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Welcome toHensall Community PrimarySchoolHigh expectations for all, by all.

House of Tudor

Welcome to House of Tudor


Our staff: Mr Spetch & Mrs Pearce 


Hello and welcome to our class page! On this page you'll be able to explore our amazing work and see great photographs of the children loving learning and having fun! 

Week beginning 03.12.18

Wow what a fantastic week! This week the children have been extremely busy rehearsing our christmas production 'Bah Humbug'. Everyone has put in so much effort learning their lines, songs and dances, you're all in for a real treat! Thank you to all parents for the children's costumes, they look fabulous!

It has also been assessment week this week for House of Tudor. Everyone tried their best in all of the tests and have made such great progress in a short space of time, I am extremely proud of everyone and can't wait to see even more progress being made next term! 

Finally, it was our Christmas Fayre on Friday and I must say it was fantastic! Year 5 and 6 children all worked fantastically as a team to create their stalls and made some great resources. Everyone had such fun taking part in all of the activities and thank you to everyone who attended and spent their pennies! 

An extremely busy week next week where will have a dress rehearsal on Monday afternoon, followed by three performances through the week! I can't wait to see them and look forward to seeing everyone in church! 

Week Commencing 26.11.18

Key Vocabulary: Deceased, Concealed and Obese. 

Another great week of learning in House of Tudor. The children have completed their final versions of their Henry VIII newspaper reports. They all look fabulous! The children have taken great care with their handwriting and presentation, which is what we have been working on! The children have also completed activities involving conjunctions, prefixes/suffixes and definition work using dictionaries. 

In Maths, we have been completing multiplication fluency, reasoning and problem solving questions. We have been working really hard on improving our reasoning and it was great to see these huge improvements in the lessons this week. We will be carrying on with multiplication this week by looking at squared and cubed numbers. 

Another busy week ahead with lots of rehearsals for our Christmas play!


Week Commencing 19.11.18

Key Vocabulary: Concealed, Deceased and Obese.

This week, the children have been extremely busy planning their newspaper reports about Henry VIII's death in Literacy. The children conducted their research into Henry's death on Friday last week and started this week by planning their report using a template. The children organised their facts into the correct paragraphs and included a closing statement. The children then started to write their first draft, which will be ready to read through and edit and improve with a partner on Monday. The children were challenged to include the 3 key vocabulary words in their reports and I can't wait to see these included in sentences. 


In Maths, the children have continued to explore addition and subtraction, completing lots of fluency, reasoning and problem solving activities to enhance their knowledge further. On Thursday, we started to explore using the inverse operation which the children found tricky, however they consolidated their understanding on Friday by completing more reasoning and problem solving questions. 


We have also been learning the songs for our Christmas production 'Bah Humbug'. The children have been given the lyrics to learn at home, along with their costume lists. Another busy week ahead next week, including a non-uniform day on Friday! 

Week commencing 12.11.18

Vocabulary: Apostrophe (Possessive/Contraction), imperious and contributed. 

Another busy but fantastic week in House of Tudor class. Firstly, I would like to thank you all for our non-uniform day and donations on Friday, where we were raising money for Children in Need, it was a great day! 


In Maths this week, we have been focusing more on Subtraction using written methods. The children have also worked hard when the questions have involved borrowing to find the answer, I was amazed at how the children performed in Maths on Wednesday when challenged to use borrowing. On Thursday, we completed a mixture of addition and subtraction questions where the children had to take care when deciding which operation to use. Next week, we will be focusing on reasoning and problem solving before moving onto using the inverse. 


In Literacy this week, we have again been looking at newspaper reports in more detail. We have been focusing more on the vocabulary used in  reports and started the week by looking at apostrophe's for contraction, before moving onto possessive apostrophes. The children understood when to use which apostrophe even though it can become tricky! We then moved onto looking at facts and opinions and identifying the difference between each. We finished the week by researching the death of Henry VIII as this is what our newspaper reports are going to be about. The children worked really well in small groups using the Ipad's and laptops to conduct their research. As a class we then created a list of facts ready to plan our reports next week. 


Another extremely busy and productive week, I look forward to seeing what great newspaper reports the children produce next week! 


Week Beginning 05.11.18

Vocabulary: Subheading, Metamorphosis and Illogical. 

Welcome back to everyone, I hope you all had a lovely half term break! We have had a really busy first week back and the children have all worked extremely hard!

