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Welcome to Germany Class

with Mrs Bramley, Mrs Thexton, Mrs Wales and Miss Welsh

Our busy week commencing 13.11.17

This week we have been sorting out parts for our Christmas play and learning our songs. Please don't forget to practise your handwriting!

Sophie has filed an excellent report on her trip to Germany. She answered all our questions! Watch the video below to find out more. Make it full screen and pause it for a closer look at the writing.

Sophie's report.mp4

Still image for this video

Our busy week commencing 6.11.17

This week we have learnt about Remembrance Sunday in assembly. We have been working hard on learning our new story, Little Charlie. See if your child can tell you any of the story so far. There is a video below to help if they get stuck. Homework - don't forget to practise handwriting. The letters are in the book and the formation can be seen on the videos. Click on the start at the top of this page to watch. Thank you for your support.

Little Charlie 1.mp4

Still image for this video


This week the Y1s and the Y2s have been looking at money. We have been trying to remember the coins we have and the coins we don't have (there is no 4p coin or 6p coin!!) and using them to make different amounts.

It would be so helpful if you could play shops at home and ask children to use real or fake coins to pay for things; finding the exact amount.

It would also be helpful if you could ask questions like....

  • tell me three ways to make 20p
  • I have 3 coins. Two are silver and one is copper. What coins could I have?
  • Can you make 25p with 2 coins? With 3 coins? With 4 coins?

We watched a video of some pigeons flying and tried to come up with some better verbs than 'flew'. We came up with:

swooped  swirled  whooshed   whirled   fluttered   plunged   plummeted 

Can you try to use these words at home?

Our busy week commencing 30.11.17

Welcome back everybody! This week we have been settling back into our routines and started learning a new story about Little Charlie. Can you tell your grown up the story so far?

Poem of the week


We have all been revising our doubles to 20. Can you practise and practise so that you can do these instantly? It would really help you do lots of calculations quickly.

Try this game

The following words have come up this week in our class discussions and stories. Can you try to use them at home?


           sly            fierce           shadowy

Our busy week commencing 18.9.17

Well done to all the children for a fabulous harvest festival. The children performed beautifully and thanks for all the support from families and friends.

We hope you have a lovely half term holiday. Don't forget to practise your handwriting in your home handwriting books. Remember there are videos to help if you click on the star at the top of the page.

New Words

We have been moving around the classroom exploring different verbs this week. Can you show your grown up some....

strutting, prowling, wandering, stalking?


We have also been discussing adjectives for fruit and vegetables. Can you try using these words at home so we don't forget them?

succulent, tangy, ripe, fleshy, creamy, plump


The Y2s have been adding 10 to any two digit number.

For example 33 + 10 = 43


We have then moved on to adding 20.

For example 33 + 20 = 53.


We have noticed the pattern - the number in the tens column changes, but the number in the ones column stays the same.


We have reversed this and noticed the same pattern for subtraction.

For example 62 - 10 = 52        62 - 20 = 42


We have used this knowledge to help us add and subtract 'near tens' such as 54 + 11 = (add on 10 and then another 1) 65

67 - 22 = (take away 20, then another 2) 45


Any practice of these skills would be super!


Our busy week commencing 9.13.17

This week we have been learning more about our bodies and the wonderful things we can do with them!

We have been practising for the harvest festival and look forward to seeing you on Friday in the church.


We are  excited that Sophie will be travelling to Germany next week and will be spending a day in a German school. Our children have prepared a video for Sophie to show which gives a flavour of our school and we are hoping the German children will do the same. Click on the link below to view the video.

Germany video.mp4

Still image for this video

Here are the questions we would like Sophie to investigate

  • What is the German playground like?
  • Do the children wear school uniform?
  • What lessons do they have?
  • Do they have to take heavy bags to school and where do they keep it all?
  • What sort of food they eat at lunchtime and do they have plastic trays?
  • What time does school start and end?
  • What is the name of their headmistress?
  • What are German houses like?
  • What toys do German children play with?

Good luck Sophie, we look forward to hearing your report!

Our busy week commencing 2.10.17

This week we have finished our own newspaper reports based on The Smartest Giant and started to learn our harvest song.

Please continue to practise handwriting at home - we have already seen an improvement.

New Words

This week we have been discussing the words

        applause     standing ovation    sneakily     sly


Can you discuss them at home?


The Y2s have been finding 10 more and 10 less than any two digit number. They have a homework sheet in their bookbags to complete if they like, but this is optional!

We discovered in this session that children did not understand the idea of a 'sale'. They struggled with the idea that a shop might sell something cheaper on a certain day. Any discussions you can have at home about this would help. Thank you.

Click here to practise the harvest song at home.

Our busy week commencing 25.9.17

This week the whole class took part in a fantastic Germany assembly. Well done to all the children for practising their parts at home; they did brilliantly.

On Friday, we talked about democracy and voted Madison Turner, Jack Whitehead and Daisy Falkingham as our representatives for the School Council.

We reflected on our house team day and thought about the qualities a good house captain and vice captain would need. Then we listened to speeches from the candidates and exercised our right to vote again!

Thank you to all parents who sponsored children for the assault course, we have stamped the forms and sent then back. We would be so grateful if you could return them with the funds.

A final thank you for the support on the handwriting homework. The majority of the children proudly presented their homework book on Friday and the next video has been loaded to the handwriting star. Responding to requests, Mrs Wales has done a left handed video to accompany the right handed demonstration. Happy handwriting!!


Play guess the shape at home. For example....I'm thinking of a 2d shape. It has four right angles and four sides. What could it be?

(Answer...a square or a rectangle!)

You should be able to guess the following shapes from simple clues...triangle, square, rectangle, circle, oval, semi-circle, hexagon, octagon, pentagon.

Then try these sorting games.

Our busy week commencing 18.9.17

We have had an exciting week with some special visitors (see below). Our German phrase for this week is

'Auf Wiedersehen' which means 'goodbye'.


We are having a big push on handwriting and you will see a gold star up at the top of our page. Please click on it for your child's handwriting homework. We would be so grateful for your support with this tricky area.

Baby Noah came to see us this week and the children thought up lots of super questions to ask his Mum and Grandma. Can you talk to your grown up about the things you can do now that you couldn't do when you were a baby? What things would you like to do when you grown up?


The Y2s have been practising their number bonds to 20. Play a game of 'ping pong' with a grown up. They say a number below 20 and you say the number bond to 20 (eg 5 + 15 = 20).

Also try this fun online game.

The Y1s have been practising doubles and saying one more and one less than any given number.

Words of the week

We have discussed these words during our learning this week.

Can you and your child use them at home?


flu      infectious      epidemic     incident      donate


Our busy week commencing 10.9.17

Our German phrase of the week is 'Guten Tag'.

Can you practise saying it at home?


We have been practising our number bonds to 10. Grown ups....why not hold up a number of fingers and ask your child to hold up the number bond to 10.

eg you hold up 2 fingers and they hold up 8.

The Y2s have been extending this to number bonds to 100.

20 + 80 = 100

Week commencing 4.9.2017 Welcome, or should we say 'Willkommen' to Germany class! Each week we will have a German phrase to learn. This week it is 'Hallo, wie geht es dir?'

                             Can you find out what it means?

Words of the week!


We have discussed these words during our learning this week.

Can you and your child use them at home?


vibrate     gown     curious    grouse