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Promoting British Values at Hensall Community Primary School


In 2011, the government defined British Values as democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs. We promote these values through our own school values, the curriculum and enrichment activities. At Hensall Community Primary School we meet these values through our collective worship, strong school ethos, activities beyond the classroom and our social, moral, spiritual and cultural curriculum.



  • School Council, House and Vice Captains, Junior Road safety elected by peers.
  • Children’s opinions are sought – pupil interviews, lesson observations and questionnaires. Children take responsibility
  • School Council – to voice any concerns in any aspect of school life.
  • Friday celebration assembly, children and staff nominate peers who they believe deserve whole school recognition.
  • Agreed Class rules in September.
  • EYFS teaching which involves self-selection within free flow to encourage greater independence and self-selection of resources, not just in EYFS but across all key stages.
  • Children are involved in the staff recruitment process.
  • Speaking and listening – children are encouraged to listen to the views of others and to think carefully, giving their opinions, they take responsibility for their school and maintain its order. This includes cloakrooms and lunchtime jobs.


The Rule of Law

  • School rules are consistently reinforced throughout the school day.
  • Children understand the need for rules, e.g. to keep us safe, through our collective worship, PSHCE, RE and SEAL sessions.
  • Headteacher reward certificates and the celebration ‘Special mention’ book are used each week to showcase children who have adhered to the school rules, impacting upon their learning.
  • The school adopts a policy of positive behaviour and identify children who follow the rules e.g. Diamonds
  • Children understand the consequences of breaking rules as supported in our behaviour policy
  • Class rules and playground rules developed by the children, using House points to reward those who follow them. The winning house team gets rewarded with a treat e.g. Tea party at the end of each half term. All ‘Diamonds’ are rewarded with a visit to the park at the end of the year.


  • We have links with the local Police Community Support Officer who come into school.
  • The curriculum supports anti-bullying and E-safety.
  • Wherever possible, links are made to the laws of the land


Individual Liberty

  • We provide a safe, inclusive and supportive environment where all children are encouraged to make choices, express and justify their opinions.
  • We welcome visitors and look after new arrivals to our school.
  • We have a variety of extra-curricular activities ranging from arts, sport and music providing a wide choice.
  • Children are offered opportunities to participate in the community, e.g. sporting events and parish/church events.
  • Children take on extra responsibilities, e.g. School Council, Play leaders, Buddies and Junior Road Safety Officers.
  • Our school rules promote strong values, e.g. forgiveness, respect and truthfulness.
  • We encourage participation at charitable events e.g. Children in Need, Comic Relief, MacMillan, NSPCC, Cancer Research and understand the impact of what we do.
  • School Vision: High expectations for all, by all. This includes how all members of the school community treat each other with respect. We work together and we make an effort to understand each other.
  • The importance of respect is promoted through SEAL themes, class rules/school rules, collective worship and circle times.
  • We develop an understanding of other world religions, respecting similarities and differences.
  • We promote participation in sport and encourage competition but within the context of fair play and an inclusive ethos.


Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

  • We give children opportunities to experience diversity through religious education, collective worship, PHSE and SEAL.
  • We invite members of different faiths to visit our school to share the beliefs and values of their faith.
  • Our displays include people and words from other cultures.
  • School helps new children to settle within our school through systems such as a peer buddy system.
  • We visit the Church next door for key Christian celebrations.
  • In RE we teach all the main world religions and their key celebrations throughout the year.