In Maths, we have started Addition and Subtraction. The children have performed brilliantly, using written methods such as column methods and partitioning to solve problems. This week we have focused more on addition and next week we will be focusing more on subtraction. 

In Literacy, we have started looking at Newspaper reports and highlighting the features found in a report. The children attempted to write their own newspaper article as a cold task which was great! We even compared two newspaper articles out of this weeks Selby Times, one being the Fast and Furious at Eggborough Power Station and an article about Remembrance Sunday. The children could identify the features in both reports! 

Year 5 children have also completed PE with Mr Holt, where they have focused on learning skills about Hockey. This will continue throughout this half term. 

We have another busy week planned for next week so have a well earnt rest over the weekend!

Week Commencing 08.10.18

Yet another extremely busy week in House of Tudor! The children have all been amazing this week and have completed more great learning.


In Maths, the children have been finishing off place value by looking at finding 100 more and 100 less of numbers, before progressing onto finding 1000 more and 1000 less of numbers. The children were all fantastic at this and we then finished off the week by exploring Roman Numerals. 


In Literacy, we have been looking at recounts. The children started off the week by writing their cold task about a day which they have recently enjoyed and attempted to create their own recount. We then looked at recounts in more detail focusing on the features of a recount and then the children compared two different recounts, evidencing which recount was better and why. 


It was also a great week for Luke and Alfy as they represented our Year 5/6 Boys Football Team at Snaith School on Tuesday. They both played brilliantly and were a real credit to our school. It has also been great to meet so many parents at Parents Evening's and to tell parents how well all of the children have settled into their new class! 


Next week, we have an exciting trip to Horrible Histories on Thursday, where we will be learning some great facts about the Tudors in Hull. The children will then create an amazing recount about this day when we return! Another busy but exciting week ahead! Well done everybody for last week! 

Year 3 & Year 4 Castleton Residential 

What an amazing two days we had in Castleton! The children had a fabulous time completing some great activities relating to the Romans. The children had their own Roman battle, constructed their own Roman Siege Weapons and explored Gems from Castleton through Gem Panning. We finished off the trip by completing a 4 mile walk looking at the fantastic views of Castleton, exploring what Castleton was like over 300 Million Years ago and looked for sea creature fossils in the field walls (we found lots!). Overall, it was a fantastic trip and the children were all fabulous. Well done Year 3 and Year 4, you really were a credit to Hensall! 

Week- 23.09.18


It was an extremely busy week in House of Tudor this week with many different activities happening! We have enjoyed a fantastic House Team Day where the children completed some great activities and worked fantastically in their teams. Adding on from this, the children have elected their new vice-captains and captains, well done to everyone on their speeches and presentations, they were amazing! We have also enjoyed NSPCC assembly, individual photographs and lots more! 


In Maths we have been rounding numbers to 10, 100 & 1000, and then we progressed on to 1,000, 10,000 and 1,000,000. The children have been completing lots of reasoning problems and have definitely justified their answers! In Literacy, the children in Year 5 have been reflecting on the Boggle Hole trip, whilst the Year 4's reflected on their week in school. From this, all children have planned their own letter of thanks to members of staff and created their first draft. Next week, the children will be peer marking and correcting any mistakes and finally writing up their final draft. I can't wait to read the finished letters!


What a great week, we have another busy week ahead!


PE with Mr Holt. 

House of Tudor this week completed a great PE session with Mr Holt. The children had to work in pairs to create a given sport and were questioned on their knowledge and understanding of that sport. The children were then rewarded with match attack cards with values of money on for correct answers. The children with the most money and correct answers were the winners. Take a look at the photos below. 

Our trip to Boggle Hole!


What an amazing week we've all had! Our Year 5 children, along with Year 6 have spent 4 days exploring Boggle Hole. We all completed some fantastic activities such as; Rock pooling, Fossil hunting, Fossil Sketching and Lighthouse building! We also visited the Old Coastguard Centre and explored the history of Robin Hoods Bay! I am sure the children have been excited to tell you great facts! 

We also completed several walks in extreme weathers with some very steep hills! The children were fortunate enough to take in some stunning views of Robin Hoods Bay and the surrounding countryside. We finished off our week in Whitby on Friday where the children enjoyed spending their money on souvenirs to remember such a great trip! The children were absolutely amazing and a credit to Hensall Primary School!


Next week, the children will be reflecting on their trip and creating a letter of thanks to the staff at Boggle Hole. Well done to everyone! Please take a look at the photos below of our children having great fun!