one...

I'm thinking of a two digit number. It has 6 tens and some ones. It is an odd number. What numbers could it be?

In maths this week the Year 1s have been learning to represent numbers in different ways including tens frames.

Can you quickly say the number each of these tens frame is showing?

You can practise making numbers on this interactive tens square. Click on the link.

We have also been solving problems and proving our answers. Can you explain your answer to this problem.



Our Busy Week Commencing 5.9.18

Some very strange things happened this week in Tanglewood!


First Mrs James sent us this picture she had taken of the moon.

We wondered who had written this message.

How did they end up on the moon?

Why do they need help?

What have they used to create this word?



Then we found this letter which had drifted down from the sky.


We decided it was an English person on the moon, or an alien who could speak English!


We wondered what kinds of noises they could hear and what might be making the noises.


We practised making different noises and agreed that it would be quite frightening to hear these noises in the dark.


Then we found this rocket which had landed in the garden. We wondered who had left it there and why they had visited Hensall school!


We hope to find out more next week!


In maths, the Year 1s have been sorting objects into sets and explaining their sorting e.g. happy and sad faces, colours, big and small. Can you sort these vehicles? Can you find different ways?